Gov. Rick Perry’s amazing speech to RLC 2011

Governor Rick Perry gave an outstanding speech today to RLC 2011. He talked about the problems with our country, namely Obama, and the need to get back to our founding principles. He also talked about his record as Governor of Texas, highlighting the Loser Pays legislation to stem frivolous lawsuits and the legislation that requires someone considering an abortion to have an ultrasound first, both of which got joyful applause.

I’m not sure what it is about governors from Texas, but he seems to have everything he needs to win a presidential election. I say this is a must listen:

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189 thoughts on “Gov. Rick Perry’s amazing speech to RLC 2011

  1. Warning. Rick Perry does not need to be President. The number one reason being his abuse of power and the office of Governor when he ordered 600+ children kidnapped by State agents from their parents and homes of the FLDS in Texas. Only a federal judge was able to declare the act unConstitutional and work to have him stopped and the children returned. What was Perry’s statement ? “I’d do it again” ! This man absolutely does not need the power of the office of President, he would attempt this same principle on a national basis. Remember our forefathers warning, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

  2. I’ve heard that Rick Perry has a questionable voting record. Be that as may, he’s certainly saying ALL the right things now.

    Obama promised a lot of things. He hasn’t delivered on a lot of them, THANK GOD!

    With the intensity of Rick Perry’s statements here, I don’t think he’d be able to back out of them in the future.

    Pawlenty has said some good things, especially about ending Ethanol subsidies, but NOTHING like this. Righ now, Rick Perry is talking like he’s John Adams reincarnated.

    That gets MY vote!

  3. Here is my 2cents FWIW…

    Perry scores high on my DefianceAgainstEvil-O-Meter.
    This is good.
    We need a good champion against the creeping encroachment of the forces of Evil.

    He has a strong, commanding presence.
    When Perry speaks…people listen.

    He is good-looking and charismatic.
    That is what Obama had going for him in 2008.
    That’s what we’re up against in 2012.
    A lot of those conservative Palin-hating women out there, who can’t give a coherent reason why they hate her, would probably go for Perry.

    The Dems fear him…as much if not more than our beloved Sarah Palin.
    The O-trolls have been out in full force since he made this speech, slamming Perry with anything that their little pea brains can come up with.

    He has the best Record on Job Creation, out of all the declared candidates.
    It’s not just talk…it is fact.
    This will be an important issue next year, as much as it is today.

    I think that we are just naturally hardwired to listen up when we hear the clarion call from a strong member of our herd.
    If we want to beat Obama, then we need someone like Perry…someone that disenchanted Dems and Indys could vote for.
    We are going to need every vote we can get, to cancel out all those dead people who will be voting.

    I have read through the comments here, and I would say this to my fellow conservatives who may not like Perry for whatever reasons:
    –Tearing down Perry will not make your favored candidate any more attractive.
    –He’s a showman? Yes. He seems to be. I see that as a plus since that is what we are going up against.
    –He’s a RINO? Personally, I’m not seeing that. But if he is, then give me some of that sort of RINO.
    –He used to be a Dem? So what. A lot of people used to be Dems, but they saw the light.

  4. Please my fellow Americans, do NOT support this FRAUD. He is my governor and he is a FAKE and LIAR. He is NOT a conservative. Quit listening to candidates or elected officials and instead look at THEIR ACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mike Morrison
    life long Texan and conservative
    former delegate 589 SD 17

    1. I think equating Bush to progressives is already too much of a stretch.

      He just wasn’t a very Conservative guy. Not being the best one on the team doesn’t mean you are practically on the other team.

  5. Cain for POTUS? NO? He has absolutely no experience at running anyhing but a business. Life for him would be so COMPLETELY different than anything he could immagine. Why in the hell do you think that hair turns gray, and facial contenance disintergrates leaving a much older looking person in such a short time? He doesn’t know WHAT he would do as POTUS. He only know what he would like to do. Will he bend when necessary or be broken, like Obama. or will he bend too much and too often? Will he have the forsight to see into the future enough to make decisions with wisdom, or will he just blindly bull himself through tough spots without thinking them through. You and I have no way of knowing. We haven’t seem him perform at anything but a small business. Cain says that there’s experience in Washington now, and then asks,”How’s that working for you?” Well, folks, that’s working for me just fine, for I now know who in hell to kick out of office. We need to see a voting record, see decisions that he has made, and judge how well he held up under criticism. As POTUS, half the nation will be verbally beating his brains out. The libs will try in every way to set him up for thes “kill” – I’m speaking politically, of course. They’ll try anything up to and including inpeachment. Even if he can stand the heat, we don’t really know how he thinks under such awesome, political pressure. Pressures coming from other countries as well.
    Now, he may talk a good talk, but we have no way of knowing if he CAN walk the good walk. Isn’t that what got us in this mess with Obama, who put up a good talk himself? It’s not enough to just be tough, the POTUS must be wise as well. We are born with intelligence, but we acquire wisdom through experience.

