Gov DeSantis responds LIKE A BOSS to Gavin Newsom crying about migrant flights [VIDEO]

While holding a press conference in Florida, Governor DeSantis just responded to Gavin Newsom crying about migrant flights coming to California from Florida.

And he did it like a boss.

Watch below:

What DeSantis said:

“So here’s the thing. These sanctuary jurisdictions are part of the reason we have this problem. Because they have endorsed and agitated for these types of open border policies. They have bragged that they are sanctuary jurisdictions. They attacked the previous administration’s efforts to try and have border security. And so that’s the policies they’ve taken out.

And then what? When they have to deal with some of the fruits of that, they all of a sudden become very, very upset about that. Well what are these people (Floridians) having to deal with here? I don’t see the sympathy for them.

So the reality is I think the border should be closed. I don’t think we should have any of this. But if there’s a policy to have an open border, then I think the sanctuary jurisdictions should have to be the ones to bear that. We’re not a sanctuary in Florida. And yes, we know people want to come, so the more we can divert before we even have to get there is good for our state.”

DeSantis was also asked what he says to critics who question whether Florida tax dollars should be used to transport migrants that are his state:

“This policy has been debated now for a long time. It got overwhelming support from the legislature. These are things I had to go to them – I wasn’t just doing it on my own and I think it’s been something that’s been very, very effective.

And you can see why some people, when they are coming illegally – a place like California they give benefits. They give unemployment checks. They do all that, so you could see why some of those folks were interested in going that direction.”

Notice how DeSantis doesn’t call Newsom names like Newsom did to him. He just directly and professionally answered the question, attacking the policies of the left that have helped bring all these illegals here. He also attacked their blatant hypocrisy for crying about illegals being flown to their jurisdictions when they’ve boasted about being a place where illegals could come to be protected from deportation and get taxpayer benefits to boot.

I love how thoughtful DeSantis is when it comes to his policies and how he’s ready at a moment’s notice to defend them. And he does it so well.

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