Guards DIDN’T check on Epstein when they were supposed to; autopsy has been completed…

Not to add to the conspiracy smorgasbord on this story, but… reportedly guards were supposed to check in on Epstein every 30 mins, and they didn’t.

From the Washington Examiner:

Prison guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center were reportedly working heavy overtime and did not follow the proper monitoring procedure ahead of billionaire and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

According to the New York Times, guards at the Manhattan correctional facility charged with watching Epstein violated procedure the night of his death. A guard was reportedly supposed to “look into his cell” every 30 minutes, and he was supposed to have a cellmate. However, Epstein was housed alone, and the guard failed to follow the check-in procedure, according to a law enforcement source.

So, if you’re telling me they couldn’t do it because government is inefficient and incompetent, well I’m willing to believe you. On the other hand, this guy had tried to kill himself already once before. You would think they’d put some special emphasis on watching him.

What would make a big difference is if we got video:

They have also completed the autopsy on Epstein, but have released no information yet.

UPDATE! I’m not sure why MSNBC deleted that last tweet, they replaced it with this:

End update.

Apparently Epstein was not supposed to be left alone, and they broke that protocol too.

On the other hand, all of this goes against some of the facts by a former inmate of the prison that Epstein was at. I am very very uneasy about this case. I’m not sold on the conspiracy theories, but I definitely want to see some more facts and proof that he killed himself.

This is exactly the kind of thing that continues to erode the faith of the American public in law enforcement and our political leaders. And that’s not good for anyone.

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176 thoughts on “Guards DIDN’T check on Epstein when they were supposed to; autopsy has been completed…

  1. If this was pure incompetence and/or negligence it’s in multiple areas. Epstein should never have been taken off suicide watch because he recently tried to commit suicide and the guards didn’t even perform their duties. It doesn’t surprise me about the guards. It’s not the first time someone committed suicide while on suicide watch because employees failed to do their jobs.

    I’m still not convinced the opportunity wasn’t purposefully created. Too much incompetence in perfect unison working together to make sure the man doesn’t expose certain people.

      1. We’ll see. Power and money have a lot of influence. If it wasn’t coordinated then it was a large team of incompetent government employees.

  2. Conspiracy theories abound but these are the facts.
    The MORNING AFTER the Epstein investigation released information that implicated two prominent Democrats and exonerated Trump, Epstein was dead.
    Motive and timing.

    1. And don’t forget Saturdays are always great to commit suicide……many have their day off on TV and the guards are tired……..

  3. Soop, I don’t know if there are any tapes of Epstein in his cell and recording his suicide. I read somewhere that those cameras were not operational when this took place. If that is the truth, then you have a reason to delve into the conspiracy theories of what happened. I, personally, don’t believe we will ever find out. This will be just like the Vegas investigation into Stephen Paddock, meaning we will never learn the truth.

  4. People have got to be held accountable for this. The excuse of the guards being over worked should not let anyone off the hook for not doing their jobs. After a failed suicide attempt a few weeks ago they should have seen this coming and taken steps to prevent it from happening again.

    1. But someone decided to take him off suicide watch. After trying, if he did, to commit suicide once he should have been put on suicide watch and kept there. That they didn’t is inexcusable.

    2. It would have been a supervisory decision to take him off of suicide watch, if that’s what really happened.

    3. Guards can easily be paid off. I hope they scrutinize everything about them and not just take their word for it that they just slacked off on their duties.

  5. ‘Madam of the House’ Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ready to cooperate with American authorities …

    Jeffrey Epstein had a ‘meticulously detailed’ secret diary containing details of his friendships with powerful people which he kept as an ‘insurance policy’ …

    1. Damn… now she gonna die from Natural Causes.

      Natural Causes is the Ninja Assassin’s epic codename.

    2. Seeing her buddy Epstein dead may have opened her eyes and mind. Better put her in Witness protection/safe house regardless of the outcome of how he died.

    3. Cooperate?!?! Does that mean telling the story that the investigators want to hear, covering for Democrats or the truth?!

  6. It’s not like Epstein knew the guards will skip their checks that night and think the coast is clear to hang himself.

  7. I’m waiting to hear the coroner discovers Epstein hung himself while shooting himself in the back of the head to kill himself…twice.

