Gowdy: Obama admin is changing names of Benghazi survivors to hide them

Gowdy made the claim on Greta last night that the Obama administration is changing the names of the Benghazi survivors to hide them (h/t: GWP)

“Including changing names, creating aliases. Stop and think what things are most calculated to get at the truth? Talk to people with first-hand knowledge. What creates the appearance and perhaps the reality of a cover-up? Not letting us talk with people who have the most amount of information, dispersing them around the country and changing their names.”

When this spigot finally breaks lose on Benghazi this ‘phony scandal’ is gonna be really bad. And I don’t think it’s just about gun-running either. I think Walid Shoebat’s theory that the attack was about freeing the Blind Sheik seems more and more plausible.

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55 thoughts on “Gowdy: Obama admin is changing names of Benghazi survivors to hide them

  1. “They” is “us”, aren’t they? They used to be when we were more like a family. Glad I’m not going to live for another 50 years-a hell of a shape we’re in.

  2. The CIA is conducting monthly polygraphs of the people who have 1st hand knowledge of the Benghazi, just to make sure they don’t talk, other have turned up dead. You bet this is a cover-up!! The Attorney Generals office who should be investigating and prosecuting has done nothing to bring this cover-up to light. Which makes Holder and Obama co-conspirators in this major this murder!!

  3. I’m sure he wouldn’t make the claim unless he has credible information to believe it.  I believe it in a heartbeat because the survivors disappeared and they are inaccessible.  
    I never heard the theory of the Blind Sheik.  Whatever was going on was serious.

  4. You know I like Gowdy and I applaud his discussion of Benghazi…it is an OUTRAGE…but the SURVIVORS must come forward to speak up!!!  There are many venues to do so and Obama is petrified if they do.  But I must say I view Gowdy very differently.  I no longer trust him and I have lost an immense amount of respect for him.  He can lecture about Benghazi all he wants and sound tough.  But TED you are a COWARD AND FOOL on Immigration and I consider you a HASBEEN….you could care less about the US Constitution and should learn as a former PROSECUTOR that people who break the LAW DO NOT GET REWARDED nor do their kids.  I am sorry I feel no compassion for the KIDS BOUGHT HERE BY MOMMY AND DADDY TO NO FAULT…they have enjoyed all the SPOILS being here for years and have PAID NOTHING to do so.  Their parents made a CHOICE to break US LAW.  They want to come here GET IN LINE otherwise GET THE H OUT and take your kids.  As for Gowdy…selectively choosing LAWS YOU LIKE and others you SKIRT equals PHONY….sorry Ted your popularity and trust among conservatives is JUNK BOND STATUS….take your circus act elsewhere!

    1. bluerose3335  if an unborn child has the right to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness , does one that attends school ? If the children of illegals are legal citizens what right under the constitution do you have to deport them ? As a juvenile are you guilty of your father’s crimes ?
      not a word of why Gowdy is guilty of being a coward and a fool ……..not a recorded vote or a speech that he’s given , nor any written commentary . Levin says someone is guilty and  he is. Can’t follow mere rhetoric from anyone. I’ve searched the internet for either a vote for amnesty , speech favoring it , and listened twice to Gowdy question the woman appearing before him in the Subcommittee but I can’t find proof of Gowdy’s guilt for anything except asking questions . 
      unless it is an intentional slur he goes by ” Trey ” , not Ted . Should you choose it to be a slur , given his nature I doubt that he will lose sleep . He has an unimpeachable lifelong body of work that his political enemies haven’t dented until Levin called him a RINO . We’ll see when votes come up on an immigration bill , I’m betting that he will back a stand alone border security first measure . Until then…..where’s the proof. He is absolutely guilty of being a Subcommittee Chair that believes in mark-up to legislation , thus the hearing. Remember Obamacare votes ?
      Does anyone find fault with Gowdy in any of the hearings on the IRS , Fast and Furious , or Benghazi ? Can anyone offer a vote that is questionable ? I try hard to be fair , if those votes or comments exist please post ……………the border needs to be closed. We have no sovereignty without it . What to do after we close the border is a horse of another color that reasonable people can disagree over . I don’t trust Boehner , Cantor or McCarthy let’s see about Gowdy. He voted no on the NSA , the others voted yes along with Issa .

