Gov DeSantis confronts reporter: “Does the truth matter or not?” [VIDEO]

There’s a bill in Florida that protects young children in grade school and preschool from the LGBTW indoctrination crap the left is pushing with regard to sexuality, wehther it be homosexualithy, transgenderism or whatever. Critics have dubbed the bill ‘Don’t say gay’ and today Governor DeSantis was asked about the bill.

But he refused to accept the narrative embedded in the reporter’s question and confronted them about the inaccurate ‘Don’t say gay’ name they used:

DeSantis hits back at the reporter with the truth about the bill, noting that it doesn’t say ‘don’t say gay’ anywhere in the bill, aksing “does the truth matter or not?”

He defended the bill, despite it not being one of his priorities, noting that all it does is protect young children in the classroom for inappropriate discussions about sexuality.



As a bonus, here’s DeSantis saying he will sign the new pro-life bill that bans abortions after 15 weeks:

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