Global Warming Deniers Are The Same As Holocaust Deniers, Except Maybe WAY WORSE

Guardian columnist Nick Cohen this weekend delivered an earful on global warming and skeptics of global warming policy and positions, doubling down on comparisons of so-called “deniers” to Nazis.

And please, can I have no emails from bed-wetting kidults blubbing that you can’t call us “global warming deniers ” because “denier” makes us sound like “Holocaust deniers”, and that means you are comparing us to Nazis? The evidence for man-made global warming is as final as the evidence of Auschwitz. No other word will do.

Anyone who watches or reads the news has heard lately the scolding on using such analogies – a lecture we get treated to periodically by lefties, who are the group most likely to use them anyway – which suggest that people who say such things are despicable and ignorant and insensitive and host of other adjectives too numerous to list here. In light of this vehement, well-staked out and zero-tolerance position, you can understandably expect that their reaction to this will be nothing short of absolutely nothing.

The ironies and hypocrisies involved in an article like this, and the reaction such articles routinely receive, are as breathtaking in scope as the totality of the universe. Exaggeration? Only if you’re a Nazi.

In his column, the eminently reasonable writer ponders the mystery of what exactly it will take for nations and governments to submit to the drastic, life-altering, economy-crashing prescriptions doom-saying enviro cowards like himself have so foot-stompingly proffered. Like so may of his particular political persuasion, he cannot fathom how it is that the likes of we low-born scientific neanderthals manage to continue to thwart uncritical and grateful acceptance of all that he and his climate prognostication brethren deem appropriate. That every knee has yet to bow to the IPCC and every tongue yet to confess their warming transgressions is an utter and confounding mystery.

James Dellingpole, writing at Breitbart-London, has a suggestion for answering this riddle:

You will never persuade countries to accept huge reductions in their living standards until you have made an irrefutable scientific and economic case for doing so.

The scientific case is looking shakier by the minute: if there has been no global warming since 1997, why should we stake our faith in all those doomsday computer models which failed to predict this “pause”?

The economic case is non-existent. By the time – if it ever does – catastrophic global warming makes its presence known in the future, our descendants will all be considerably richer than we are and therefore have more than enough money spare to take whatever remedial actions are necessary.

Cohen states in his column that “when the glib talk about the ‘scientific debate on global warming’, they either don’t know or will not accept that there is no scientific debate.” I debate this. OK, that was glib. But it is the preposterous trick of the warming faithful that is truly superficial and thoughtless. They can easily claim there is no debate, because any scientist who attempts it is simply labeled a non-scientist and dismissed out of hand. There is no scientific debate because anyone debating it is not scientific. Neat trick.

There is, of course, rampant debate, even among those who believe in man-made global warming. Debate as to the extent, debate as to the timeline, debate as to the consequences. And of course, rigidly researched and scientifically sound dissent has been offered over and over and over to little impact. Because unlike true scientists, global warmers do not wish to test their hypotheses, or even consider alternatives. They simply know what is so, and facts be damned. It will be a cold day in hell, to trade on the debate’s central themes, before they change their minds.

I’m trying to think of a group in history that has been equally intransigent. A group that has been likewise unmoved by protestation, unmotivated by other points of view, and as merciless in silencing opposition. Some kind of really rigid group, rallied around a central cause or theme, that simply will not tolerate deviation or dissent. Some uniform entity, some oppressive regime. Oh if I could only think of one.

Oh well, lets just agree that Nick is getting a tad overwrought and that he ought to be a little more open and less nipple-sore over people not sharing his point of view and leave it at that shall we? Wouldn’t want to exaggerate.

h/t Weasel Zippers

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71 thoughts on “Global Warming Deniers Are The Same As Holocaust Deniers, Except Maybe WAY WORSE

  1. Desperate Warmers, Desperate Lies

    No one knows better than members of the global
    warming-cooling-changing cabal that desperate times call for desperate

    After all, promoters of the scam are well aware that when their
    fragile house of cards comes tumbling down their wallets will be much thinner,
    if not empty, and they will be forced to go out and look for real jobs– during
    our unending economic doldrums, no less!