  8. His cellmate was Bigfoot. The guards were Illuminati. The contrails left by the airplanes flying near the prison triggered the MKUltra that was in his vaccinations and this killed him immediately. His body was then wheeled out, put on a black helicopter, and then subsequently transferred to Malaysian Flight 370. George Soros and Alex Jones are going to take custody to reanimate him into a Manchurian Candidate that can will beat Donald Trump in 2020 and pave the way for the New World Order.

      1. I am channeling my inner Steven Crowder.

        You have not seen it and neither will anyone ever.. That’s the problem.

        The litter of bodies the Clinton’s leave in their wake is too many to be merely circumstance, IMHO.

        Furthermore… whats wrong with a wet blanket? It all depends on WHY it is wet 🙂

      2. Oh come on dr! You’re smarter than that aren’t you? Let’s look at who benefits from his death? bill clintoon and other high profile politician pedophile perverts!!!

      1. Yup, I bet he was too. Donald will confirm with the National Enquirer then tweet the “facts” as he sees them.

  9. “This is exactly the kind of thing that continues to erode the faith of the American public in law enforcement and our political leaders.”

    What Faith? Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” continues.

  10. “There should be — and almost certainly is — video of Epstein’s suicide
    at MCC. One hopes it is complete, conclusive, and secured.”

    That’s what I thought at first too, but I saw someone this morning claim that the cameras “had been turned away from Epstein’s cell”. Not sure if that was a repeated rumor or a solid tidbit.

  11. So the first rather pathetic excuse is that the guards were on overtime and supposedly tired. Does that mean they were so tired and/or stupid, that they didn’t realize they must take particular care with such a high profile prisoner. One who had all ready supposedly tried to commit suicide?

    I am perfectly willing to believe in incompetence in our government in every possible way. However this goes beyond incompetence to just plain stupid and certainly there should have been someone in charge to maintain an extra layer of protocol.

    If he did indeed commit suicide – he was allowed to.

    1. It’s an overcrowded and understaffed facility, but it looks like there was little concern about his life.

      1. They had one job to do – present a live prisoner for trial. They failed. These are the incompetent/corrupt POS people who want to run every aspect of our lives.

        And they want to take our guns away so we have to submit like the wimpy population in Europe, especially England, who can now get jailed for something on Facebook.

  12. How could this have happened in an overcrowded and understaffed facility? It boggles the mind.

    1. Epstein should have never ever been in that facility to start with. Guantanamo, I mean, away from mainland would have been the right choice. I would have put him in a sedated coma and woke him up in one year to testify.

    2. As a perfectly stable individual with an apartment rigged with booby traps in case the illuminati tries to eliminate me and as a NYC taxi driver that stalks Julia Roberts while she’s in the zone on a treadmill in her apartment..I have to tell you, I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe, and those things have seen me, and those things are trying to kill me.

      The conspiracy struggle is real

  13. If the facility was so overcrowded and understaffed, why were the frigging CAMERAS trained “elsewhere” and not on the CELLS? You solve the understaffed problem very simply: a couple of guys sit in a video room filled with monitors wired to cameras that watch cells.

    Unbelievable. They really think we are stupid enough to buy this stuff.

  14. We’ll never know the truth.
    Such is always how it goes for as long as we continue living under this 2 tiered justice system.

  15. The International Cabal or Octopus is right now trying to figure out what to tell to the public. Following Epstein’s murder, the coroner might be the most endangered species still walking around. America needs to know the truth but starting from 1963.

  16. So, conveniently, the 9 or so security cameras were all pointed AWAY from his cell, the guards were too stupid/lazy/overworked to do a simple checkup every 9-30 minutes, and he was taken off of suicide watch even though he tried to commit suicide only 10 days prior to his death? Oh, and the inmate with him, who was supposed to keep an eye on him and alert the guards if he tried to harm himself, got transferred immediately before he killed himself! I could understand it if incompetence only effected one or two of these “protections”, but ALL of them? At the same time? Conveniently located within that one prison cell?

