Gloves OFF Trump shares WANTED posters of rioting vandals. Is he TRYING to get kicked off Twitter?

Like me, you probably as like to scoff at the idea Trump had the gloves on as cheer him taking them off. But hear me out.

Maybe you see Trump as chaotic or even irresponsible on Twitter. Or maybe you see him as someone who cuts through the noise and says what people are thinking, or what needs to be said. ‘He’s crazy’ or ‘He fights’ are the two coin sides. But in whatever case, whether it’s gloves or whatever, it’s getting very real on his Twitter feed today.

Don’t forget that Twitter the other day censored one of his tweets as encouraging violence after he in his capacity as president discussed bringing the force of law down on lawbreakers. What will they do with these?

If he’s trying to get them to ban him I can only say … GREAT!!!!

Getting banned by Twitter might prove to be the best thing he’s done as president, and even maybe his most valuable contribution to the world at large to date.

And if these thugs and rioters get scooped up by Johnny Law in the bargain, well that’s just as fine as cream gravy, ain’t it?

Go ahead, Twitter. Ban him. Dare ya.

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