**[UPDATED]** – Graffiti on US embassy in Cairo: “Take care America, we have 1.5 billion “Bin Ladens”

***UPDATE: PER FOX NEWS EMAIL – “Reuters reports protesters scale walls of US Embassy compound in Tunis, Tunisia, break windows and set fires. Meanwhile, Associated Press reports Marine team being sent to secure US Embassy in Yemen.” ***

It’s ugly in Cairo right now as police are battling back violent protesters who are trying to attack the US embassy. And the Friday prayers haven’t even ended yet, as it’s reported to get much worse at that point.

The Fox News reporter on site in Cairo says that he understands that protesters have even written in graffiti on the embassy the ominous words “Take care America, we have 1.5 billion ‘Bin Ladens'”.

Watch this excellent report from Fox News on the protests in Cairo:


Here is a live feed of Cairo:

UPDATE: PER FOX NEWS EMAIL – “Reuters reports protesters scale walls of US Embassy compound in Tunis, Tunisia, break windows and set fires. Meanwhile, Associated Press reports Marine team being sent to secure US Embassy in Yemen.”

We’ll keep this post updated with latest on these attacks happening in the Middle East.

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209 thoughts on “**[UPDATED]** – Graffiti on US embassy in Cairo: “Take care America, we have 1.5 billion “Bin Ladens”

  1. Oh, yeah? Well we have 5,000 of something you don’t have. Well, depending on how many Obama has destroyed already.

  2. We need to get the LSM reporters over there so they can see first hand what is really happening under Dear Leader’s watch!

  3. Only one thing will stop the mob from attacking our embassies: A LOT OF US MARINES. They don’t have to invade or take over the country, but our embassies should be filled with a lot of heavily-armed Marines. At least for the next few weeks until all of this begins to subside. Assuming it does. In Egypt, the people kept rioting until Mubarak was gone. Will they keep rioting until we are gone? All I know is, I’d sleep a lot better right now if we had about 200 well-armed Marines in every Middle Eastern embassy with Rules of Engagement that allowed them to shoot rather than walk around with unloaded weapons, as they did in Egypt.

  4. and how many in this country because this administration refuses to close the border.panders to the mb. yet ignores israel.

    who in the state dept leaked where stevens and staff would be? huma abedin? where is the outrage from congress over all this? the only 2 we have heard from are allen west, and sarah palin, who is not in congress.

  5. I am now watching 4 US Heroes being brought home in Caskets being carried by Marines

    This is very upsetting


    1. I hope that Obama understands that HE is the cause of this disaster

      Even a sociopath has a sliver of feelings

      If he does not express any sincere sorrow – THEN

      I know Obama has no salvageable soul

      1. It’s a disgrace that the people who KNEW there was a threat and could have prevented this are even ALLOWED 100 ft from these caskets


      2. OBAMA

        ———NO emotion

        ——————–NO tears

        ———————————NO worries

        ——————————————NO evident sincerity

        —————————————————-NO soul

        All he stirs in me is – hate

        He is a president in name only

      3. That’s one of his failings: He does not think he is the cause of anything, everybody else is. He has no moral compass, just radical ideology. Why would he do something when if it leads to either destruction or death? Rule or ruin. Rule or ruin, people.

  6. President Little Yellow Little Pizzel cannot figure out whether the Libyan attack was planned or spontaneous.

    I guess he figures that the Colorado killer just stopped by the gun store on the way to the movies and picked up a few things, you know, you never know when you’re gonna be in the middle of a movie and you suddenly get a hankering to murder some one. Sure lotsd of protesters carry automatic weapons and RPG’s to the protests. “Sure they do , you stupid lying pile of human waste!”

    Is this what we get for investing in the underprivileged in this country? Is this, weak bastard the return on Billions of dollars in welfare, EBT, food stamps, health care and tuition and lawsuits and special legal agencies, advancement of stump dumb morons in university entrance over qualified students, and thousands and thousand of taxpayer paid salaries for bleeding heart social workers who mostly help the thieves steal from the public?

    Is OBAMA THE ROI? An you wonder why the economy is going to hell?

