Grand Rapids PD releases video of police officer killing black man after fight over taser

There was another police involved shooting this month involving a white officer and a black man fighting over a taser. The officer ended up shooting Patrick Lyoya while they were fighting on the ground.

We’ll start with this video by Inside Edition which stops just short of showing the actual shooting:

In the video you see the officer stop Lyoya because his license tag didn’t match the vehicle. Immediately Lyoya gets out of the car and never gets back in despite the officer ordering him to do so.

The officer interacts with Lyoya and asks him to get his driver’s license out of the vehicle. Lyoya talks with someone in the vehicle and shuts the door, never getting the license.

Lyoya then begins to walk away, at which point the officer grabs him and tells him he cannot walk away. That’s when Lyoya began resisting the officer and ran away with the officer in pursuit.

The officer quickly caught him and tackled him to the ground, probably due to Lyoya having to hold his pants up.

Lyoya continue to fight the officer, getting back up onto his feet. The officer pulls out his taser and that’s when Lyoya grabs hold of the taser. You could hear the taser firing as Lyoya wouldn’t let it go.

Lyoya refused to let go of the taser and continued to fight the officer.

Back on the ground, the officer kept ordering Lyoya to let go of the taser and then pulled his weapon ordering him again.

Lyoya appears to have the taser at the point when the officer fired his weapon, shooting Lyoya in the back of the head area.

While it’s a horrible thing to witness, I’m not sure what else the officer could do in that situation. No backup arrived in time and Lyoya could have easily used the taser on the officer, getting his gun and shooting him or someone else with it.

Of course, the family is claiming the officer shot him like an animal and they have the corrupt Benjamin Crump as their lawyer.

There’s a longer video showing everything that occurred here if you’d like to see it.

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