  6. I’ll add Perry to my list. Funny how several months ago, all the “We need a moderate to attract independents!” folks were in such a hurry to point out that the field of candidates who could win was thin, thin, thin! Yep, we’d better start the Romney/Pawlenty/Daniels/Huntsman boot lickin’ immediately!

    Early “panic” money was being thrown at those guys in the courage-deficient hope that they’d save the Republicans from Obama.

    We now have three announced Conservatives (Cain, Bachmann, and Santorum) and two “probables” (Palin and Perry). Any one of those five could destroy Obama in every debate they can drag him to. (Look for him to struggle to keep the number of debates down to one.)

    With West, Rubio, and a few others as potential Veeps, the team is gonna rock.

    All of the PDS-afflicted should just go take a nap. We’ve got this.

  7. As I said 2 years ago, Gov Rick Perry would make an excellent President.

    Many may disagree based on the comments I’ve read so far. But lets be realistic. There is no perfect candidate – if there is one let me know, because I haven’t seen him/her yet.

    1. Perry is a HUGE LIAR. Just look at his record, not what he says in speeches. I live here in Texas and have my whole life. I voted for him the first time…until he screwed us right after the election the first time. He is NOT A CONSERVATIVE. He’s an expensive haircut in a 3000.00 suit with BIG GOVERNMENT IDEAS and AGENDAS.

  8. hmmmm….this is my first listen to Gov Perry, and I gotta say I can’t get to the listening part of his speech for distaste of his dependency on his notes… I guess I have been turned off by “teleprompter dependency”… I don’t think he is gonna pique my interest and I am moving on to other speeches at this conference. Of course, this first impression could turn around… but for now…

      1. PERRY-RUBIO is my ticket. The Democrats would panic. And dump Joe Biden in 90 seconds.

          1. Palin pummeled Biden. I’m betting Biden won’t be on the ticket next time.

            Look for someone with more “center-itis”, like Sen. Kerry, or Sen. Manchin. In fact, getting Manchin on the ticket would make Obama look far more Presidential than he does now. It would be almost as good for Obama as having Darth Cheney was for “W”.

      2. Yes. He is young and articulate and is a good match to Perry. Wow! This would be a great ticket!

        1. Totally agree, and Rubio has great conservative principles, that so far he hasn’t faltered from. He is also from Florida.

  9. All I can say is HELL NO! He will not get my vote! I live in Texas and his policies are not good for me or my family. Be forewarned: he is a RINO. He will vote for money and that is all cares about.

  10. Perry would be leaps and bounds better than Obama.

    A Perry/Rubio or a Perry/West ticket seems like it could appealing to many.
    Then, after 8 years either of those VPs, can run for President.

    Isn’t nice that I have it all worked out?

    1. My dogs are leaps and bounds better than Obumbler. At least they have a positive effect on something. Everything that this fake touches gets messed up.

  11. I’m a Palin supporter but I’ve pretty much given up on her. I’m tired of defending her and I’m pretty much just gonna wait until she declares one way or the other. I’ll support whoever the Republican nominee turns out to be. I’d really like to like Perry.

    But there is something about this guy that just rubs me the wrong way and that speech allowed me to focus on some of it. Some of it’s petty and I’m sure I’ll get over it. But some of it is just cringe inducing.

    Rick Perry looks like a bad actor playing a role written for him by a liberal who tried to write a credible conservative character. Oh, he says all the right things. But it’s like he’s reading from a script. Which is what he did in this speech. Which is fine. I wish Andrew Breitbart would speak from notes. He’d be a better speaker. But does a true conservative really need to check his notes when talking about principles? OK, fine. Check the notes to avoid getting off track. But read from them, apparently word for word?

    The petty stuff? The hand gestures. Very distracting. Phony. The dramatic inflection. Like I said, he comes across as a bad actor. The accent. Uh, if you’re going to quote Ronald Reagan could you at least try to pronounce “isn’t” correctly? He made Reagan sound like a hick and that annoyed me.

    I’m sure I’ll come around once I know more about the guy. But he turned me off in that speech. So far I’m still leaning towards Pawlenty if Palin doesn’t run.

