Glimmer of Hope: A country just voted NOT to legalize abortion…but barely!

This is shocking to me:

CBN NEWS – Argentina’s Senate voted Thursday to not legalize elective abortion in the primarily Catholic country that’s been heatedly divided over the issue.

Home to Pope Francis, the nation’s traditionally pro-life stance appeared to be in jeopardy as Argentina’s lower house had approved the abortion measure and the president had promised to sign it. But the Senate said no.

Both pro-life and pro-choice advocates took to the streets to make their voices heard by lawmakers over the last few months as the bill was debated.

Even Argentinian doctors joined the demonstrations, many of them pro-life, with signs saying, “I’m a doctor, not a murderer.”

Hundreds of the pro-life doctors staged their protests just days before the Senate vote. They vowed not to take human lives, no matter what it costs them.

Officials at about 300 private hospitals and medical facilities also denounced the legislation ahead of the Argentine Senate vote.

Despite the major influence of Catholicism on the nation, the people are passionately divided about abortion.

I say this is a glimmer of hope in the title because it’s still shocking to me that in a country where upwards of 70-90 percent of the population are said to be Catholic, this abortion bill almost made it to the president’s desk!

It passed the House and the president vowed to sign it. Only the Senate ended up rejecting it, and even then the vote was close: 38 to 31. Just four votes switching the other way and you’ve got the legalization of murdering little babies in a predominantly Catholic country. Insane!

If this isn’t evidence we are in the falling away mentioned in Thessalonians, I don’t know what else could be.

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