  7. Why has Hillary Clinton not resigned or made to step down. This is a total foreign policy failure. The lefty media (is there any other kind in your country…. and don’t say there’s FoxNews, they have sold their soul to oil billionaires from Saudi Arabia) are doing their best to make the gullible think that all this is ONLY because of an obscure online trailer of an anti-islam movie and right after that line of bullcrap they talk about Romney and his statement …. which statement everybody with a modicum of sense knows was 100% accurate, but the Left wants to harp on it as not hoping it will stick in some of the minds of the brain dead.
    So, given that what’s happening is because of Obama and his administration having being totally wrong from A-Z about the Muslim mindset in those countries and having helped to install the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Al Qaeda in Libya and funding and arming the terrorist gangs in Syria (still ongoing) … how come the Foreign secretary Hillary Clinton is still in her job???? I don’t get it.

  8. If Islam had remained the dominant military force in the world, I can guarantee you that all Muslims would be engaged in jihad to cleanse the world of unbelief, and there’d be no BS about it being a “religion of peace”; they’d be explicit in their intent to conquer the world by force, and we’d know absolutely where we stand with them. Islam’s ‘moderate’ face today is just a grand façade.

    1. All Muslims would join in the slaughter. All! Not one would sit out. Look around your neighbor hood school and workplace. Keep you head on a swivel.

      A muslim is forever and always just that.

      1. I think that the Qu’ran has certain exceptions (too old, handicapped, etc), but yes, the Qu’ran does specify that jihad is a duty on all Muslims.

  9. Well I guess words matter hey Marxist??? But where is the YOU TUBE MENTION??? This just destroys the No Eyebrows Answer??? This is because of Obama’s Weakness!! And we all know it!

    1. And since this isn’t terrorism but a common crime he should go ahead and mirandize them. That would be fun to watch, up to and including when they sodomize HIM instead of his ambassadors.

          1. I didn’t know Obama had a Naval background.. I did see that picture of him in a sailor suit going into a disco in Chicago.

    2. Obama receiving that award has grown from being incredibly stupid to being quite possibly the stupidest thing that has ever been done. I hope they enjoyed giving it to him because it COMPLETELY destroyed their credibility.

      1. They had no credibility. Remember when they gave one to algore because of his hot air.. er, I mean global warming or cooling or whatever- but they passed up giving it to a woman who rescued Jewish babies in Nazi Germany?


    “Stand beside her and guide her thru the night with a light from above”

    I weep often & openly for my country

      1. I used to do light workouts upper body using 10-lb barbells. Now I just grab my carbine and do 25-50 reps of each arm and shoulder exercise.

        Strengthens the grip and builds body memory of the shape. feel and balance of the weapon.

        You cannot believe how satisfying pumping live iron can be.

        I named her “Faith.”

      2. The only martial arts I know is getting to a toilet as fast as I can after I eat Chinese food…that’s an art.

  11. 1.5 Billion you say? That’s no problem that hundreds of nuclear bombs targeted at population centers in Islamic states won’t solve.

    1. I’d say this has to do with the smattering of democrats that wanted to put God and Jerusalem BACK in the platform. The boo’s largly came from the brotherhood who were there.

      But I do see your point and it is a great one.

  12. That’s a lot of Bin Ladens, but then WE have lots of: arms, fighters, bombers, bunker busters, guns ships, attack helicopters, nukes, neutron bombs, napalm, chemical and biological weapons, incendiary devices, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…..

    Coooooome and get it!

  13. Take care Cairo…we are 100 million armed Americans…..
    Our money feeds you, clothes you, and shelters you….
    and we have NUKES, Cruise Missles, and Smart Bombs.
    Stuff your Islamic Bullshit up your ass

      1. ROFL!

        I literally mean ear-piercing sonic waves that are developed specifically for crowd-control.

        But rap would induce massive vomiting… so that’ll do too. 🙂

    1. I like the Israeli idea of spraying them with smelly stuff with a water cannon. Let them burn their clothes over and over.

      1. I’m really feeling spiteful and considering dirty bombs so that they can die a slow, agonizing death from radiation poisoning. May take a while for them to die but we will be able to build a Disney World in the cradle of civilization about 200 years sooner.

              1. Um, um, muslim steaks. That’s what I’m going to have for dinner tonight. Thanks, Brother. Great idea.

  14. It’s time to face facts and deal harshly with Muslims. They are behaving like animals and becoming more and more emboldened each day.

    THEY are a plague.

  15. I’ve heard a couple references to the fact that the Libyan Ambassador was actually sodomized. Dies anyone have any independent verification of that? My God that would blow holes in the “Libyans are helping us” meme.