    1. I guess we Texans should apologize for our accents. From which part of the country should we try an emulate an accent?

  12. Am still going to wait for Sarah Palin to announce, the only one in the bunch with a backbone of steel, with stature and moral compass, with a moral and fiscal record to back it up. In the end, she is also the only one with the courage to really go after obama, exposing him for the nation-destroying socialist that he truly is, go get him Sarah!!

  13. Rick in 2012. He got my vote and my support. Dont care what you all say, no one is perfect, not even Reagen was, he had some skellies in his closet but he was a damn fine POTUS. I dont mind Christie but he is more socially liberal then I care to have as my president. Someone needs to tell Ann Coulter Christie isnt a savior, there are better candidates out there. Also you silly Ron Paul supporters need to get a clue, this country has no chance in hell to ever elect a Libertarian since those view points are even less common then Liberals. And no self respected American would ever vote for some one with his crazy ideas like legalizing drugs, prostitutions, and ZERO govt what so ever. There is a reason we are a nation of laws as the Founders envisioned and we absolutely need limited Govt and not NO govt. Govt has a role albeit a small one, or you would have anarchy.

    1. oh my, good disinfo egghead. Paul doesnt like drug use or prostituition but believes that the states not the fed. government should make those decisions. He does believe that the war on drugs like the war on terror have been a waste of money and neither has made us safer or less drug free! And paul doesnt belive we shouldnt have a government??? Just one that has the majority of the power in the states like our forfathers wanted it and not centralized like it is now! He wants a strong national defense but at home and not all over the world enforcing the policies that make the elites of the world profit at the expense of our good and brave american soldiers that are dieing over there and running our debt up to the private federal reserve and other countries like china who by the way has a private centralised bank also. Its prolly over ur head but trust me paul is the only one of the bunch that has stood by our constituition for over 20 years and has the voting record to prove it! Try and counter me so i can eat u up! Im tired of the disinfo from college brainwashed idiots who think they know but dont have a clue! Its not ur fought u have just been taught the wrong stuff.

  14. Too polished somebody said? Yes, he’s polished for sure, he’s honed his political skills winning the toughest gubernatorial elections in the country more times than anybody else and been Governor of Texas longer than anyone in history. He does not make stupid gaffes, he’s fully vetted and clean as a whistle. Great likeability and just a heckuva politician. He’s an artist at winning elections. He’s a no apologetic conservative and relishes the constitution, he will publicly take on Obama as Trump did and people love that.

  15. Reality is: not a single one among the Republican candidates would do to this country what Obama et al have done over the past three years and counting… What worse could any of them do? Nothing!! But the real question is if a so-called “generic” republican could win the next elections and bring us back to the right, how far right will he go? A little to the right is not enough. It is a matter of having the spine to do the right thing. That person has got to be able to steer the country all the way from O to 180 degrees and not stop in the middle. We have to choose a person who is a staunch conservative and with a proven record. So far, I haven’t found any that could be better than Sarah Palin!

  16. on YouTube there is a Bob Reich Video running called the ‘the truth about the economy” looks like a George soros production.

    We need to counteract with video of our own on youtube.

    There are 660000 views of that video, that means 660000 new idiots, we need to counteract asap.

  17. drama? yes… rousing? sure… but I am weary of the same ol’ politico-speech we’ve heard ad nauseum. it’s only brought the same ol’ tired results. I want Obama defeated…period. Rick Perry is ‘Romney South’…with a drawl. Same ol’ GOP establishment picks… so for now it’s Cain for me (since West isn’t in) but both ‘like-minded’ constitutional conservatives…we need more of ‘them’ in office!!

  18. i am not a fan of any of em, pawlenty seems the most competent and fluent, i would take boring and competent over flashy and not as competent.

  19. Weird body language. Something about him is heeb’ish. Interesting he thinks that the politicians we the people voted in office in 2010 to end obamacare need support to do what we hired them to do in the first place. And they have not done it. If anything they need to have their butts reamed for failing.

    He ain’t no Allen West that is for sure. I found him kinda boring.

      1. I would be voting for West. If that is what it takes to get in the man in play for president I would take it. Perry wouldn’t pick a man like West, he would pick some goober elite RINO type from “the party”.

        I have heard too many Texans trash Perry, and after watching this video I don’t like him so much. Will have to wait and see if he can change my opinion, he hasn’t declared yet so it’s all kinda moot. I don’t want anyone but obama, I want a real president that I like and want to support, someone that will actually do some good for the country. Some spine and balls would be an extra special bonanza of a perk.

