Glenn Beck Show – Jan 31, 2011

As normal I got home late and didn’t get to see it but I did see this big chalkboard map with fire on it! It must be a great episode.


Thanks to for uploading the video.


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11 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Show – Jan 31, 2011

  1. Here are some statistics from Egypt:

    Face to face poll in 2007 showed;
    67% wanted to unify all Muslim nations to live under a single Islamic Caliphate.
    74% approved of requiring strict Sharia Law to be practiced in every Islamic Country.

    UN Human Rights Report from 2010:
    The figure for FGM or Female Genital Mutilation for Egypt remains at 97%, as it is sanctioned by the Shafiite school of Sunni Islamic Law that predominates in Egypt.

    I don’t think relating Muslims in the Middle East to citizens in the West is going to do anything other than confuse people as to their motives. They have very different values than most people in the West and we have to stop assuming they think like Joe from down the street. Here’s the link to the article that cites my statistics:

  2. World War is about to get the final chapter in this trilogy. I only disagree with Beck on one small point. I’m not seeing the Europe side of the issue becoming part of the Caliphate willingly. That’s kind of a stretch. Wanting to go pure socialist or communist is more the push but it’s to late for that they’re already broke. They sucked the money out of the system already. Becoming communist or pure socialist isn’t going to change their situation it’ll just make it worse.

    We’re seeing some Eastern Europeans starting to act in their own self interests.
    Here’s an Austrian finally calling a spade a spade when speaking to the Turkish Ambassador. It’s the sort of rebuke that you don’t usually hear in politics let alone on the floor of their parliament.

    1. The UK, France, Swiss, Denmark and more are all being taken over by creeping sharia, it’s been happening for a while now, Europe can be Caliphate easy as pie. I hope not, but not holding my breath. The only people that really stay on top of it is Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer….visit their sites and you will see the expanse of islam in Europe. It’s frightening how these people work.

      1. I know there’s creeping Sharia. There’s a big difference between being accommodating to someones religion and becoming subservient to it. The minute they try to establish the Caliphate with Sharia Law is when you see the wheels come off the whole idea.

        Europe is a very open society in many aspects. The minute their booze are cut off and women have to wear burqas or they’re getting killed for having sex out of wed lock, I’m pretty sure their eyes will be opened to the true nature of Sharia and they’ll respond with force.

  3. Just finished watching the show and it was so much more than it is being viewed as. WOW, is probably the best way to express my opinion on it. I have had many discussions with friends and college acquaintances discussing the issues mentioned, but I never gave the much thought- I was blinded, at the time, by my own ideology-

    I realized this years ago, but I am glad someone with an audience and a grip on the conservatives has expressed similar concerns.

    Really an insightful show. Truth is only an enemy to those that would want to deceive you.

  4. Glenn is as usual, spot on. Have emailed this link to friends and family for a primer on what is really happening n Egypt.

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