    If you’ve been hearing strange sounds off in the distance that
    have been growing louder by the week, it’s not crashing again.
    They’re the sounds of climate cards crashing and the moans of sheer terror
    emanating from climatic scammers.

    They shouldn’t be awfully surprised at that coming sea change, and it
    won’t be seas rising as they’ve long predicted.

    Especially after this brutal winter and other evidence Mother
    Earth has actually been cooling and not warming for decades, fewer and fewer
    Americans have been buying into alarmist predictions of imminent catastrophe
    from global warming, which originally were alarmist predictions of catastrophic
    global cooling which evolved into alarmist predictions of global warming and
    then into their ultimate, catchphrase “climate change,” a term invented to cover
    everything the planet was doing just as it has done for eons.

    Now, finally, a major scientific organization, the American Physical
    Society (APS) has seemingly acknowledged it has been woefully wrong on climate
    change by appointing to its Panel on Public Affairs three so-called “warming

    The appointees:

    —Professor Richard Lindzen, an esteemed physicist who once called
    climate change proponents, “mainly just like little kids locking themselves in
    dark closets to see how much they can scare each other and

    —John Christy, a professor of Atmospheric Science at the University
    of Alabama, Huntsville, . . . (

  2. GoreBull Warming™ is not “settled science.” It is neither settled nor is it science. It is a religion, and a false one at that.

    1. On top of that, science isn’t about consensus, it’s about proof. It used to be “settled science” that the world was flat, but we see how THAT consensus turned out.

  3. Despite man-made global-warming fortune-tellers conjuring up fears of diminishing snow-pack and more forest fires, glaciers are advancing and forest fires declining

  4. Nick Cohen is just another left wing loon trying to spout more BS! You’re not going to change weather patterns dumba$$. Our temperature has always changed(ever hear of the ice age)??? If he thinks that mankind is mighty enough to change the universe, I have some property to sell him.

  5. Certainly the people (mostly working for some government agency or profiteering from that idea, such as Al Gore) trying to persuade us that global worming is caused by our production of greenhouse gases should know, that is is only a fraction of percent to what are volcano releasing into atmosphere every day. So why this people do not grab shovels and plug those culprit volcanoes? That would be more useful than spit the lies in the media.

  6. All can say is if it is no worse than the ICE AGE of the 60’s and 70’s we will be just fine !

  7. But the polar ice cap melted away; by 2013 it was gone. Al Gore said so. Meanwhile, I’m still looking for the glaciers that descended on North America, triggered by the new Ice Age climate scientists agreed on in the 1970s. Any glaciers in your neighborhood, or have they all melted?

  8. This guy who makes a comparison between “global warming” deniers and Holocaust deniers is just another symptom of the fear that the alarmist/hoaxers are feeling, because their propaganda is not getting any traction. They are just like the Piltdown Hoax in England.

  9. Of course the Earth has global climate change.
    You think one country’s climate is going to change and another’s climate isn’t?
    Is it warming? Well, it’s going to eventually but not just yet.
    Is the change man-made? Well, according to the global temperature chart over the last millions of years, I would say no since there were ups and down before man was on Earth.
    How’s that for a no nonsense answer? Before than most experts.

  10. My own, heavily researched data on “Global Climate Change Warming” points to the very simple truth: I don’t care. I have collected several hundred data points and each is absolutely constant. I don’t care.

  11. I kinda like watching the reaction when liberals are faced with the truth!! The convulsions and foaming at the mouth are fun. Unfortunately, the only real cure is hospitalization, first aid is useless since they are incapable of handling the truth w/o extensive therapy.

  12. He’s just another butthurt lib with a twisted view of all things in reality! When this prick feels like nobody is listening to his lying self, he should ask himself why and finally find truth instead of being a sheep-spokesman!

