Guy who laughed at his own qualifications IS RUNNING for president! NO, REALLY!!

Julian “who? I’ve never heard of him” Castro is going to embarrass himself and his family today and declare an impotent run for the presidency of the United States.

He’s making the announcement right now, but people have pretty much figured it out:

So who is this guy? What are his qualifications to be the leader of the free world in charge of the economic engine of the world?

He was a mayor and ran HUD for a little bit. Wow.

But, that’s not really the reason he’s running – he’s running because of identity politics. That’s why his announcement looks like a cinco de mayo party:

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But dude, you’re not gonna win just based on your skin color. Hillary tried with her ladyparts, and that’s why she’s scowling in some lonely dark corner of her mansion right now.

Unless it’s sixty million people long, it ain’t enough to win 2020. Sorry!

Funny how they never do this shot for Trump rallies.

See? It’s purely because he’s a “young Latino,” that’s it. Who cares? You’re gonna need a lot more than that to defeat Trump, buddy!

At least they don’t have wall to wall Mexican flags. Oh well, I expect this idiot’s campaign to be among the the first to peter out, or flounder until some other Democrat stomps him out and puts him out of his misery.

I just can’t put a lot of stock into a guy who laughed at his OWN LACK of qualifications to be president! LOL!! That’s gonna be fun.

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