Gun Control advocate Shannon Watts says NO GUN CRIME is from MENTAL ILLNESS!

In a really bizarre segment on “Reliable A-holes” this morning with Brian Stelter, gun control activist, his fellow gun control lover Shannon Watts denied that mental illness ever has a role in gun crimes. It’s at about the 23:30 time mark in this video.

Er. What? That is the most extreme stupidity coming from the gun control crowd. You really have to be a crazed gun grabbing moron to simply say, “STOP SPECULATING” on the motives of a mass murder, don’t look at the facts, don’t look at reality, JUST BLAME GUNS.

Even if you think that the increased availability of guns leads to gun crime (which is much debated and has facts on both sides of the issue), it is MENTALLY INSANE to deny that mental illness also leads to horrific gun crimes.

But it can’t EVER be mental illness, because Shannon Watts has a disordered desire to take away everyone’s guns, so we can’t even allow our brains to think anything other than the propaganda she wants.

AND of course, her fellow gun-grabbing degenerate Brian Stelter doesn’t even blink an eye when she says it, doesn’t register the absurdity, doesn’t press back. That’s not what he’s there for – he’s there to act like the proper role of journalism is to lend credibility to the insane claims of the far left.

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