  13. There is global warming. There has been gradual global warming since the ice age. If not, we would still be in the ice age. From what I have read, there is little or no evidence that human activities have accelerated the global warming. In fact I have read that there has been no increase in the average temperature of the earth since 1997. Don’t get me wrong, we should take reasonable measures to reduce pollution as much as possible even if for no reason other than health of the global inhabitants. I emphasize the word “reasonable”. I live in North Dakota. There are 5 coal burning electric generating power plants within 80 miles of where I live. They all burn lignite coal, the dirtiest of all coal. I know the electric power industry here has spend mega millions over the last decade or so to reduce harmful contaminates from their plant emissions. And I am breathing clear air. The global warming rhetoric is nothing more than a political ploy to increase taxes and fees on the electric generating industry, which will drastically increase electric rates and subsequently suck more money out of the pockets of the middle class for their social agenda of wealth distribution.

    1. Very well said, Paul. The only thing I would add to your comment, is what I have stated before. The hoax of global warming, or “climate change,” as they now like to call it, and implementation of some form of, “carbon tax,” are both designed to help them in furthering their agenda of a one world government.

      1. Climate change is real!! it’s been going on since the planet first formed and will be going on long after the human race has ceased to exist. What the alarmists refuse to acknowledge is that the time when CO2 levels were at their highest (10 to 12 X what they are today) Earth was in the midst of a GLACIAL (ICE) Age and humanity’s affect on climate change is miniscule if it exists at all!

      2. You are very correct, Gene. The “carbon tax” will be distributed to other countries (global wealth redistribution) to control those governments, all under the control and auspice of the UN. So countries like Iran, Russia and China will be able to control where the money from out pockets goes to.

  14. PS. I could have sent Nick Cohen two or three thousand pages of peer reviewed reports that show that Man-made global warming does not exist- it is a political hoax.
    The next real climate change will be a New mini-ice age. Buy more long underwear! It has started.

  15. Nick Cohen is not a scientist, he is a totally ignorant , brainwashed environmental vampire , a believer in Satanism- fear mongering.

    After Europe and Asia have had three terrible winters, many people freezing to death and the conditions in the United States this winter an intelligent person would connect some Dots and realize that there is plenty wrong with the Cult of AGW. Nick Cohen is not an intelligent person. I sent Nick Cohen about 200 pages of technical information that shows that Man-made global warming is a total hoax. He will not allow it to be viewed on his web-site because it shows that the evidences of Man-made global warming is not as obvious **The evidence for man-made global warming is as final as the evidence of Auschwitz.**

    1. He’s a liberal! By definition, that means he has NO common sense, refuses to recognize or acknowledge the truth, and he can’t be educated on the truth w/o massive amounts of therapy, drugs, and hospitalization. He has a disease, he can’t get help until he accepts that he has a problem.

  16. I still cannot get an answer from these morons.
    1) Exactly to what extent are humans damaging the climate? ( It stands to reason that everything and everyone has had an effect since the beginning of time)
    2) How will the climate be cured by giving even more of my hard earned money to an irresponsible government? (It wont, and it never will)
    3) Why aren’t our leaders setting an example by driving tiny hybrid cars and living in tiny adobe huts? (If its so critical for me, its critical for them as well)

    Science depends on criticism and open minds. To accept something blindly is no better than accepting voodoo as a science. Measured temperatures are showing the planet is actually cooling. We have had more snow this year than we did in 1978. This is not a pause, this is a cooling.
    By all means, clean up the air and make efficient transportation,that is common sense, but dont do it at the cost of basic human freedom. That is tyranny.

    1. I most certainly agree. None of us want to live in a world with polluted water or air you can’t breath, but that isn’t what the global warming theory is about. It is about control over the people, regardless of what country they live in. It is absolutely necessary to have that control if they are to succeed in their dream of forming a one world government.

      Glenn Beck wrote an exceptional book entitled, “Agenda 21.” Its a fictional thriller, but it also offers a glimpse of what such a future would be like.