      1. clevonlittle bluerose3335   I have to agree, clevonlittle.  There seems to be excessive vitriol and intolerance, painting someone with a broad brush with little facts. I wonder who would meet the expectations of some.  I’ll take a Gowdy over 99% of the others any day of the week.

  5. yesterday they said these people were afraid for their job and their family well come forward and FIND a NEW JOB why would you want to work in a job like that . You know its wrong but yet you stay there . Make no sense to me. You can live with the death of those people on your hands

    1. nibblesyble the only thing the Democratic Party is missing is a Putin to take the place on Comrade Obama.

  6. The survivors had better reconsider collaborating in this, and they’d better reconsider fast.
    The obama regime will anonymize them, disperse them “for their own safety”, and have them assassinated. Then lose or extensively modify the records. If by a miracle it’s discovered, blame it on right-wing terrorists. Simple and effective.
    hitler could have taken lessons from whoever’s yanking obama’s strings.

      1. TexasPGRRider lawngreen  Thanks.
        Do you remember years ago when the poster “Fear a government that fears your guns” was popular?
        We thought things were bad back then. I wish we were back there now.

  7. Try reading Doug Hagmann for a different
    opinion on the Benghazi scandal. I think he may just have the real truth about it.

  8. This all shows the power the Clinton’s have within our government and dem party. dem party clearly has done a better job of getting more career people in the right job titles for them to do these types of things….It is why they felt they could get away with the IRS scandal. Dems are the key to our government corruption and this is just another example.
    Why dems want more government control and we want less….Its a tool for them to use against the people and stay in power and control the weak minded in our society!!

  9. I had some hgh hopes for Gowdy but his suport for amnesty has made me very sceptical of his comments.

  10. I feel like I’m in the the twilight zone!!! Why aren’t heads rolling by now?! Did they just find out that the admin is hiding witnesses and changing their names?!
    I’m sorry, I know it’s just not gonna happen, but good grief, THIS, doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment?!! Come on congress!! You need to start taking some actions that may actually scare this admin for once in its miserable existence!!

    1. wallwatchman Senate has to impeach, if I remember correctly. Dems control the Senate. Besides, boehner? When was the last time he had any courage?
      They all know that if the first (half) black president were impeached, America would instantly turn into riot-torn chaos. Which is coming anyway, but the repubs have no courage.

  11. I’m late to the party on this one…
    Put aside the IRS, NSA, and all other scandals… put aside everything else and focus ONLY on this. This is the silver tuna. This is the MAIN scandal that will get Obama and Hillary nullified… and it should. They lied and now are going to GREAT lengths to cover it up and keep it quiet. If they get to the bottom of THIS scandal… all others will pale in comparison… and they’re pretty bad in their own right.
    I’m sick of more and more evidence coming out and no serious investigation or trials. This needs to be prosecuted NOW! This should take up everyone’s COMPLETE attention. It’s the main one that Obama and Hillary fear… with good reason.
    I, the families of the fallen, and America wants JUSTICE!!!

    1. The Sentinel  I’m with you! I think all these other scandals are only the “crisis too good to let it go to waste.” They are cover ups to this.  Designed and timed to dribble out as rangers on the trail get too close to the spoil.

  12. I read the Shoebat website in its entirety this AM.  I just returned to it to forward it and voila….it’s been taken down.  I just can’t imagine why, …I mean who WOULDNT want the truth to come out.  O yeah, Obama….

    1. 1tootall  At the moment (11:31 am ET) only parts of it are down. When I typed “Walid Shoebat home”, I got the home page but couldn’t navigate to the subheadings. When I backed out to the google searh results and went to the subheadings from there, I was able to access several of them, while others said something like “may be down for maintenance”.

    1. PressWatchusa Strange but true. The Mafia is not as destructive, and they don’t hate America. For them also it’s the “Land of Opportunity”.
      Not that I wouldn’t rather have a strong conservative at the helm…

  13. I think this is the year that the truth and the cause of Benghazi.  CNN is flirting with second stop for ratings, so they want to act like a real news media outlet now, and now we know a little bit about a survivor at Walter Reed.

    1. Tallgal83 It’s beyond belief that they just figured this out.  Speak the truth and your sales will soar.  People know the truth when presented with it.