        1. I don’t consider Chris Christie to be a RINO (I know many do, but they’re wrong), so he would have been my first choice.

          Has gravitas in spades. Would be brilliant against Obama. Fearless. Is turning NJ’s economy around, etc. etc.


          1. Oh you don’t well her’s a couple of facts that may change your mind. WILL NOT SIGN ON TO ABOLISH OBAMA CARE, IS ALL FOR CAP AND TRADE, APPOINTING RADICAL MUSLIMS TO THE NEW JERSEY COURT. Now if that’s not a RINO, what the hell is.

          2. Oh you don’t well her’s a couple of facts that may change your mind. WILL NOT SIGN ON TO ABOLISH OBAMA CARE, IS ALL FOR CAP AND TRADE, APPOINTING RADICAL MUSLIMS TO THE NEW JERSEY COURT. Now if that’s not a RINO, what the hell is.

        2. I don’t consider Chris Christie to be a RINO (I know many do, but they’re wrong), so he would have been my first choice.

          Has gravitas in spades. Would be brilliant against Obama. Fearless. Is turning NJ’s economy around, etc. etc.


      2. I would be voting for West. If that is what it takes to get in the man in play for president I would take it. Perry wouldn’t pick a man like West, he would pick some goober elite RINO type from “the party”.

        I have heard too many Texans trash Perry, and after watching this video I don’t like him so much. Will have to wait and see if he can change my opinion, he hasn’t declared yet so it’s all kinda moot. I don’t want anyone but obama, I want a real president that I like and want to support, someone that will actually do some good for the country. Some spine and balls would be an extra special bonanza of a perk.

      1. Short for Heebie Jeebies….ya know that innate feeling that something is not quite right, a little off. Not quite creepy. Exteriorly puts on a good front, but internally behind closed doors is something completely different. Facade. Radar warning of red flag. I don’t know, just something about him, I wouldn’t trust him.

          1. What ethnicity does heebish mean? I have no clue, never heard it used as such.

            No, definitely not meant as an ethnic slur, just short slang. Good to know though, thanks.

  20. Oh boy – an alternative to Romney!! I enjoyed this, being a lover of the 10th amendment. Texas really seems to have it going on, doesn’t it?

  21. I’m not terribly impressed with Perry from this speech. He comes across as being a little too polished for my taste, and he appears to be trying a little too hard. If he gets in, I’ll take a second look, but I’m hoping he stays in Texas.

  22. I’m not terribly impressed. He might be okay, but he seems too polished for my taste. Hope he decides to stay in Texas.

          1. you may want to check again on who i WANT TO RUN, versus what you THINK I WANT IN OFFICE………….but, not much in choices yet, and i wont throw my hat in to any candidates ring just yet, not even Ron Paul’s, though on substance, he is the best that is in currently………….again, if you missed the other 2 posts above, DEMINT/PAUL……..winning ticket(but not running)

    1. So what word would you use, or word’s, maybe not Conservative enough or Establishment Washington Elitist pretending to be a Conservative Republican.

    1. Best I can tell Nick… Gov. Palin and Gov. Perry are pals. What are you trying to start with the Palin hate stuff? It won’t work.

      1. So who are the Perry-haters, calling him a RINO?

        And btw, it doesn’t matter if Palin HERSELF has good relationships with other candidates. Palinistas don’t care about that. They care about getting HER elected.

        1. Hey Nick read what I posted below. No Palinista wrote that article. And by the way, please name a verifiable, and not a Lame Stream Media talking point, flaw of Sarah Palin.

            1. Now you know why she was forced to resign, so let’s not be coy. And fortunately Steve Bannon’s movie The Undefeated will set the record straight for the rest of America.

              1. “Forced.”

                Nobody forced her to do anything. She CHOSE to resign. If she couldn’t handle the pressure as governor, how would she handle it as POTUS?

                Bottom line is that Americans don’t like quitters. So it’s a flaw for her. All I’m saying.

              2. “Forced.”

                Nobody forced her to do anything. She CHOSE to resign. If she couldn’t handle the pressure as governor, how would she handle it as POTUS?

                Bottom line is that Americans don’t like quitters. So it’s a flaw for her. All I’m saying.

                1. You can believe what you want, but 27 frivolous lawsuits costing the state 2 million and her personally a half million is pretty forcible wouldn’t you say? And there was going to be no end to the incoming lawsuits. So she up the anti and did what they least expected. She in effect said I’m not above quitting to stop you so that the state can get back to the business of governing. And that is what she did. She removed the distraction that was paralyzing her administration, herself.

