Gov Cuomo goes all A-HOLE on reporter over his ‘obnoxious’ question

Fredo’s older brother turned into a giant a-hole at a reporter today who simply asked him a question with a tone he didn’t like:

Here’s more from Fox News:

Cuomo seemed to be caught off guard when reporters asked if New York City schools were closed starting Thursday after de Blasio had already made the announcement.

The Democratic governor, who was holding a press conference of his own in Albany, got into a testy exchange with Wall Street Journal reporter Jimmy Vielkind, who asked if schools would remain open amid a statewide rise in infections.

“All right, first of all, let’s try not to be obnoxious and offensive in your tone. Because you’re 100 percent wrong,” Cuomo said, before raising his voice.

“Remember we did orange zone, red zone in Brooklyn and Queens and we closed the schools? Don’t you remember that? So what are you talking about?”

Schools in designated “red zone” districts in the two boroughs with positivity rates higher than 3 percent shut down weeks ago.

“Any school district in a microcluster, the schools can remain open in an orange zone but they have to do additional testing,” said Cuomo.

“I’m still confused,” Vielkind said. “Well then you’re confused,” Cuomo shot back.

“Parents are still confused as well,” said Vielkind

New York Times reporter Jesse McKinley continued to press the governor on whether schools would be open Thursday. “The schools are open by state law,” the governor offered.

“But will they [New York City schools] be open tomorrow? That’s the question. I think Jimmy’s correct in asking that question. I don’t think it’s obnoxious at all,” McKinley said.

Cuomo then fired back, “Well, I don’t really care what you think. Of course, you agree with him because you’re in the same business with him.”

I went back and listened to the WSJ reporter’s question again and it was hardly obnoxious. Trump has gotten way worse questions from the media and has dealt with them far better than Cuomo did here. But then Cuomo is used to reporters kissing his butt and ignoring his sins. For the record, Fox News reports that the schools won’t be open tomorrow, as De Blasio is shutting them down.

Speaking of Cuomo’s sins, he just got a huge raise of $25k per year because he’s done such a killer job as Governor, while the salaries of other officials are frozen because of the pandemic. You’d think he would have been in a better mood today. New York really deserves this jerk.

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