      1. I’m having a hard time dealing with the fact that our Ambassador was RAPED before he was KILLED by MUSLIMS that attacked our embassy and it’s not a major story in our media. At his press conference, O said that those nice Libyans “helped” Ambassador Stevens by carrying him to the hospital. He didn’t bother to mention that they f’d him up the ass before they took him? Seriously?

        1. AFTER being sodomized he was suffocated and paraded in the streets, and THEN Hitlary said “they were taking him to hospital”………………
          Then she jumped her broom and flew away

        2. I know what male rape is, but I think you could make a hysterical video asking the man on the street what it means — that was my point –> the MSM is confusing people. Neither do I think sodomized is a word in the general vocabulary. If they would have said “anal sex” at least folks would have known and been offended.

    1. AFTER being sodomized he was suffocated and paraded in the streets, and THEN Hitlary said “they were taking him to hospital”………………
      She is covering barbarians!!!
      Then she jumped her broom and flew away

  16. Well, to be fair, Egypt’s a non-NON-ally these days, so meh. Cut off funding. Entirely. Be done with ’em.

  17. “Take care America, we have 1.5 billion ‘Bin Ladens’”. – Graffiti

    I hope they enjoy digging graves, because they’re going to be needing 1.5 billion of them!

    We are on God’s side… Not members of some 12th century pedophile death cult!

    Our God is bigger than your “god”!

      1. Some day soon myMarine…

        And I will smite thy bow out of thy left hand, and will cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right hand.
        Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that is with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured.
        Thou shalt fall upon the open field: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord God.
        Ezekiel 39:3-5

  18. I want to read a new update that tells us the Marines are shooting these terrorist bastards in the head for intruding upon US soil with the intend to kill all within! It’s been DAYS and NObama has done F ALL to help the Americans who need some help pronto!!

    If we had a Real AMERICAN CHRISTIAN President, things would be different now! But we don’t, so God help the people, because NObama certainly won’t!!

    1. Seriously. It’s not like Libya is an incredibly stable and safe place.

      Getting information about what really happened at the Libyan embassy has been like pulling teeth.

    2. Because Obama the idiot and his intellectually impotent HA-vud administration know best: Murder Americans; appease evil.

      satan himself couldn’t find a better corporate recruiter for hell if he tried. Obama is doing satan’s work for him at every turn.

    1. You talking about Homeland Security, the Ag dept, or NOAA? It seems they bought the bullets for the wrong depts.

      As an aside: The swat teams going after Amish raw milk producers get to have bullets in their guns.

  19. “It’s ugly in Cairo right now as police are battling back violent protesters who are trying to attack the US embassy.”

    This is NOT true. Egyptian TV reported that the police is there to “protect” protestors. These protests are incited by Egyptian regime, these are the regime’s proxies.

  20. Scary thought is how many Bib Ladens are right here, thanks to Obama’s open borders sham. Here comes the Red October and Rally around the President, cry. This man will stop at nothing to remain in power. He would cancel Nov. 6th if need be.

    1. Openieng the legal immigration floodgates to islamists is a far bigger timebomb for us than an illegal one. That was started in Bush’s first term. It runs deeper than Hussein.

      It is cultural jihad.

  21. “The Innocence of Muslims” is poorly made; but it is funny and quite accurate. Check it out on Youtube. It has some funny parts. Like I said so many times before, we are dealing with savages that worship a pedophile, illiterate, genocidal maniac. Point being, you can’t have discussions with, or think peace treaties are going to keep them at bay.

    1. And islam was created in the 12th century, therefore, it is not a religion but a cult. A satanic cult, at that.

  22. For once the Muslims are speaking the truth! There is no radical Islam and this is no religion, it is a totalitarian regime masked as a religion. Faith is not involved here, just mob mentality and sheer evil.

    1. I can’t argue with that. Now, I don’t think I can even trust the ones who look you in the eyes and smile while reaching out with one hand to shake your hand in friendship…all the while a dagger is in the other hand’s grasp waiting for the user to plunge it in your chest.

  23. Heard the muslims accidentally burned down the German embassy some dam where and in Lebanon,n they couldn’t find the red, white and blue and so the spawn of satan, burned down a KFC instead. (No chickens were injured in the attack.)

    1. Do you work for Chick-Fil-A or what? Too funny…..

      BTW, do you know what the fastest animal on earth is?