    HA! That’s far, far, FAR too convenient! My sides have gone into orbit!

    We’re never getting that autopsy!

    1. Baloney! Those of us who have watched various CSI programs for years know there are a dozen, at least, ways to cause a stroke or heart attack. Millions of faithful viewers of that kind of program ain’t gonna buy into any “natural” causes result.

  17. “This is exactly the kind of thing that continues to erode the faith of
    the American public in law enforcement and our political leaders. And
    that’s not good for anyone.”

    I could not agree more. I know I am not alone.

    There were reports released a week or so ago that Epstein was found barely responsive (or whatever the reports claimed) with injuries to his neck. He was supposedly taken to the hospital, and returned to the jail a number of hours later. We were all told that he was put on suicide watch after that incident. We never learned if the injuries were self inflicted, or if someone attacked him. That seems like really important information to me. He was alive, conscious, and able to tell whoever exactly what happened to him. No one has claimed that the cameras in his cell malfunctioned that night. Why has that information never been released? I’ll start there.

    1. Unlike you, I think that at this point in history, it is appropriate and desirable that the “faith of the public in law enforcement and our leaders” should be absolutely zero.

      1. What in the heck are you even talking about, “unlike me”? My post clearly made the case for not trusting those charged with guarding the creep.

        And for my own unlike you, I refuse to trash and bash all law enforcement. We’ve always known that there are some really bad apples in law enforcement, but the majority of those in law enforcement should never be thrown into the same bucket with those bad apples. Why are you anti-law enforcement seemingly in total?

        1. Did I “trash and bash all law enforcement?” No. Honest cops are worth their weight in gold, but crooked cops are the lowest form of life on the planet. Unfortunately, I have known both types, and I know that in a regime where Leftists are at the top, law enforcement is going to be totally corrupt. Even the honest ones will not risk their necks to fight the system. Do you have any idea what happens to cops who blow the whistle on their corrupt brethren? If not, then you have no valid opinion about law enforcement.

          1. Excuse me, I responded to your comment where you stated

            “it is appropriate and desirable that the “faith of the public in law enforcement and our leaders” should be absolutely zero.”

            Yes, that clearly trashed and bashed “all law enforcement.” What else does the faith of the public in all law enforcement should be absolutely zero even mean? You wrote it, I didn’t.

            1. The Bible defines faith as believing without seeing, or believing without evidence. On that basis, I have found through lots of experience that faith should never be the default attitude toward law enforcement and our leaders. If one has evidence or experience justifying faith in a particular officer or department, then that’s a different condition.

        1. It has to be more than stupidity this time as those at the facility knew he was a high profile case and all eyes would be on their maximum security facility. I’m not for conspiracies, but something is very off here and Barr best not be making speeches about investigations that leave this hanging for very long. This story is not going away if that’s what all involved are hoping.

          1. I said myself a while ago that I wanted Barr’s Spygate investigation to be thorough and insure that the indictments of those involved are airtight. I am getting really frustrated though because the public has gotten no information at all that even remotely satisfies anyone with anything while so many are about to boil over with anger. The Epstein case only adds to the distrust that anything will ever happen to anyone involved in any wrong doing. Some are claiming that once Coats is gone the info. will likely start rolling out. Who knows. I did read that he was behind not releasing classified info from any of the agencies despite the fact that Trump ordered him to declassify everything. Something better happen pretty damm soon or the erosion of public trust will never recover.

            1. I agree and I think we are close to that erosion now, but as my 84 year low mother says, they don’t care it appears what we think and probably feel like there is nothing the American people can do to stop them. If they now pile on any gun control like is being discussed while all this distrust is mounting I’m not sure what some Americans might do.

  18. In a related story…All of the guards charged with watching Epstein have also committed suicide. (sarcasm alert)

    1. Yes I saw someone on twitter post that claim. It obviously isn’t true. The latest story from many outlets claim that the 2 guards on duty in Epsteins unit were working “extreme overtime.” So the newest conspiracy seems to be to protect the prison guards.

  19. The prison guards that were supposed to check on Epstein should be fired tomorrow as well as their supervisor and the head of that jail. It’s either total incompetence or bribes resulted in Epstein’s death.

