Glenn Beck’s keynote to Christians United for Israel

***UPDATE: Full Speech Posted***

Glenn Beck gave an amazing keynote speech tonight at Christians United for Israel (CUFI). I didn’t catch the very beginning of it but I have 37 minutes of red meat which I believe is most of it. I was unable to sync the video and audio so it’s just an audio file but I manged to clean up most (if not all) of the audio blips so it should sound smooth.

I have to say this was my favorite line from the speech. Beck was at a fever pitch when he delivered it and the crowd gave him a standing ovation as soon as he finished this quote:

Enough is enough! The Jewish people have gone back to where they came from. They are the ones that stacked the stones on the Temple Mount and those same stones are being dropped on their heads today as the peacefully assemble just to pray! Enough is enough!

Enjoy the speech:


UPDATE: Apparently I only missed the first 5 minutes or so of the speech as the Blaze also recorded it although they didn’t get the the audio and video synced up either:

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