Grieving families of NY nursing home DEAD who fell to FAILED Cuomo Covid regime will hold ‘funeral’ for Gov’s ‘leadership and integrity’

I absolutely DARE both CNN and MSNBC to whimper about masks as these families grieving the loss of loved ones to the feckless and unaccountable disaster of Cuomo at the state level and de Blasio, among other mayors, at the city level, to the pandemic.

The New York Post reports today that bereaved relatives will “stand outside of Brownstone Brooklyn’s coronavirus-ravaged Cobble Hill Health Center on Sunday” where during a mock funeral they will “demand that Cuomo apologize for what they call his botched response to the pandemic.”


“Ultimately we want an apology and we don’t want it to be buried and hidden and forgotten. Thousands upon thousands of people died — couldn’t have burials,” Daniel Arbeeny, 57, whose father died in the nursing home, told The Post.

Arbeeny, the lead organizer, has rented a hearse with a casket that will contain 6,500 torn pages from Cuomo’s newly-released book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” to represent those who died in nursing homes as a result of the contagion.

GOOD. It’s time those who are actually accountable where held as accountable for their terrible management of the illness, and the people most likely to be affected by it.

People can’t even have funerals for the loved ones that Cuomo’s actions doomed, but have to watch as protests against law enforcement turn to riots and destruction every single day across the country with no accountability or mention of Covid. People who couldn’t say goodbye to their parents, their grandparents, their aunts and uncles and siblings, have to turn on the TV and see crowds gathered to mourn a Supreme Court Justice they weren’t related to. People who can’t visit those who remain trapped in nursing homes and watch as CNN and MSNBC gripe about mask-wearing at every place Trump sets foot in, have to stand by as huge crowds paint “Black Lives Matter” graffiti on their city streets without a whisper about masks or the necessity of staying home, all encouraged and participated in by the same officials who let their loved ones die alone.

This funeral will be tomorrow. If not for the New York Post you might never have heard about it. I hope social media makes it one of the biggest stories of the day tomorrow online. Because you KNOW that CNN and MSNBC won’t be talking about it.

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