Gov. DeSantis buys ads to WARN Hispanic Floridians about Desperate George Soros trying to manipulate midterms

Governor Ron DeSantis is firing on all cylinders these days when it comes to fighting the radical Left.

His reelection campaign has just announced they are buying radio ads to warn Hispanic voters of an attempt by George Soros to manipulate the midterms in Florida by creating a new Latino radio network in Hispanic areas.

Here’s more via Fox News:

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reelection campaign is hitting back at attempts by liberal billionaire George Soros to “manipulate” the midterm elections by purchasing an ad buy on two Miami radio stations being acquired by a new left-wing radio network targeted toward Hispanic Americans.

“Governor Ron DeSantis is taking [on] Soros on his own turf with a Spanish language ad buy on the Soros network, serving as a PSA to Hispanic Floridians to warn of the pro-socialism, radical agenda behind The Latino Media Network,” read a statement the DeSantis campaign provided to Fox News Digital.

The formation of the Latino Media Network, a new network set to be made up of 18 Hispanic radio stations across 10 different markets, was announced last week, and was partially financed by Lakestar Finance, an investment group affiliated with Soros Fund Management.

Jess Morales Rocketto, a former Hillary for America and AFL-CIO employee, and Stephanie Valencia, a former White House staffer during the Obama administration, are heading the venture, and say their purchase across the multitude of media markets will give them “access to one-third of the Hispanic population” within the U.S, according to an interview conducted by Axios.

Here’s what the ad says…

The new DeSantis ad, which will air on WAQI-AM and WQBA-AM, warns voters about the media purchase and touts his stance against “leftist disinformation” as he continues the “fight against socialism in America.”

“Warning, voters! The Left is taking control of our local media. Billionaire George Soros, known for financing extreme leftist causes, is now financing the purchase of Hispanic radio stations right here in Miami,” the translated version of the ad says.

“They are coming with their ideological agenda,” it continues. “Soros and his minions know what this community represents in the fight against socialism in America. This community will not get confused. Under Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership Florida is standing against the corporate media and leftist disinformation.”

Obviously Soros is doing this because Democrats are getting more and more desperate about the midterms, especially when it comes to Hispanic voters.

The investment project comes as concern from Democrats continues to grow over the party’s loss in support from large swaths of Hispanic voters.

In April, a poll from Quinnipiac University showed President Biden’s approval among Hispanics sitting at just 26%, appearing to solidify earlier polls showing Hispanic support sharply slipping from Democrats and increasing toward Republicans.

Trump really started the turn Hispanic voters to the Republican Party and DeSantis is continuing that in Florida. In 2018 DeSantis won 44% of the Hispanic vote, which was a big increase of what his predecessor Rick Scott received.

The Democrat party is hemorrhaging Hispanic votes and billionaires like George Soros are willing to waste money on radio networks just to try and get some of them back.

The funny thing is that the ad buys are happening on two radio stations in Miami that Soros is trying to purchase, which is hilarious if you ask me. DeSantis and his crack campaign team are going to try and spoil the purchase before it even happens. Love it.

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