      The Somali chicken. That’s why they are starving. They can’t catch ’em.

          1. Mike-here’s a 700 .308, I couldn’t find .257. I just love the vocals this rifle starts about .33 in. The steel target looks 1/4″, fares not too well. It goes from sheet shape to garbage can lid.

            1. .257’s are rare. Mine is a 1987 model and they only built 3000 of them. Civilian Sniper rifle. I’m getting excited talking about her.

    2. Perhaps they believe Colonel Sanders is a member of the U.S. military, so why not burn down his establishments? That will show the evil Colonel. Dummkopfs.

  24. I sure hope the troops they are sending in have LIVE amo! Otherwise, get them the heck out of there and send in the drones. It’s absurd to think that our government is so inept as to send security teams to guard and serve without LIVE ammunition. Really BAD judgement!

  25. Not to worry. All is well. Protestors in Libya help up posters saying “Sorry People of America”. Muslims are peaceful after all! Thank god for CBS. I’d have thought the Mideast was in turmoil.

  26. Sadly Independents allowed themselves to be duped into voting for the anti american obama. The attack on our US Embassy on 9/11 killing 4 is a sign of more to come. Let’s hope obama is out of office and Romney fights fire w w fire. Perhaps we need to do a “Hiroshima” on their a**. We haven’t heard anything from the Japanese since we did it to them in WW II.

    1. In fact, just this week Japan has announced they will be completely free of nuclear power by 2020. We made them believers and it only took one Fat Man and one Little Boy.

        1. Jim, you are right about that. Having been to Japan, I can tell you that nuclear power has been a political hot potato over there since WWII but the tsunami ended the discussion for them. They were nuked twice then had the horrible tsunami/reactor meltdown which was the final straw for them.

  27. We are a laughing stock..I have noticed that I have a new respect for the past Presidents who actually did their job and the careful balancing act required to be friends with Egypt all these years..We don’t kill their leaders and run..we have to respect the job they played in keeping the peace..I’m still waiting for some honest facts to come out of somewhere besides fox and the internet about the real reason for this 9/11 attack retaliation for killing Al Queda’s number 2 guy with drones, they can’t say it because blaming some wanna be film director and Romney is so much easier then messing up their popularity and taking the blame..they are just going on with their campaign like they have for the last four years..as if nothing has happened, in fact..I can’t believe anyone voting for him doesn’t see this as proof we don’t matter..neither does the people he appointed , who have been dragged through the streets to have unthinkable things happen to them and I don’t mean being rushed to the ER as they would have you think , what is this hold these people have over the two of them, Hillary and Obama their apologizing hasn’t helped…so far as I can see…..

      1. So do I sir, so do I and he was persecuted daily by the media, and just let it roll off his back..the media talks about what bad men Mubarak and kadafi were, I’m sure they were but you never hear anyone talk about what real evil sobs the Husseins were, who tortured , raped, murdered their own people, actually used WMD …it’s an alternate Universe run by an evil media..I fear for our heroes and their lives so many helicopters going down…so many fallen heroes and they act like it was all for nothing..we have gone backwards not FORWARD..

  28. The first culprit is Morsi when he was the first to send his soldiers to violate the US ground.Previous video proved it.Islam is a big lie,Morsi condamed the act to keep funding from the USA

      1. Look at the smear campaign that took Newt out of the running for the Republican ticket. Makes you wonder if it was all planned from day one.

  29. The muslim brotherhood is in the middle of these riots….is that the same group that obama wanted to take control in Egypt? Great move, decisive leader of the United States! And is that the same group that our fearless president is meeting at UN Headquarters in NY? Will they be planning when the brotherhood is coming to America?

    1. And the same Muslim Brotherhood that has spawned twelve terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda. Try and figure that one out.

        1. Huma Abedin is just the tip of the enormous MB infiltration in the US Government. The rest will have to got out, root and branch, in 2013.

  30. Time to mine all the energy resources this country has. Then leave that part of the world to fend for themselves.

    If further problems exist, give them nuclear power from the sky.

    1. If they only people they have left to sell their oil to is China, that will take care of the the rest of the problem. Ask the Uighurs about how the chicoms deal with the religion of peace.

      However the Saudis still want Jerusalem and it is all enormously complex – much goes back to the 70’s oil embargos – unwinding from it will not be easy.

