Gorka reveals how McMaster sees the threat of Islam and it’s just like Obama…

Sebastian Gorka, who was recently pushed out of the White House, has just been interviewed by the Jerusalem Post where he criticized General McMaster on how he views the threat of Islam:

McMaster “sees the threat of Islam through an Obama administration lens, meaning that religion has nothing to do with the war we are in,” Gorka said.

“He believes – and he told me in his office – that all of these people are just criminals. That is simply wrong.”

That makes a lot of sense and it’s something we began to pick up on in listening to McMaster’s comments about Islam earlier this year, where he suggested that Islamic terror uses a “perverted interpretation” of Islam. That’s totally something Obama has said.

But saying all of that, Gorka also defends McMaster against the view that he’s anti-Israel:

“I have never heard Gen. McMaster say things that are anti-Israeli. I’ve never heard that.”

That may be true but when he refused to acknowledge that the Western Wall is part of Israel, that’s a problem.

McMaster may not be anti-Israel, but I think it’s probably fair to say he isn’t pro-Israel either. Perhaps he morally equivocates between Israel and the Palestinians, just like Obama did, which is a view I find abhorrent. There is no equivocation between those who want to destroy Israel and Israel, who just wants to live in peace.

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