Hack PBS reporter defends Maxine Waters, asks why the White House isn’t defending her too [VIDEO]

In an unbelievable exchange, Hack PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor actually defends Maxine Waters’ mob incitement comments and asks they White House why they aren’t defending her against the “onslaught of attacks”:

Waters literally called for people to stay in the street and get MORE active and confrontational if Chauvin isn’t convicted of murder, saying “we’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

She’s saying this in the context of all the looting and rioting that happened last year and which has started happening again this year. If Waters was really just referring to peaceful protests, she would have made sure to say that.

But she didn’t say that, and now Democrat hacks like Pelosi and Alcindor are running to defend her. Do you think they would have ever given Trump the benefit of the doubt if he said anything remotely like what Waters said? Hell no. They went after him for inciting an insurrection when he actually told people to do the opposite, to peacefully protest on the lawn of the Capitol.

Psaki, for her part, actually handled this somewhat smartly and refused to defend Waters, just saying she had clarified her comments and moved on.

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