      The Oil Weapon and American Foreign Policy

  31. The sad truth is that unless this unravels to the point where it is completely un-spinnable by the Knee-Pad Media (KPM) (which it could), Obama will not have any negative impact from his complete foreign policy failure whatsoever. It truly is maddening. Lets recap:

    Economic policy: Total failure (8.1% unemployment, $16 trillion debt)
    Foreign policy: Total failure (backed the Muslim Brotherhood; chaos)

    Obama allies: MSM (aka KPM), Fed Reserve, Educational system (AFT)

    Although he’s a complete failure, he’s leading in the polls.

    Bernanke apparently has bought his own pair of knee pads. By printing $40 billion per month in perpetuity, he has artificially propped up the stock market. Although people’s retirement accounts will keep their nominal dollar value, their real value will shrink dramatically and most of them won’t notice until it’s too late.

  32. only 1.5 billion? FuBar Ack will convince all of them “to be nice”………….
    Why don’t we send those barbarians to meet 72 female virgins ……….and few male virgins for those who raped our ambassador and others..

  33. I want all of you to keep a sharp eye out anytime you leave home this weekend. I fully expect the killing to carry over to the US very soon. Please watch where you go and mind your families too. THis is terrifying.

      1. Absolutely. To quote one of my heros, General James (mad dog) Mattis, USMC;

        “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet!”

      2. cannot hurt to post this again…………….

        Navy SEAL Lessons Learned From Aurora Colorado| 23 July, 2012 | Brandon Webb

        As I continue to read about the terrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, I can’t help but think there’s some lessons from my time as a Navy SEAL that I can pass on to the average citizen. So here goes…

        Don’t Make Yourself an Easy Target

        When at sporting events, concerts, and the movies, choose seats that give you a tactical advantage always. What do I mean? Choose seats that allow good and east vantage points and a hasty exit point. Always stack the odds in your favor. It’s the reason I still combat park (back in to a space) and sit with my back to the wall when I’m eating.

        Active Shooter Scenario Advice

        Take cover and not concealment. Concealment hides, cover hides AND protects. It’s the difference between hiding behind a movie seat or a concrete wall.

        Don’t lie there with your eyes closed and get shot. Think and move. A good decision executed quickly is better than a great one never executed. Violence of action, as we call it in the Spec Ops community, will often change the odds in your favor.

        For close quarter combat drills we’d draw a gun with someone over 20 feet away running at us. In most cases you can be on someone before they can draw and take a shot. I’m not advocating running straight at someone but if you have the tactical advantage (jam, re-loading, distraction or the shooter isn’t paying attention) then take the shooter down or get the hell out of there. Deal with the situation with your eyes wide open.

        In Aurora, the shooter was severely weighted down with armor and his helmet would have also limited his vision. You can use all this to your advantage.

        Flashlight anyone? I have one for daily carry and take it everywhere with me. It’s become another extension of me and has diffused at least two potentially violent confrontations in a non-lethal way. I recommend 200+ lumens.

        How to use it in this situation?

        I would have pulled my high lumens pocket flashlight and blinded this guy. The high powered beam would have taken away his vision for 3-4 seconds, which is an eternity and enough time to flight or fight. There’s also no shame in surviving and getting you and your loved ones out of harm – especially little ones. Be a Hero to your kids and family for surviving, nobody can expect more of you than that. Like we say in Survival Escape Evasion Resistance (SERE) school, “Survive with Honor.”

        Concealed Carry

        If you’re lucky enough to live in a state like Texas that not only allows concealed carry, but supports the use of deadly force, then train to use it.

        Think seriously about whether it’s worth a Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit in states where you’re likely to get screwed by a jury if you use it. Example: I can get a CCW in CA but I’m likely screwed if I shoot somebody. The mostly liberal (I’m a registered independent for the record) jury will be sure to have my ass and it’s why I own a dog that’s trained to bite and protect (another good option). Nothing makes me happier then visualizing PETA pitted against other wild-eyed liberals.

        Bottom line is that if you own a gun and have it as daily carry, you’d better rehearse your use scenarios both physically and mentally, and the same with the gun in the home. Mental practice is extremely valuable after you’ve mastered the basics. FYI, shooting paper at the local range will not prepare you for a defensive shooting situation. Rehearsing defensive scenarios is the only thing that will prepare you.

