Good news! Judge sides with dad on controversial James Younger transgender case

This is great news. It looks like the nutty mom of James Younger trying to force him to change his gender has lost in court. From the Texan:

Several months after Judge Kim Cooks granted Jeff Younger and Anne Georgulas joint managing conservatorship over James Younger and his twin brother, the ruling was made official in an order by Judge Mary Brown of the 301st Family District Court on Wednesday.

Younger and Georgulas have been embroiled in a legal battle about how to raise their son, who the mother says is a transgender girl.

During the trial in October, Younger contended that he wanted to take an approach of “watchful waiting” by not prompting a “social transition” for James to present himself as a girl in public places, such as school.

Georgulas, in contrast, has been taking steps of “social affirmation” to his alleged female identity, as recommended by some therapists who diagnosed James with gender dysphoria.

Younger was particularly concerned because medical notes saying that James would be referred to the GENECIS clinic in Dallas so that a potential medical transition could be explored, though Georgulas’s lawyers repeatedly stated that no medical transition was immediately being considered.

This is just a bizarre case, but I guarantee you we’re going to see more of this as the country descends further into LGBT madness. The mother has made some odd accusations against Jeff Younger, and she could be a complete nut (which is certainly possible), but if there’s any truth to them the story is more complex than the simple pro-transgender and anti-transgender angle. But at least, for now, that little kid won’t be forced to “transition” when there are a lot of signs that he’s being propagandized and coerced by his mother into it.

Here’s a previous post on the case, and another one as well. 

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