Great: NYU to offer class in Occupy Wall Street

I’m sure they are still preparing their course on the Tea Party and why it began in 2009. Yeah, I’ll be holding my breath:

(MRC) – While it may sound like a joke, and New York City website Gothamist reported it with plenty of snark, New York University will offer a class next semester on Occupy Wall Street (possibly two). Perhaps it’s an attempt to keep their students in class making use of their students loans, rather than camped out in Zuccotti Park and other parks complaining about them.

NBC’s “protest of the current era,” will now become a for-credit undergraduate course. The College Board lists per credit hour tuition at $1,159 at NYU.

According to the free student newspaper of NYU: Washington Square News (WSN), the university’s “Department of Social and Cultural Analysis” will offer a class about the “history and politics of debt and take a deeper look at the economic crisis the movement is protesting.” NYU confirmed with the Business & Media Institute that the undergraduate course: “Cultures and Economies: Occupy Wall Street” will be available next semester and taught by Professor Lisa Duggan.

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35 thoughts on “Great: NYU to offer class in Occupy Wall Street

  1. the picture scoop uses.. just reminded me of were i saw these two people before..Galaxy Quest…they’re the Aliens who came to get Tim Allen…

  2. Yet these students have galls complaining of no jobs available to them after paying astronomical tuitions fees? My advise to these empty heads is, get a rudimentary working brain fast before thinking of enrolling.

  3. hows about they teach them how to wash them selves Oh-Wash-Self with a washcloth and what clean underwear looks and smells like…and the best things in life are free…hey…i get it now…there teaching them how to get everything for free…kind of what the Bamster did…never worked a week is his life and got everything for free…..WHAT A SCAM…

  4. ”The College Board lists per credit hour tuition at $1,159 at NYU.”

    Sorry, am I reading this right? Those poor people sure have more money than sense!

  5. Class curiculum:

    How to speak in a monotone and repeat Socialist talking points clearly.
    The advantages of always leaving a big mess for others to clean up.
    When to take a dump on Police vehicles.
    Myriad ways to antagonize working people.
    How to antagonize and abuse the Police.
    How to block traffic.
    When to brutalize female occupiers.
    How to wash in a fountain.
    Living on someone elses dime.
    How to wriggle your fingers and appear smarter than you are.
    Best times to steal from fellow protestors.
    Different ways to whine like a spoiled brat.
    Methods of hiding the fact that you have a trust fund.

    1. OWS speak etiquette.

      First, greet your fellow Occupiers.

      It may take some time for your greeting message to echo back to you.
      While waiting for the response keep you hands in your pockets so you don’t offend your echoers with inadvertent hand gestures.

  6. And I’m sure it will be 100% objective and balanced, giving all the sides of the issue and analyzing them thoroughly, rationally, and honestly, without political prejudices and ideological bend, just like all other “Department of Social and Cultural Analysis” courses.

    1. Section 1: How OWS is a victim of the rich.
      Section 2: Why it is righteous to take back what was stolen, and how.
      Section 3: How you are OWS [a victim]
      Final Exam: Show up at OWS.

    1. And by the time they graduate this ‘class’, the movement will be over.

      Somebody left the irony on.

    1. Oh c’mon now! What could possibly go wrong. All their research will be sourced from WaPo and NYT as well as from CNN, ABC etc. With great resources like that… balance and accuracy will be assured.

  7. Oh yes, I am sure that will be a well focused and totally objective and non biased look at OWS and what they stand for. And these people wonder why they can’t find jobs?
    Have any of these students actually heard of courses called, oh I don’t know… Biology? Chemistry? Anatomy? Geology? with crap like women’s lesbian black underprivilaged oppression studies- what kind of job does one find after that?

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