GOP data finds Hispanic support for Trump has grown in Texas BY 20%!

Well this is remarkable. According to Ronna McDaniel, support for Trump among Hispanics in Texas has grown by 20%, which would be about a million people.

This is from her op-ed over at Univision:

While Democrat candidates remain oblivious and out of touch, Americans – especially in Texas – are taking note of the positive impact that President Trump and Republicans’ pro-growth, pro-business policies are having on American families and businesses. RNC data shows President Trump’s approval among Hispanic Americans in the state has increased by 20 percent since 2016 – that means he has nearly 1 million new Hispanic supporters. This may surprise Democrats, who have taken for granted Hispanic votes for far too long, but Hispanic Americans are responding to the results of this administration.


Democrats are oblivious to the realities of the communities they claim to care about. They pander to Hispanic voters but ignore the issues Hispanic Americans care about – like President Trump’s defense of religious freedom and the sanctity of life. Democrats don’t want to admit the fact that Hispanic communities appreciate President Trump’s commitment to keeping every American safe through border security and strengthening the rule of law. They don’t want voters to notice that while they preach dependence, this administration empowers and supports individuals, workers, and families to achieve their American dreams.

Wow. Big if true. And we certainly hope so, since Hispanics will be key to keeping Texas red, and the mainstream media is determined to paint conservatism as racist in order to prevent that.

Now, to be fair, we were showered with story after story of how blacks were turning for Trump right before the 2016 election, and Hispanics were coming out big for Trump, and every possible demographic under the sun was going to be big for Trump. Didn’t really happen. Now, he didn’t lose any support from blacks or Hispanics as compared to Romney, but there was no big jump as was constantly promised. So take these reports with a large grain of salt.

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