Halle Berry issues apology for wanting to play ‘transgender man’ in film after WOKE MOB BACKLASH

Over the weekend Halle Berry mentioned that she would be interested in playing the role of a woman who transitioned into a man in some unnamed upcoming film. The video cuts in and out, but the point is she was excited to play such a part:

The woke mob didn’t like this and went after her for it:

The Daily Beast called her out for even considering such a role and ‘misgendering’ it in the process.

So yesterday, after tons of backlash, CIS gender Halle Berry apologized to the woke mob for ever considering such a role:

The mob wins.

What I find interesting about this is that his backlash is all about trying to normalize that which isn’t normal. If a non-transgender can play the role of a ‘transgender’, then they say it looks like ‘dress-up’ and makes transgenderism look ‘invalid’. They treat this the same as if a white person wanted to put on blackface to play the role of an African American in film. But it’s not the same thing at all, not even remotely. God creates men and women of all skin colors, but he doesn’t create men to be women and women to be men. Which is why so many of us recognize it for what it is, a mental disorder. They can’t stand that characterization and thus want to brainwash people into believing it’s some kind of natural evolution or something. And it sadly appears to be working.

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