                2. That’s where the movie will help. It will show how a blue collar family was being bankrupted by the Liberals for no other purpose than politics. And by the way, at the time only the Executive Branch could not have the state pay for legal defense. So the Palin’s were on their own. And I doubt even if the state would have paid their legal fees that the Palin’s would have let that go on. Their not wired that way. As Sarah said, “If I die politically, I die. But I will not sit down and I will not shut up.”

                3. Yeah, that poll was a HUGE outlier. Every other poll released has shown very different results. Romney didn’t go from 25% to 14%, sorry.

                4. It’s amusing to me that some people still say she’s a quitter. IMO, their talk is just wishful thinking. If she really quit, they wouldn’t have to keep saying it everyday for two years. She must be doing something significant.

                  Sarah Palin has been spearheading the opposition to the Left, and putting forward solutions to the country’s problems. That is why she is attacked constantly. I know the Obama regime wishes she would quit.

                5. Why would anyone want to do that? It’s far more interesting to watch you spin like a top to try and make that out to be something “bad.”

                  People resign from commissions all the time. That’s shockingly normal.

                  I’m beginning to think you “she quitted!!” folks are really big on Indentured Servitude .

                6. The mere fact that Palin supporters are incapable of admitting when she does or has done(said) anything questionable but all the other candidates can be “criticized” to some small or large degree suggests something about the those that follow Palin…

                  Campaigning and governing are two different things-perhaps Perry/Palin ticket would give us the Bush years back-is that what you would like? I think you will find Palin more to the center than you want to admit-remember she just told Greta recently on her bus trip that wasn’t a campaign tour that she can work across the aisle with people-Reid and Pelosi…her own words…is that what America needs now?

                7. Keep playing that “adoration” harp. Your lie about not allowing criticism is stale, especially since it’s one of the few cards you “she quitted!” folks have to play, so you play it over and over.

                  We know you want your candidate to win, but that mantra isn’t working.

                  Yes, campaigning and governing are different. What is this, grade school? You are aware she’s done both, very successfully, so why bring up a point in her favor?

                  I like the “across the aisle” scare card. That’s a little newer. Maybe we’ll all be convinced she’s “W” as you say, or maybe even John McCain. Play it over and over like the other one, and maybe we’ll think she’s Arlen Spector.

                  Because, hey, she hasn’t really been investigated enough for us to know for sure.

        2. I will call him a rino all day long………truth tends to hurt sometimes

          I like Palin……first choice is Ron Paul……you need to actually see and hear what he is about before knocking him…….the word libertarian seems to scare the daylights out of republican….not conservatives

            1. no kidding, and, if you had paid attention weeks ago, you would know what i said about him(too old to win)…………he wont win because of ppl like you, who support MAINSTREAM MEN, not those who are actually GOOD FOR THE NATION(aka the thing EVERYONE AIMS AT, legalized marijuana, also called YOUR CHOICE TO SCREW UP, not the governments choice on what is right and what is wrong)……I wont try to change your mind, but, it is called personal choices that libertarians want YOU to have, not some bureaucratic office making that choice for you

              also, incase you missed my post above, if it were up to me on MY DREAM TEAM, it would be DEMINT/RYAN………..hands down in my book.

              1. Maybe he is not so much crazy as you are so used to hearing mainstream Repbulican noise that it is difficult to discern those that hold true to the Constitution!

                1. ty cheyrl, glad someone else sees what i do, tired of defending the constitution alone….hopefully what is crazy, gets through to these rino’s

              2. Maybe he is not so much crazy as you are so used to hearing mainstream Repbulican noise that it is difficult to discern those that hold true to the Constitution!

              3. Well thought out royroyo, U have fallen for the punch lines by the main street media’s propaganda hook line and sinker! U are the reason why we get the same crap in office on both sides everytime! Its because u cant think for urself and believe in the lies that the media says! He can win and more people see past the bs. now. U are a either lost or paid to post this disinfo either way god help u!

        3. Kinda obvious Nick, as to who the haters are. You may wish to read JA_Topfke’s post for your answer. But I do have to confess that I care very much about getting Gov. Palin elected, before liberals destroy this great nation of ours.

        1. lol paulbots??? No retard we are actual people that care alot about this country and can see pass all the disinfo and lies and are very passionate in spreading ron pauls message to the ones that can think for themselves! U on the other hand is a lost cause!

