Graham threatens to cut Senators’ pay if they don’t pass the coronavirus bill within 48 hours

Lindsey Graham said on Fox News that if the Democrats didn’t help pass the coronavirus bill within 48 hours that he would make sure every member and their staff will lose all of their pay! Watch below:

AND, what do you know, Martha McSally already wrote up the bill this morning!

Well isn’t that special! I’m pretty sure the vast majority of Americans are OK with the Senators not being paid while they aren’t seeing any government relief over economic harm that the government caused.

Earlier in the night, Larry Kudlow said during the coronavirus press conference that the bill would contain $2 TRILLION of relief money, and another $4 TRILLION of money for “Federal Reserve lending power.” So there it is. We’re so lucky to have China so eager to let us borrow all that cashola!! Thank goodness I won’t be around when my great-great-grandchildren finally get around to paying that back….

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