Gun sales SKYROCKET according to FBI data

Gun sales are once again skyrocketing in the US according to FBI data:

NY POST – Gun sales in the US hit record highs for the second year in a row — following a month that saw a mass shooting nearly every week.

The FBI has seen a mounting number of instant background checks, required for a licensed firearm store to sell a gun, throughout 2021, according to federal statistics.

The agency processed 4 million checks in January, 3.4 million in February and 4.7 million in March this year. Those numbers are increases from last year, when 2.7 million checks were conducted in January, 2.8 million in February and 3.7 million in March.

Six of the 10 days that saw the most background checks in the FBI’s history came in last month, including the highest volume in a week since 1998 — 1,218,002 checks from March 15 to 21.

The spike in sales follows a gruesome month of gun violence in the US, including eight people shot and killed in Atlanta-area massage parlors, 10 killed in a Boulder grocery store, four in a Southern California office complex and seven in a South Carolina home. Nine were gunned down at a Texas FedEx facility earlier this month.

Maybe the post is right about the shootings. But it looks to me that there’s another reason gun sales are way up, and it has to do with Biden being president and his gun control agenda. Just look at the difference in sales vis this year and last year. The biggest difference is that Trump is out and Biden is in.

And of course, take into consideration the unrest we are seeing again over these phony ‘racist’ police shootings. That will drive them up even more!

I’m glad America is arming itself, but I do wish we could get these gun and ammo prices back down again. Between demand and capacity restrictions, prices are insane.

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