  23. I guess I didn’t get it, because I didn’t find the speech outstanding at all. He sounded like a preacher at a Sunday Revival meeting. It was devoid of any substance and recited with the sincerity of Elmer Gantry.

    But I hope he runs for the reasons unseen1 pointed out: he will split the RINO vote.

    By the way, Ron Paul won the straw poll in a landslide. Compare Paul’s speech with the speeches of the status quo candidates Perry, Cain, Bachmann, etc.:

      1. U have to stop looking left ot right my friend! Both parties are way to extreme! Its the same crap whichever party u vote for because u keep voteing for what the media pushes on u! Who ever the media wants u better run from! Cant u see the media is bought off!??? Thats why ron paul gets crapped on by both sides? And trust me he does! Tell me ur fears about ron paul? The man is solid!

      2. And please dont say its because he is to old! The man is prolly in better shape then both of us! He exercises all the time. Or say that some arab army is going to come over here and destroy us so we need to waste all our money bombing and rebuilding their bridges and homes. There is always a chance of a attack but we are more likely now by being over there killing people. U need to stop being lied to and know that the real reason we are over there is to make the elites of the world alot of money at the expense of america’s taxpayers and using our brave soldiers to enforce it! We do need a strong defense but one at home and not one that is taking our liberties away out of fear of an attack! How can anyone support the patriot act?? Its takes all our rights away for so called security.

    1. Okay, that’s what it was. It was unmistakably a good speech, but it sounded too…sleek? I really, really like Reagan’s speech, and he was an actor. They both give well-executed, confident and competent speech…but I myself don’t understand what it is that makes me feel somewhat iffy about Perry.
      BTW, I’m neither an anti or fan of Perry. I don’t know much about him yet.

  24. A good speech…better than anthing I’ve heard so far….I know….compared to what!!!!!!? he sure does put Romney to shame. I’m beginning to realize a little bit of the “IT” factor is needed…Sarah has it…Michele has some and so does Perry. Repubs we gotta start circling the wagons…get behind someone and BELIEVE!!!! I hope he gets in….we sure do have ALOT of V.P. choices..and as far as I’m concerned Rich is top dog…he’s 1000% right about STOP APOLOGIZING!!!!! we support LIFE we support hard work…not living off the teat of others…we love our military…GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  25. i kind of hope Perry gets in he takes the ABP conservative vote away from mitt and Palin will be able to vault to the top esp if huntsman and/or rudy sart eating into mitt’s support from the left. Let’s face it not one Palin supporter would vote for Perry instead of Palin if both are in the race. the only time Perry becomes a major threat to win the nomination is if Palin doesn’t run or drops out of the race. Perry would be a good second choice ofr her supporters….perry would also hurt Bachmann..

  26. Obama is not the problem. Obama is a symptom of the problem. defeating Obama doesn’t heal us or save us.

      1. oh granted it’s a needed first step I was just pointing out that the battle does not end with an Obama defeat…..we have a long road ahead and many fights to turn around this progressive machine that the last 23 years have created just to get back to the Reagan model andif we want to return to our roots we will have to go further back and defeat the progressive groupthink of the New deal.

  27. We’ll need to hear his views and proposals for SS, Medicare/Medicaid. Those are tough decisions and are issues that worry seniors who form a big voting block. I’ll also want to learn a lot more about his position on the military, foreign relations and a myriad of other key factors. I like his strength, clarity and his genuine patriotism and he’d be very high up on my list.

    I do believe that Perry could very well make Obama look inept and sound like the losing end of a HS debating team.

    1. Won’t matter what I hear him say, his actions in the past have spoken loud enough. His lies now won’t change that.

    2. Examining Perry’s stance to the roll of government, both state and federal, and his (Very Recent) history in Texas (this is a life long Texans saying this)…Perry will CUT, CUT, and CUT some more…Medicaid and Medicare included. I wouldn’t be surprised if he moved to privatize it. He hates to spend…even on well established social services (he supports cutting education in Texas and social services…in a state that has the highest Uninsured percentage in the nation).

  28. The last governor from Texas who became president was a disaster for the GOP and the country. I withhold judgment on Gov. Perry until I know more about him. He doesn’t tell me enough about him in this speech. I do like a Texas Congressman from south of Houston however.

    1. Had me the whole way until you Paulbotted. It’s a shame to see you go 99% of the way only to trip and fall on your face like that.