        For most of you, the best bet is to buy a good tactical flashlight, there are plenty on the market. Specs: At least 200+ lumens, waterproof, LED, and a 3volt lithium battery. Use and carry your light with you at all times. It’s the best non-lethal and practical option available, in my opinion. You can take it anywhere – including on an airplane – and if it’s a high lumen model it will blind people in broad daylight. I can’t recommend this purchase enough.

        Learn From an Expert

        There are plenty of former Military and Law Enforcement that have great self-defense skills. Just vet your instructor carefully, ask for references and proof of service. While there are many solid instructors out there, there are also a plethora of wannabe Rex-Kwon-Do types who are self-proclaimed experts and worse – lie about their service.

        Alter Your Lifestyle, and it May Save Your Life

        Avoid opening night and large crowds (e.g. go to Disney World during off-peak) that make easy targets. FYI, most domestic and foreign terrorists want the biggest bang for their buck. They want Yankee stadium sold out and not Padre stadium at 60% capacity. It sucks to live this way sometimes but ask the survivors from Colorado if it’s worth a minor lifestyle change. I say it is, and it’s the main reason I’m watching the Olympics on TV and not attending this year. London is too much of a risk for a variety of reasons that I will not go into on this post.

        Don’t Be a Victim

        Rehearse emergency scenarios before there’s an emergency, the time to practice is NOT when it’s happening.

        The world is a dangerous place these days. Be prepared.

        A great book I’d also recommend is, Escape The Wolf by Clinton Emerson.

        My condolences to the victims and their families in Aurora Colorado.

        Brandon is a former Navy SEAL, and worked as a Special Operations intelligence & security specialist in Iraq during 2006-07. He is also author of the New York Times Best Seller, “The Red Circle”

        1. Excellent sDee! I’ve never seen that one, so I’ve copied. Thanks. Interesting, I was listening to the news today- and Florida is considering concealed permits for Southwest Florida GulfCoast University. We do have concealed permits down here, but not on Universities. Students are leading the fight for it. Good for them!

        2. Good information. Thank you. Thank goodness I have family who are in law enforcement and friends who were military police personnel. I have learned a lot from them.

    1. It is terrifying, Mike. Even though I live in Canada, I feel so uneasy as I watch the news-it’s like a very bad domino game, with Middle East countries falling.

      Please, everyone, stay safe. be aware and realize that the tipping point we all feared is at hand.

  34. Where is Obama? Planning his next move to declare martial law to “protect” americans and suspend the elections in November?

      1. That would only activate the Bosnian Rules of Engagement…
        Targeting the Media, Politicians, Civil Servants, Security Forces, Illegals. Koranimals..
        Torpedos Los

    1. The fact that El Presidente is making nice with Islamist extremists and trashing our allies is quite telling ( http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/09/12/obama-israel-no-muslim-brotherhood-yes ). The current incidents in Libya, Egypt, and two dozen other countries occupied by Muslims are supposedly being fueled by manufactured outrage over a film that has been out there for over a year. Couple that with the Obama Administration’s negligent and downright complicit actions on what is happening in the Middle East and you’ve got too many things coming together to call it a coincidence. This was on Hannity a few months ago:

      Many of us already know about this:


      The government has lead us to believe that it is standard operational procedure that millions of rounds of ammunition are being stockpiled by several federal agencies.

      It almost appears to me that we (the American population) are being set up for something. That’s my observation and it’s only my opinion.

  35. Wasn’t it something like 90% of Christendom wiped out by Islamists before the first crusade? They may have 1.5 billion Bin Ladens but at the rate they kill their own the numbers are coming down all the time. They can’t even live civil among themselves and their idea of martyrdom prevents them from conversion because they are still stuck on concupiscence.

    1. Problem is, they train em young so as long as they keep reproducing, their will always be a supply of “Bin Ladens”. Now you know, I’m not the kind of guy who condones genoside, BUT if you really want to get at the root of the problem, kill it where it starts. These a-holes deserve it anyway!

      1. Radiation affects the reproduction organs, don’t you know. Kind of like forced pre-abortion (government-provided contraception, as it were). The libs should love it.

    2. Very true, even before the crusades when they were expanding into North Africa and into Europe it was marked by ceaseless internal conflict. Muslims never get along with each other.