      1. Agenda 21 is an open document that anyone is free to read, which I have. It is a direct attack on the wealth of the United States and any other free, successful nation. The enforcement of this agenda in the United States WILL lead to a civil war. Thus the need for an emergency…….and global warming fits the bill. That is why we should all demand scientific proof in the form of evidence that can be reproduced by any scientist anywhere. So far, this proof cannot be brought forth, because it not reproducible.

        1. I agree. On the other end of the scale however, we have plenty of scientific evidence that global warming is a hoax. One only has to view the video of Lord Christopher Monckton mentioned by warpmine and viewable here again:

          Sorry for the repeat, but it is a really good video when you have the time. About an hour in length.

          1. Christopher Monckton is a great man who speaks Truth, who fights for Good and Right in the world. I have many of his articles and interview transcripts of importance about what Obama and his anti-American agenda policies are doing to not just America, but the world.

            Lord Christopher Monckton: “OBAMA CREW ‘EXISTENTIAL THREAT’ TO U.S., But warns GOP (Est Leadership) not in position to reverse Socialism” – 15 Sept 2012

            John Griffing recently interviewed Lord Monckton, who is sounding the alarm that unless the current warnings are heeded, the West is on the precipice of financial and political collapse.


            I wish the world had millions more like him.

            Plus, our own David Mamet – Author and Playwright, is the David Horowitz of the Liberal Media Arts and Journalism world.

            David Mamet’s – “The Secret Knowledge” (2011) is: “On the Dismantling of American Culture.”
            “The struggle of the Left to rationalize its positions is an intolerable, Sisyphean burden. I speak as a reformed Liberal.”

            David Mamet: “Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead
            via @villagevoice

    2. If they answered your questions, promulgating their man-made myth would become impossible for those who worship at the altar of AGW.

      That’s why Dan Weiss, the director of climate strategy at the leftist Center for American Progress refused to appear on a scheduled debate last week on Fox Business:

      “…In what is part of a growing trend, yet another global warming activist ducked a TV debate,” Morano told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Weiss and other activists claim the debate is so settled that granting a skeptic ‘equal time’ does some type of disservice to ‘science.’ Climate activists want to impose everything from carbon taxes, UN treaties, cap-and-trade, EPA regulations, light bulb restrictions, automobile regulations, even our bedtimes — yet they will not debate the basis for these actions…”

      Climate scientists refuse to debate global warming ‘skeptics’ in the media

      They can’t win an honest debate, thus they stoop to the level of using a lame the excuse that’s it beneath them.

      1. AGW is a sham! They KNOW that, and THAT is why they refuse to debate it! They know they will lose badly any attempt to debate it!

  17. Last week, us common sense conservatives who don’t worship at the altar of AGW were told we should be jailed. This week, we’re Holocaust deniers. Anyone else notice the paranoid desperation of the man-made hoaxers as more people wise up to the their myth?

    At least there someone in the jackass party that is speaking out:

  18. Solar activity is responsible for 98% of all weather

    Cow farting, fallen leaves & volcanic activity have
    more effect than ALL human activity on weather patterns.

    The earth has been cooling the last 15 years.

    “Global warming” is another leftwing socialist scam to redistribute

    1. I believe SUN SPOTS control the weather , and just maybe they control big al , another shakedown artist like jesse . Now this is GLOBAL WARMING .

  19. Wish these phonies would cut to the chase and simply say “If you don’t go along with our plan for Agenda 21, you will be killed.” It’s simple and to the point cause I’ve been hearing that Miami beach was going to disappear since 1963, and I’m so tired of listening to the Progressive bull shit.

  20. What the liberal extremist progressive liberal blowhards are most upset about is that someone else is infringing on their double standard, by calling them Nazi’s. But its been ok for a long long time for the very same extremist progressive liberal blowhards to call anyone who is less than 100,000,000 light years in left field a “Nazi”, especially anyone affiliated with the Tea Party, or is a conservative, or respects the constitution of the USA.