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      Ron Paul Helps Obama Slash National Defense

      Too Close to Kooky (Ron Paul ’07)

        1. no, not ron paul or bust, more like i stand with ron on his ideas on issues…….he(as i have said in the past, is too old to win) is the face that scares most people away from what should be held as true conservative ideas, like smaller, less intrusive, government…….something that must scare you, to actually fend for yourself, unlike the ways of our governor…… want my dream ticket, and it is one NOONE has said yet, mainly cause neither are running for the white house………………DEMINT/RYAN, there ya go, MY DREAM TEAM!!!

    1. You don’t care he’s member Bilderberg group, supports NWO. Lax on illegal control, his supporting college for illegals is first step of amnesty. Has texas really don a good job of returning illegals

    2. It would take a lot more than a speech to do that. These guys are professional liars, and spend years refining speeches. This one is no different. His psychoanalysts have determined what the public wants to hear, and he is very capable as a professional liar of delivering.

    1. Agreed. I do not know Perry well, other than the Gardisil EXECUTIVE ORDER — something I think shows his true colors since it had nothing to do with the Texas legislature providing cover for him. To me, it sounded like some speech writer who wanted to throw in a lot of Tea Party pandering phrases wrote it. Also, I couldn’t help but think I was listening to GWB give a speech.

  29. Reagan explained his life altering epiphany without even being asked so, where’s Perry’s??

    In 1984, Perry was elected to the TX House of Representatives as a Democrat

    In 1988, Perry supported Al Gore in the Democrat primaries and was chairman of the Gore campaign in Texas

    In 1989 Perry switched parties to run for Agriculture Commissioner of Texas

    In 2007, he signed an executive order requiring all girls entering the sixth-grade to be vaccinated against Human Papiloma Virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease and precursor to cervical cancer. The vaccine was produced by Merck, a company that had financial ties to Gov. Perry.

    Perry supports in-state college tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, saying those young people have lived in Texas for years, are on the path to citizenship.

    We’ve had more than enough of pandering RINOs telling us what we want to hear and we’ve learned to identify fiscal Conservatives who also happen to be Social Communists like Christie.

    1. It does make you wonder what’s the flipping big deal about a “great speech”? Obama gave a “great speech” once that catapulted him onto the world stage. it didn’t make him a good choice. Or a good anything.

    2. Parents are allowed to opt out of the HPV “mandate”. Waivers are automatically granted to anybody who applies. The point of the executive order was to provide the vaccines in the first place.

      1. It wasn’t that way when it was first offered. The public outrage didn’t subside until it was changed from being mandatory. Is that not correct?

          1. if memory serves correctly, it WAS mandated to have done if your children wanted to be in public school. there wasn’t an original opt out method until people here went balistic about a vaccine that only covers 3 of the over 70 strands of the virus.

            1. I gave him an out and he STILL didn’t take it.

              We can teach but, we can’t fix stupid.

      2. pure bull crap…Perry does what he can get away with, then he changes his story to supposedly “listen” to the people. He’s a HUGE FRAUD.

      1. donna………….how is pointing out he is a DEM is an R-suit narrow!? I have not liked Perry till this term……….and that isnt enough for me to vote him in to the white house.

      2. Here’s two truisms for you but, I’m under no delusion that you’ll fully grasp the concept;

        “In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromiser is the transmitting rubber tube.” – Ayn Rand

        “There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.”-Ayn Rand

      3. Perry is talking very positively about how immigrants built this great nation, but now we need their taxes to continue to have a great nation. We still have to pay for Bush’s wars which depleted our nation’s treasury. Now you want to go to another republican to fix the Bush economic mess?Dang, do you think any republican has ever been able to fix our economy? Please name ONE!

        1. Are you serious?All you libs do is blame Bush for everything yet have blinders on when it comes to Obama’s spending!I’m not a Bush fan,but I’m sure as hell not an Obama fan either.Obama has spent lots more money than Bush in just 2.5 years!These wars are now Obama’s.What about his promise to get us out?He lied!Bush’s wars furthered our debt,but the economy being bad is firmly the fault of liberals and their hand out programs.You people seem to forget the economy was good until the latter part of Bush’s term till the point where dems took over Congress.Name one democrat that fixed our economy?

    3. Well, I can’t argue with you, but, I’d damn sure support him if he won the nomination. I’m a Texan and recognize all the candidates are flawed. Bachman voted for the Patriot act extension, for instance. Heck, Allen West, not a candidate, but well liked by conservatives, voted to continue the Pigford handouts at the Dept. of Ag. What are we gonna do? If Perry keeps talking the talk long enough maybe he will learn to walk the walk.

