Glenn Beck: Sometimes I over generalize about both parties being the same

This clip comes from Monday’s show where Beck goes to the chalkboard to show what Obama’s deficits look like as a % of GDP (using White House projections, which will fall on the better side). In this clip he is hypothetically attributing the years of Obama’s spending to Bush (as Obama would have you believe) to show what Obama’s best year would look like against prior administration’s deficit spending. The first two columns represent the average % of deficit to GDP for Clinton and Bush.

As this clip starts, he has already attributed the first 2 years of Obama’s term to Bush and proceeds to do the same for the following two years. He ends up with what would be Obama’s best year ever regarding the deficit – the 1st year of his second term. Again, all of this according to the White House numbers. Obama’s deficits are so overwhelming that I believe that’s when Beck seems to have a moment where he admits that perhaps he over generalizes that both parties are the same when it comes to taking us to the poor house. He still holds strong that Bush spending was bad (which it was), but then states “but we’ve never seen anything like Obama, ever!”

I would imagine that Mark Levin and Rush will be happy to hear him admit that, especially since Rush refuted Beck’s “two parties are the same mantra” today without calling him by name.

Beck’s ‘moment’ comes around 1:50 if you want to jump ahead:

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7 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Sometimes I over generalize about both parties being the same

  1. I agree with the other posters here. Glenn is not saying the parties are exactly the same. I do believe at one point he said the Republicans were like the Democrats many years ago (their progressiveness lags behind the Democrats by a couple of decades). However, there are progressives and corruption in both parties that need to be rooted out – even if one is less in % of being progressive & corrupt – they both have the disease!

  2. It's always been an R or a D since that time. You'd think by NOW, there'd be more diversity in any kind of system if both parties weren't own by corporations. That's why Glenn and myself say stop concerning yourself with parties and think more about principles.

  3. It's true. What Glenn IS saying but using “Progressivism” as the language is that the R&D though different in philosophy…they're two sides of the SAME COIN. Just ask yourself…WHY has there not been a new party elected president since 1865?

  4. That entire show was great, but this was absolutely masterful, and I wish everyone would watch it. They keep trying to marginalize him (and I'm sure it's successful with many), but they can't refute the facts.

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