          1. I will see if it is available through the I-book store, thanks. It is available and I just downloaded a sample.

  36. We can treat those 1.5 billion “Bin Laden” very easily. Evacuate everyone from the Embassy and than……*whistles* *explosion* We will do them all a favor and send them to their Allah. I’m tired of this sh_t and I’m tired of the apologies Obamao is making for these people. For god sakes, will you get here already November?? I want to personally throw this scum-bag out!

    1. If that’s the case, send Obama, Clinton and the rest of their apologists there and then nuke them. May as well get the best bang for the buck. Two muzzies with one stone.

  37. “Take care America, we have 1.5 billion ‘Bin Ladens’”. – Graffiti

    Yeah, take care what you wish for. Bin Laden is a dead has-been muslim radical terrorist. Is that what you want to be, too?

    I know one thing is for sure. If I were to protest the actions of the Muslim world, I sure as heck wouldn’t start by burning my own back yard, destroying my own fence and trashing my neighbor’s yard. Seems a bit stupid to me.

    1. Just think about it, Nukeman60. Our Commander-in-Chief is trying to blame the unrest on a kook preacher threatening to burn a Koran. I’d hate to think it how bad it would be if it was because he was bragging to whole world how he killed their leader. Obama insults the intelligence of every American everytime he opens his mouth.

      1. Not every American just those that voted for the other idiot. Already aware that his people are sub 68 IQ morons.

    2. I think these guys have their math wrong anyway. They’re saying that every single Muslim in the world is a “Bin Laden”. They are assuming that all Muslims everywhere are radical extremists who will wage war against the United States and the Western world. The actual number of those who are Islamist extremists or who would be inclined to be so stupid as to start a fight is more like 6 to 10 percent of the worldwide Muslim population, which is 96,000,000 to 160,000,000 people.

  38. So, the Egyptians aren’t feeling the love for Obama and I’ll bet the Libyans aren’t either. bin Ladin was pretty insignificant by the time Obama ‘offed’ him. Hillary must not be high on their list, either. She was pretty happy to get rid of Mohmar. Soooo what’s Huma’s take on all of this? Hang in there, Bibi. Help is on the way.

    1. Remember the “US citizens” being “detained” after Mubarak was taken out? Ray LaHood’s son was one of them.

      They were part of an US/UN NGO. So what were they doing there? What NGOs usually do – destabilized things internally. Th Brotherhood promptly kicked them all out because they were not stupid enough to leave the NGO in there to control things.

      Hussein and Clinton had to have known then they were screwed by their Bro’s.

      1. Didn’t much notice it before, but someone commented on how Obama made Hillary look like a gape-mouthed, saggy belly-ed hog who been bred by every boar in town and delivered nothing during the 2008 Primaries.

        And now, the future of America in the Middle East is being worked out, is in the hands of the boy and his hog.

      2. You bet they did. I hadn’t paid much attention to Hillary because she just hasn’t been around for the past three years. When she finally got back on my radar was when Mubarak was being ousted. Then there was the Weiner thing. Not too much about Huma until I looked back into her history with Hillary. OMG. If Obama thinks this is a good October surprise, it sure has back-fired on them. Keep asking questions, keep looking for the story that the media won’t tell us. It all fits together some how like a puzzle that is shaping up pretty quickly. God bless America. Vote Republican.

  39. So many muslims and so few nukes.

    Good news is that dropping nukes in muslim slum world will not hurt the view of the land value.

    1. just do that…..and look at Great Canyon…and try to buy a house in Hollywood..
      Job done -………………..good view – ……………..high land value.

    2. Look, if we were unable to account for a nuke or ten, and they went off in the middle east at coordinated times and locations, I wouldn’t look to prosecute anybody. Just sayin.

    3. The libs do want us to reduce our nuclear arsenal. What better way than to do it one nuke at a time? Besides, Iran has always wanted a nuke. Let’s give them one…or two.

      1. Cruise missiles are about 1 million a piece. That will stimulate the economy and create jobs faster that QE3 or 9 or whatever number we’re on.

    4. We don’t even need nukes. Let them come. We have at least three steel jacketed reasons for every one of them why they should. Show no mercy, show no forgiveness.

      “I believe that forgiving them is God’s function. OUR job is to arrange the meeting.” – General Norman Schwartzkopf

      1. Great thought! I was thinking about that, too–let them come, Americans who won;t fight ’em now, won’t fight if they invade and that’ll make the next election even better!

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