      1. I’m with ya’ but, that didn’t work for McClown, Romney or the Huckster so, why should it work for Perry?

        Also, I’ve been asking on Twitter for West’s explanation of his vote on Pigford. I will keep asking him and urge others to do so until he responds. And I agree, except for that vote he has said and been the most impressive for several reasons yet will not run in ’12.

        1. We are not screwed! If u would only wake up and learn about ron paul and stop believeing the bought off tv and radio media! Thats how they control us, because we have become lazy and wont do our on research that is out there and instead believe what ever hannity or rush says as the truth! I love this country and its been run in the ground and if we dont get it right this time we are done as a nation! These flip floppers are career politicians that would sell their own mom if it would give them more power! Ron paul is the only one that didnt get bought off by the lobbyist and the elites that run the whole thing behind the scenes. Just look at his voting record over 20 years! He has always voted for less spending preserving our freedoms and going strictly by our constituition!

        1. Rofl, he’s not against the 2nd amendment. In fact, he’s said he doesn’t believe there needs to be any more gun regulation in this country than already exist.

          And let’s not be racist, ok? Call ’em Muslims please, not “muzzies.”

          1. Look here, genius; The fat clown didn’t clear an innocent man of a treasonous arrest and conviction, he merely cut him loose from the pressure of righteous public outrage. Perhaps, if you actually knew anything at all about being a loyal American, you would’ve known better.

            AND, genius, Muslim isn’t a race, it’s a form of government not to distant from Communism but again, if you knew anything at all about Muzzies, you wouldn’t be droolin’ on us. Get a bib before someone gets one for you.

            What Islam Isn’t By Dr. Peter Hammond

            “Islamism is not a movement to be engaged, it is an enemy to be defeated.”

            Islam: The Religion of Peace ( And A Whole Bunch of Dead Bodies)

            Former Muslim Speaks Out

            Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination! by Dr. Don Boys

            1. Hey I agree that Rick Perry is a neo-con, someone who desire American empires while taking their own bastardized version of American values and shove it down others throats throughout the globe…he’s also approved of the Spain-owned NAFTA super highway that almost made him loose to Medina (don’t know anything about her before you jump on me)…I also have never liked him, appreciate the history behind hi….but you need to check your “facts” about “muzzies” because all Jew Christian Muslim are children of the book, and believe in the TEN, and worship the same God (Yewoeh = Allah), so just stop with that RACIST bigotry…and for instance, Lebanon, a country we have had military intervention in, is a Christian nation…go figure. Oh and his speech was weak. I liked that Paul guy, he was making sense.

              1. No, Jews and Christians are children of the book – the Bible. muslims are of another book entirely. The muslim god allah is NOT the God of the Bible. Do some investigation, you might learn something.

                And are you aware that racism involves RACE – islam is not a race, it is a political ideology just like communism.

                Further, pulling the race card is ALWAYS the last desperate act of someone who has already lost the debate.

          2. If you believe in what exists, you believe in gun control and are against the second amendment. The supreme court ruled that you cannot take away the ability to own a gun, but you can take away the ability to buy ammunition, or regulate when and where they can use it.

      1. You want me to ‘wake up’, eh? What part of a US presidents job or influence has anything at all to do with either of those issues, sleeper?? Nothing at all but, that’s another lesson for another time.

        23 Facts which prove Christie is clearly a RINO

        Chris Christie – A Conservative Myth

        Part 1 – Budget Myths
        Part 2 – Unions and State Employees
        Part 3 – Conservative Appointees
        Part 4 – Political Endorsements
        Part 5 – Cap & Trade and “Green Technology”
        Part 6 – Gov. Christie and Obamacare
        Part 7 – Illegal Aliens, Gun Control and the GZ Mosque
        Part 8 – A Conservative Myth Exposed

      2. Since he says he will do nothing to advance a pro life agenda, isn’t it just a word game to call him is pro life? Obama says he believes in free markets. Are you going with words or going to judge them by their fruit?

    4. Rick Perry…okay for Texas, wrong for America.

      Funny stuff aside, I think America really does not want another Texas governor as President, at least for now.

      Perhaps the best way to put it is Perry is a little too RINO for me to be comfortable supporting him.

      Thus far, I’m still supporting Herman Cain and maybe Michelle Bachmann.

  30. I caught parts of this earlier.
    Thanks for posting this, RS.

    It truly is an outstanding speech.

    Maybe it’s just me…
    But he kinda reminds me of a Texas version of Jimmy Stewart.

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