Graham says Trump is OPEN to a deal with a border wall for DACA AMNESTY

Lindsey Graham revealed this morning that he thinks Trump is open to a compromise to re-open the government if he gets his border wall, but he would give the dems DACA amnesty.

Watch below at about the 4:30 minute mark:

Graham is just recognizing that in order to get anything done with a House of Representatives owned by San Fran Nancy, Republicans need to compromise on something. And after Trump already admitted that he would take the blame for the shutdown, there is no incentive for Dems to cave on anything, especially something as yuge as the border wall.

Graham also complains that Dems aren’t dealing and negotiating honestly by sending staffers in place of politicians. If this is the case, I wonder why the media isn’t pressing them to acknowledge or admit that they’re doing this, while whining and complaining in the media that Trump isn’t negotiating. Oh wait, I know the reason why.

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