Gov DeSantis 2024 presidential announcement is done and here are my thoughts…

Tonight we got to hear from Governor DeSantis as he was announcing his 2024 campaign to be president. It was a big deal and yes, it got off to a very rocky start but eventually it got underway and went well.

Because of the audio-only format, it certainly wasn’t flashy. But DeSantis went straight to the people and there was a lot of substance in the conversation which was great for people to here.

I’ve made no bones about the fact that I have long admired Governor DeSantis and the work he’s done in Florida, from fighting the woke mob to protecting children in schools and, most importantly, protecting the unborn. And I’ll just go ahead and put it out there, if it’s not obvious, that he’s certainly got my vote.

But I will say his campaign has to fly higher than it did tonight. While we got good information on how DeSantis would govern as president, it didn’t really instill that great level of hope that people need right now.

People are hungry for strong leadership that will get them out of the muck and mire that is the Biden economy. It’s not enough just to communicate substantive policy direction on what is essentially a very large podcast for a campaign launch. That’s important, but people want to know that he has what it takes to WIN. They want to see and feel the passion that he has to fight the seemingly overwhelming forces destroying this country.

To put it simply, the governor’s message to be flashy and it needs to soar so high that it gets into the hearts and minds of people who might not follow his record of greatness like I do. And I’m confident when that happens he’ll quickly start winning this race.

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