‘GROW A PAIR!’ – Bill Maher RIPS INTO ‘weak’ Democrats for banning Fox News on debates

Bill Maher really let loose on the wussy Democrats for banning Fox News on debates, and he makes a lot of really good points. And the last joke is hilarious.

Watch below:

From the Hill:

“Last week, the Democrats made a terrible decision when they announced that they had turned down Fox News’ offer to host one of their 2020 primary debates, saying Fox was nothing more than propaganda,” he said. “OK so why not go on Fox News and tell them that?”

“You want to be in the big leagues, but you refuse to ever play in an away game? You don’t like the questions that Fox News might ask, so you’re deciding to not take any questions at all? How very Trump of you,” he added.

He added that the move made Democrats “look weak” and noted that Republicans “never shy away” from coming on his show even though, he said, “the audience is against them.”

Maher points out that Fox News doesn’t ban Democrats, and they’re too wussy to appear on the shows, except for Eric Swalwell. I hadn’t thought of it, but he’s right. Even if they thought Fox News opinion hosts were unfair, there are plenty of others who are very fair. Even Maher knows it.

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39 thoughts on “‘GROW A PAIR!’ – Bill Maher RIPS INTO ‘weak’ Democrats for banning Fox News on debates

  1. It seems to me that Democrats are projecting as they often do, thinking that they will get the same treat from FNC as republicans received in that 2016 primary debate hosted by CNBC. In that debate, moderator Carl Quintanilla encourage contestants to turn on each other over petty campaign issues. He asked zero questions regarding policy. At some point, Sen Cruz jumped in Quintanilla chili, accusing him of conducting a “cage-match.” Frankly, Carl’s goal was not to inform Republican primary voters; his goal was to have the contestants disqualify one another. The man was truly unprofessional; he was a dick who wasted primary voters’ evening.

  2. Quite simply, the demonrats refuse to have anything to do with FoxNews because they ask relevant questions of all candidates, which chases away demonrats because they have no values or platform that can be substantiated. Demonrats are also a party that hates freedom of speech and will only tolerate their own talking points among their useful idiot minions. THAT is why no American should ever give power to demonrats again. They do not deserve responsibilities on any level, even dog catcher.

  3. As I’ve said before, the democrats have nothing but weak or insane candidates and they are afraid to expose them. Their candidates can’t take the real or hard questions.

    I don’t like Maher but it’s refreshing when he or others of his ilk, tell the truth.

    1. The candidates they DO have that are outspoken and are destroying our nation belong to the Justice Democrats, an evil organization of satanic proportion. Americans who love America need to wake up and stop their laziness, both mentally and physically….this is going to be a looooong fight.

  4. Judge Jeanine’s show wasn’t on Fox News Saturday night. Wonder if they’re about to boot her?

    1. Speaking of balls, FoxNews cancelled Judge Jeanine’s show because she had balls enough to expose the evil that is Iham Omar. Omar, Tlaib and AOC are all actors who were chosen by the Justice Democrats to destroy our electoral system and our government, which is what FoxNews SHOULD be reporting! FoxNews is becoming nothing more than one more liberal progressive scam among media. sigh.

  5. That was pretty good, he makes some valid points. Just imagine the outrage if a Republican talked about the resistance, fighting behind enemy lines and blowing up a tank, though. The left would be all atwitter about it. OMG, atwitter is an actual word. I thought that I just made it up. Time for another cup of coffee.

  6. I agree with Bill Maher pretty much only on two subjects: freedom of speech, and the threat of Islam. That said, he has the number of the Democrats here.

    1. @pybob He’s not funny. The hypocrisy being that the 2016 campaign speeches and presidential debates were always aired on leftist networks.

  7. If they insist on the media doing them then Fox should do their own…Why on earth would anyone want to part of State media deciding our elections for us…No thanks…

  8. It doesn’t matter…these aren’t debates and unless we get the brownshirt propaganda media out of them, they will continue to be a circus…

  9. Please, this from a p*nis head that has to have an audience full of leftist sycophants and three or four other leftists sitting at his table to take on one sacrificial conservative.

  10. Dear Lord, it truly pains me to say a good word about Bill Maher. But he actually made sense for once, albeit amidst a 4-minute litany of just how bad Trump, Republicans & Christians are. Thanks for the biscuit, Bill, but I still consider you one of the most vile personalities in our culture today. I wish you nothing but bad tidings.

  11. While there are a few conservative echo chambers, in our modern culture it’s very hard to stay in them. We are confronted with the other side’s opinions in every public space, every tv channel, every movie, every school, and pretty much any corporation that’s big enough. On the other hand, you can grow up leftist and never even talk to a conservative.

  12. He’s probably viewed with the same suspicion by Dems as Republicans view David French. So I doubt Dems will grant him much credence where he channels his libertarian side.

    I think the #WalkAway folks are at least making some Dems notice how radical their party has become. But think about how successful conservatives were at the last national nominating convention.

    I’m guessing this call by Maher will be treated just like the voice vote conducted by the RNC treated conservatives.

    1. Bill Maher is the most left leaning “libertarian” I’ve ever seen or know about. His stating he’s a libertarian is the biggest joke of his lame comedic line.

  13. What, and debate facts? No way. Lets just stay here and throw innuendos,
    slurs and outright lies over the fence. Lets not risk showing our ignorance
    and exposing what we really stand for.

  14. While he make this fair point, if you watch the entire clip above, you will understand that this is the same disgusting, bigoted Maher that he always was. This is just his broken clock moment.

    I did like the part, though, when he showed the pictures of all the conservatives/Republicans that have showed up on lib news shows “with a smile on their face, knowing they were facing a hostile audience.” Nice!!

    1. @nc-checks-and-balances He does tend to stumble across the truth more than others of his ilk, though.

      1. Low bar, and barely worth it considering how much leftism it’s coated with. And its only reason is completely self-serving.

  15. I’ve said this before about Bill. He’s a liberal but he’s sick of the BS and calls it out.
    He’s one of the few that realizes that all of these liberal shenanigans play into the right’s playbook about liberals and he’s tired of handing the right these victories. Good for him for egging on his team to do better. Most are just sheep.

  16. Can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen, and that shows how weak the democrats are.

  17. How rich for the leftist MSM to accuse Fox of propaganda. They are the kings of propaganda. The difference is they want to silence any propaganda that isn’t their propaganda.

      1. @dr-strangelove We do the best we can, but I was referring to Fox news and the MSM (I don’t consider Fox news as part of the MSM). News….not Hannity the as* kisser. The MSM intentionally misleads their viewers and omits pertinent information. Brett Baier is as good as it gets when it comes to quality journalism.

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