  14. This is goit to be really bad to be dispersing people and changing their names!?  For the love of Pete, what in the world went on in Benghazi!!

  15. One prong of the attack on our country, one way to hasten it’s destruction, diminish what it stands for and take away it’s liberty  is to destroy our military.  One way to destroy our military is to drastically lower it’s moral.  One way to drastically lower it’s moral is to let them know that our government won’t back them up, will abandon them when politically expedient.
    The impostor in chief is doing just that.

  16. The point is nobody goes to these lengths to cover up something unless it is very very important and would cause themselves great harm. I smell treason and not by the CIA but Obama, Clinton, Holder and Jarrett. Not that the CIA wasn’t involved but the real perps were higher up. Suffice it to say this scandal like the IRS is getting real close to the WH.

  17. I have no faith in any of these Republicans, we still don’t have any resolution for Fast and Furious.

  18. The Republicans ought to be beating on the president’s door until they can find the Benghazi survivors, and then they should be interviewed so they can tell the story from their on-the-scene perspective.  Just don’t let this issue die for the sake of the families of those that were murdered at the American embassy.  We’ve got to get to the unvarnished truth for the families of those murdered at the embassy and for the American public so we can judge for ourselves the conduct of obama and his miserable administration of cowards.

  19. At least one journalist has changed his opinion on Benghazi, The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf:
    “Suddenly it is imperative that Congress investigate details surrounding the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens. I’ve never felt that way before. But Jake Tapper’s scoop changed my mind…”
    On the other hand, a quick scan of the lefty news site’s home pages like The Washington Post, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times remains silent on this breaking news and the Benghazi Cover-up.

  20. The fuse is burning and getting closer and closer to exploding in this administration’s face. This Benghazi fiasco and aftermath is the definition of cover-up. If this isn’t a cover-up, nothing is.
    Except my blankie of course.

    1. strangernfiction   If you’re talking about Saddam Hussein,  I would agree with you, he’s dead.

        1. strangernfiction   Knowing the man and his agenda and his lies and his background and his dictatorial ways and his anti Americanism and his narcissism and his track record and the appointments around him and his prolific use of executive actions and his Muslim leanings;  you really think he knew nothing about this and didn’t orchestrate it from beginning to end?  Really?

  21. And Walid Shoebat’s theory brings up another question. Did the Obama administration with the CIA assist on a coup against Mursi in retaliation for a kidnapping attempt, even while protesting that Mursi should not be forced to leave office?
    I do think the operation in Benghazi was NOT an embassy, but a CIA covert operation with an embassy front to funnel weapons to Syria. Now they’re trying to put the blame fully on the CIA, but this has the State Dept and POTUS’ fingerprints all over it!

    1. SheerPolitics It sure does and I have to say that I think it has to do with all of the above and more.  But in the scheme of things I think it is Hillary who is the one that Obama is protecting.    I cannot forget the look on her face when those bodies came back.  She ‘knew’ it was over and the lying had already started.  She’s trying to get back into that WH.  She is a congenital liar just as William Sapphire said.

      1. BetseyRoss    And Obama is protecting her because the Clintons most assuredly have dirt on Obama. This has been an alliance of necessity.

      2. BetseyRoss SheerPolitics What sickened me the most was the fact they used these Americans dead bodies for a photo-op and cover up.  What kind of amoral, subversive mind does this?

      3. BetseyRoss SheerPolitics I tend to agree.  She looked like death the entire time this was going on.

    2. SheerPolitics I agree with your theory that CNN is trying to put blame on the CIA.  I know NBC is putting on a propaganda film for Hillary but is’nt CNN also? I can’t help but be sceptical of thier motives.

  22. Obama is going to become more paranoid as these criminal acts begin to
    unfold. He can’t silence everybody forever. When they start to come
    forward and they feel like they have protection from the American people
    it is going to blow up in his face.

  23. We are looking into the face of evil. If our government treats our brave military with no regard, just think about what they have in store for the rest of us. It’s chilling.
    Pray for our soldiers, the very government that sent our soldiers to war, have proven that they side with the enemies of our soldiers.

  24. Add obama and McCain’s buddy Morsi to the group that was involved in the attack on the consulate.
    Will America ever wake up?

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