GOOD: Pope Francis demands action from bishops as sex abuse summit opens

Pope Francis is holding a four day summit with nearly 200 bishops from around the world on the scourge of abuse that has plagued the church in the past, and he’s demanding action from bishops:

USA TODAY – Pope Francis urged high-ranking church officials from around the globe gathered Thursday at the Vatican to “hear the cry of the little ones” who are victims of sexual abuse by priests.

Francis spoke at the beginning of a four-day summit that brought together almost 200 high-ranking church officials, including leaders of bishop conferences from more than 100 nations. The summit will focus on making bishops aware of their responsibilities regarding sexual abuse, as well as accountability and transparency, the Vatican said.

The pope cited the “scourge” of sexual abuse and said it was the responsibility of church leaders to “confront this evil afflicting the Church and humanity.”

Francis offered 21 proposals for the clergy to weigh. Some would require new laws; others would be easier to adopt.

“The holy people of God look to us and expect from us not simple and predictable condemnations but concrete and effective measures to be undertaken,” he said. “We need to be concrete.”

The summit began with an African woman who was not identified recounting how her priest raped her and forced her to have three abortions over a dozen years after he started violating her at age 15.

It ended with Colombian Cardinal Rubén Salazar Gómez warning the clergy that they could all face prison if they let such crimes go unpunished.

I’m glad to see the Pope pushing for action to be taken to not just apologize for past sins, but to take action to prevent this from happening ever again.

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know exactly what the Pope focused on in his address. But I hope there was a serious condemnation of hmosexuality and its part in this plague because it’s probably the biggest reason this sex abuse occurred in the past decades.

Here’s more on the “searing testimony” heard at the Vatican during the summit.

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21 thoughts on “GOOD: Pope Francis demands action from bishops as sex abuse summit opens

  1. One big important step would be for the Catholic Church to end the tradition of using “altar boys” in their services and processionals where they are exposed to these “religious leaders”. Only then will I believe they are taking this seriously.

  2. This Pope appoints and defends his friends in the Lavender Mafia.
    Don’t believe him.

    He needs to address not just the ‘little ones’, but also the rampant homosexuality in so many churches. Gay masses, gay speakers promoting homosexuality, rainbow flags at parishes……..and on and on.

    So many Bishops are corrupt! You have a lot to work on Pope Francis.
    Try acting like a real Pope, a real leader?

    God Bless Bishop Vigano!!!

  3. This is all a result of the 60’s and 70’s where feelings came into play and the Church sought out men who eschewed feelings, i.e. were effeminate and wore their sympathetic emotions on their sleeves. What a surprise many of them turned out to be homosexual, NOT.
    Another error that was made was equating forgiveness with atonement. The Church teaches you need both. You are forgiven for your sins but you still need to atone/pay for each and every one, and that is by things you do or punishments you receive. Purgatory is the place where people who are destined for Heaven pay off their sins through suffering. Personally I am trying to do “my time” through prayers and acts because the less time I spend in Purgatory the better. The people who claimed to have witnessed Purgatory say the suffering is pretty intense, although there are levels depending on how close you came to actually going to Hell, which of course is worse.

  4. It ended with Colombian Cardinal Rubén Salazar Gómez warning the clergy
    that they could all face prison if they let such crimes go unpunished.

    How about they could all face an eternity in HELL?????

  5. God likens rape to murder and the penalty should be the same per His word. Send them to God and these things will stop happening among you. The pope is the ringleader of a homosexual organization. Wake up.

  6. This “pope” disgusts me. The Catholic Church leaders as a whole disgust me for what they’ve done to so many kids.

  7. And still conspicuously silent on the mass murder of children, sanctioned by Catholics, in New York. Tacit approval.

  8. As a Catholic I’m not buying this. I’ve heard too much about Pope Francis to believe he really wants this cleaned up. He must be feeling the pressure.

  9. Good, it took them long enough but if the Catholic Church is moving in the right and Godly direction of protecting children from perverts then I won’t bash them.

  10. This all reminds me of the South Park Vatican episode where they acted tough on the outside but simply reassigned bishops to another location to abuse the children.

  11. Hopefully his deal with the Imam in UAE doesn’t backfire.
    Did you see the latest on the nuns molesting students … they had more access than priests.

  12. It’s a start but he only took action because of the mounting pressure and the overwhelming evidence uncovered by Conservative Catholics.

    O/T This is interesting

    Sean Davis‏ @seanmdav
    Federal authorities just charged IRS agent John Fry with illegally leaking Michael Cohen’s bank records to creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti. CNN for some reason refused to include Fry’s name in its writeup of his indictment

  13. There won’t be anything about homosexuality in the clergy from this sham whitewash of a synod. That depravity is what is destroying the Church from within, and it all originates with the clergy. Notice how every statement concerns “abuse of minors” as if pedophilia is the problem. 80% of the abuse cases involving minors has been with adolescent boys (teenagers, basically). It is a homosexual issue. And it goes without saying that there won’t be anything to discuss about homo priests and bishops engaging in sodomy with grownups, i.e. seminarians and other clergy. McCarrick and Wuerl are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to get a lot worse, folks.

    Pope Francis is a disgrace. This has been one of the worst pontificates in Church history. The man can’t open his mouth without uttering a foolish, fatuous or duplicitous statement. Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of him. As a faithful Catholic, I am ashamed of him and the institutional church which has sunk so deeply in filth and leftist cowardice. But I shall remain faithful to the Deposit of Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ regardless of these despicable shepherds.

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