  21. I guess we have to put all the thermometers in jail. I am not the one denying the warming. The thermometers are.

    I had fun with a lib one day trying to get him to explain why a need a scientist to explain that the Earth has a fever. I don’t need a scientist to give me a theory when I have a fever.

  22. LOL please… It’s the Left and their allied partners in crime- Islamists, who are the Holocaust deniers. And those who disclaim climate change due to human activity are backed up by credible scientific evidence that contradicts these radical liberal environmentalists.

    What is the most effective and used attack tactic fascists use against the Innocent and the Truth- Propagandist Projectionism- the accusing of others of what they themselves are guilty of, projecting lies of malicious false allegations of everything from Racism and Bigotry, to Intolerance and Hate, to labeling as Nazi’s, etc, etc., to deflect the public’s attention from themselves, from what they are doing, from what they are really about. This is what, who, and how these fascists act in mannerism, words, and actions.

    But the one thing that We the People have on our side is the Truth, for the Truth indicts them, which is why they have to use malicious vile derogatory inflammatory false accusations.

  23. I just read Nick Cohen’s article. The irony is rich. Near the end, he talks about the “cognitive dissonance” of the opponents of science (his favorite name for global-warming skeptics after “deniers.”) He tells the story of Dorothy Martin:

    “She convinced her followers to resign from their jobs and sell their possessions because a great flood was to engulf the earth on 21 December 1954.” When the flood didn’t come, she told them the aliens had changed their minds. “Her followers believed her. They had given up so much for their faith that they would believe anything rather than admit their sacrifices had been pointless.”

    Does anyone else see the irony in his comparison? It is not global warming skeptics who are predicting the end of the world. It is Nick Cohen and his alarmist friends who are suffering from “cognitive dissonance.” Their irreversible and catastrophic global warming has not materialized. The flood from the rising seas has not occurred. Yet they still believe. It is they who have given up so much for their faith that they would believe anything rather than admit their sacrifices have been pointless.

    1. What they are about is a leftist ideology entity that has become an all consuming religious cult force, which their end goal is control over all people, property, and the planet environment as a whole, and once indoctrinated and active participants in it, it’s almost impossible for them to come back to reality.

    2. They wouldn’t know real science if it bit them on their ass. Hard to believe that at this point so many cannot see the obvious correlation between Al Gore’s minion’s wealth and the hoax.

    3. They accuse everyone else of being the way they ARE, while at the same time denying that is how THEY are! So who are the REAL deniers????

  24. I’ve said it before but it needs repeating. Nick Cohen and those like him are the people of old that screamed heresy at Galileo, Copernicus, etc. They are the same people of the same bent that pointed a finger, screamed “WITCH!”
    Beware of those people because they are dangerous.

  25. “The evidence for man-made global warming is as final as the evidence of Auschwitz.”

    Does this idiot even realize that this fall’s high-school seniors have never experienced any global warming at all during their lifetime? None of the climate models predicted this 17-year period of no warming despite CO2 levels continuing to rise. Until Nick Cohen can explain why the models are wrong and come up with new models that correctly predict when the warming will resume, the evidence is not “final.” The predictions that warmists have made in the past have been wrong. Now they are reluctant to revise their forecasts because they’re afraid they’ll get it wrong again. That would shatter the illusion that global warming is “settled science” and prove that they don’t have a clue about how the climate with its many feedbacks really works.

    1. Nick isn’t going to “explain” anything because he can’t! There’s NO legitimate evidence of AGW. They cooked the books, WE KNOW they cooked the books, they’ve been caught with their pants down around their ankles – and they know it!

      They’re trying to bamboozle people with the “say the lie often enough and it will become the truth” con. Trouble is most of us see through the con! Except for the “low information” people that aren’t really paying attention – they still hear the garbage though!

  26. It’s always cute when immature people dress up like adults and pretend the adults are the real children. There must be millions of feet of old 8mm film with that dress-up game on it, alone. Who knows how many parents have video’ed it since the demise of film.