  20. We’re also being told that the cameras do not show a view of the interior of the cell–only the door. There are multiple ways a system like this could have been defeated. Trust me; I learned the hard way about such things. But I predict with great confidence that the death will be blamed on incompetence by low-level people, who will be thrown under the bus.

  21. There are many questions which need to be answered but right now I’ll settle for the cause of death. If the ME has finished the autopsy why not release the results?

        1. Could be either I guess. Mystery surrounds many aspects of this so hopefully more will come out soon.

      1. The ‘more info’ is most likely instructional from people a LOT more powerful than the li’l ol’ M.E.

            1. I haven’t seen anything, but I’ve been out all day so maybe they put out an official statement and I missed it. I’m thinking maybe that’s what the ME might have been referencing about waiting on something official about how they found him in his cell.

        1. I’m hoping that because of what’s gone on recently Barr recognizes the lack of faith Americans are having in our higher law enforcement officials and gets information quickly to avoid more damage to the reputation of our legal system/government agencies. So far this is a disaster in the making.

            1. Sam where did you see that? If true than Barr may want sleeping dogs to lie and investigations to amount to nothing.

              1. Read it about 3 times Willtapp. Can’t remember the publication(s) & haven’t searched the actual institute where he taught a couple subjects.

              1. I have seen that spoken about a couple times. Guess I need to try and research it.

  22. “reportedly guards were supposed to check in on Epstein every 30 mins, and they didn’t”.Says who? The people are suspected of killing him! All prisoners on suicide watch are videotaped 24 hours per day. The next thing you will hear is that the camera’s malfunctioned.

    1. The warden and a psychologist signed off on removing him from suicide watch. The prison told the Justice Dept. that he would be in a cell with a room mate. Then, the room mate was ‘transferred’ the video cameras ‘malfunctioned’ and the guards didn’t do their job.

  23. Sounds to me like one or two guards are going to fall upon their swords and get fired for being incompetent .
    I’m sure there’s a brown paper bag waiting for them as they leave for the last time.

    1. No, probably promoted to a different position, or retired. Thats how Govt solves “fixing” those who are incompetent or to cover for favors.

    2. No firings will happen, this is typical union nonsense and the built in excuse is they were overworked working overtime so nothing happens to anyone.

  24. #ReleaseTheVideo

    *There is NO WAY that the ALL the cameras were down … and even so, how would Epstein even know they were “down” so he could hang himself, in a cell with no fixtures to hang from AND … what exactly did he use for “rope”??

      1. This cell block even has El Chapo on it … there is (or was) video somewhere … this whole camera debacle is about as believable that the government doesn’t know what happened with the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the most surveilled town in the world

        *BTW – why haven’t we heard the DOJ put a lockdown on ALL the criminal evidence yet??

  25. Waiting for more info…
    Am I going to die if I get this wrong ? Or, how much are you going to give me to keep my mouth shut?

    Zero trust in this matter at all!

  26. Medical examiner has the autopsy results but he’s not releasing them because he hasn’t been told by the Clintons what to say Epstein died from yet.

      1. AH No he wasn’t and I am no Trump fan. More like Clintons pimp.

  27. BS on this cover up. Deep State wins another one.

    The powers that be don’t suffer the consequences like you and me!

  28. Liberal NY protecting its own. This guy was in a position to disclose info on some very important liberal power players, and now he can’t. Naw, nothing fishy here, move along now.

    1. This is worse than Jussie Smollett being let go of all charges out of the blue imo, but it is the same type of Democrat corruption on display. That party will do anything to protect their own.

    2. It’s fishy alright. But that doesn’t get us anywhere, except the bad aftertaste. And we all remain with questions and no answers. Because the powerful individuals who would be implicated have successfully cut off the trail of evidence. Definitely more to the story.

  29. Of all their prisoners, Epstein was probably their most high profile they have had in this facility in many years. There are no excuses for allowing this to happen. And “allowing” is the operative word.

    1. I know, this is just on a whole other level of being unbelievable that giving him time to off himself wasn’t intentional. The stench of corruption is everywhere in DC and the Democrat ran New York state.