    It would be nice to see some honesty among the AGW crowd now and then. They are starting to sound like all of the classic xenophibic organizations down through history.

  27. Ok, for all you global warming fanatics out there (yes, we know who you are in spite of the fact you are heavily wrapped in blankets right now), I’m going to say this only once. I don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming. As far as Climate change goes, YOU are the ‘climate change deniers’, because you believe that it’s all man made, rather than natural climate change. It’s actually God-made global warming, because HE created the sun.

    Now, as far as forcing any Western nation, such as the US, to reduce their carbon dioxide output into the atmosphere, shutting down our already highly regulated industries, and forcing us all to buy carbon credits just to breathe, I submit that you go to China, to India, to the third world countries in Africa and get THEM to submit to your schemes FIRST, and then come back to us when you have accomplished that. Because they are the greater force in any man-made pollution output on the planet.

    Until then, take your glacier-melting, polar bear-killing, carbon dioxide-reducing carbon credits and put them where the sun don’t shine (’cause it’s [email protected] cold there right about now).

  28. What you need to bear in mind, is that the large majority of the world population watches the media, and the media has already stated, and continues to state, that global warming is real. All you have to do, is to tell the same lie, over and over again, and sooner or later, people will begin to accept it as fact.

  29. The much larger body of legitimate scientists who say global warming is hogwash, are never listened to. The Left has an agenda, and they are going to get as much mileage out of it as they can, while the lie prevails.

    1. It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of Global Warming beleivers are on the same end of the political spectrum.

    2. Are there any who are willing to die for their belief as in off the grid, live in the wilderness with no amenities? Lord Christopher Monckton has disproved the hoax in it’s entirety using facts. John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, points out where it all started. You need only sit back and be willing to listen.

  30. You know the left proselytes for global warming for nefarious reasons but can we pause? The operative terminology is “global” and that is precisely where their scam ends, Brazil, China, India and Russia will not make any effort to inhibit their growth in any way, shape or form and for that matter neither will Mexico or the countries in Central or South America or Asia or Africa. Why don’t we cut through the chase and admit it, it will not happen.

  31. It’s good to see that Delingpole left The Telegraph and hooked up with Breitbart-London; he has written some great pieces. As for Cohen, he only embarrasses himself by spewing such ignorance.

  32. Only fanatics don’t want debate, or dissent, on a subject. This kind of reaction is why I view environmentalism as a cult. They don’t care about facts, they have very little understanding about the scientific method, and they demonize anyone who dares to question their little religion.

  33. There is a simple way to attack and destroy the arguments of the Nick Cohens of this world: Demand that they Prove It. Tell them that “evidence” isn’t enough to justify the major economic downsizing they prescribe. Scientific Proof is the minimum required of Nick Cohen and his ilk.

    1. He’ll just claim they have the proof available without actually being or willing to spout off one fact. To be a Warmist, you must have faith in something not provable which firmly puts it all in the religion category.

  34. Well I wouldn’t want to be called maybe worse than those noted Holocaust deniers, THE NEW YORK TIMES!

  35. I can’t imagine the high technology our prehistoric ancestors had. Their SUV’s, factories, oil refining plants, their charcoal grills and coal heated huts, caused pollution and global warming that lead to creation of the Sahara, Gobi, and Mojave deserts. Al Gore knows scientifically, that Mother Earth had a fever then too.

  36. The more extreme they get the more we know they are losing and the public is learning this whole thing is a scam.

  37. Can these democrats get any dumber and doper? Are they all this stupid to believe in this global warming hoax? But what we know for sure is that the top dems use global warming as mind control for the other dems which explains why so many are drones.

    1. The thing WE need to be REAL concerned about is that these are the people currently in power in the US! Until they are removed from power, things will get worse for us!

    2. They are neither dumb OR doper! This is their AGENDA – One World Government, By them, and For them.

      The sooner we can get them out of power, the sooner we can start rolling back the damage they have done!

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