  30. It makes me wonder, how many Democrats were going to be exposed? Besides, Clinton, Senator Menendez, former NM Governor Bill Richardson, Alan Dershowitz, et al. This would definitely be the end of the Democrat Party.

    Notice how the MSM is awfully quiet “waiting” for facts and evidence. They usually blame Trump before any facts come out. The main reason the anti-Trumpers on the Left are quiet is because the biggest name implicated is former President Bill Clinton.

    1. What’s interesting is that both sides of the aisle are calling bull on this one. The D’s and R’s are both not believing anything. I don’t think this is going away any time soon. It was too blatant and people are really peeved.

      1. I wish, but I’m cynical so I’m thinking all they’ve got to do is trigger both sides for 1-2 news cycles and most of it will fizzle.

        IE some outrage about something Trump said or did, that’ll trigger the Ds.

        Then some outrage over something the four squids got together and said, that’ll trigger us Rs maybe.

        What would really distract from this is some tragic polarizing incident that involves racial tension.

        1. Someone mentioned on another blog that they have to distract from this so something big and bad is going to happen, possibly another shooting to take the heat off of this debacle. I pray that it is not true, but these days, anything can happen.

    2. There were most likely a shite ton of names from the duopoly donor class that we hadn’t heard much about.

      Even a slew of Democrat pols would be expendable in my view.

    3. Actually Alan Dershowitz and Turmp were cleared. Their names weren’t on any of the thousands of pages of sealed documents that were released the other day.

    4. Excellent point about the media.
      They’re twisting themselves into pretzels trying not to mention the Clinton’s.

  31. This will be on every MSM channel Monday from 6:00am and throughout the day. Speculation galore, expert guest, etc. And at the end of the day no one will know a damn thing about what really happened.

  32. Talk radio is gonna be brilliant tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear Dan Bongino, Dana, and Mark Levin.

  33. Here’s some speculation on Twitter…

    If I had to guess on Epstein, I’d say he’s not dead and in witness protection. Not basing that on any inside info. Just what makes the most sense.

    1. Can’t be because all the Correction Officers on that floor had a chance to see the Body before he was transferred to the Hospital and pronounced the Coroner has already done the Autopsy.Besides thousands of people are already digging into his Billions.

    2. Oooh. I like it.
      I mean, if it isn’t true then meh *shrug*, if it is then buckle up errbody!!!

    3. I have heard that theory floating out there. It would be a clever way to handle witness protection. Since I am cynical of government and the rich that control government, I was thinking that the powerful staged his death; and he is now on some island sipping margeuritas after plastic surgery to change his facial features… that is a conspiracy theory…….

    4. I read some of those tweets. People claiming he was ‘switched out’. That’s a little too ‘Elvis is alive’ for me.

      1. Probably just some wild speculation on Twitter. Of course Jeffrey Epstein is dead. The government said so…

    5. It could be that the Feds knew of another attempt, and rather than trying to prevent every single one, to just fake it.

    6. In a case of this importance, that would make sense for him to be in witness protection. That’s why I’m confident the guy is really dead.

  34. How does Epstein’s ‘death’ negate what the witness had to say about being lent out to all those men in high places?

    1. I think people wanted Epstein to talk and give more details as to the ring of people involved. I would think Maxwell his partner who essentially served as a Madame will be charged with something and would be on the hot seat next….if she doesn’t die accidentally or of suicide before the case goes to trial.

  35. I’ve got a totally random question, does anyone have a list of Clinton “Associates” that have died somewhat suspiciously? Just something I’ve been curious about.

    1. I viewed a list from some website a while back.

      but at the bottom of the list it said “YOU’RE NEXT” so I closed out the webpage, bleachbitted my PC and threw it into a bonfire, changed ISPs, panicked and changed my social security number and real name, finally I moved to Wyoming. Nowadays I raise unicorns and watch reruns of The Golden Girls because that’s all we have access to out here for some reason.

      1. Rae,I did not add up all those deaths,but there were a lot.Moral of the Story The Clinton’s use you,then they are absolutely done with you.

  36. Not sure who is responsible for the Metropolitan Correctional Center.Appears that many there should be fired

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