Hannity interviews Obama classmate Wayne Allyn Root on theory about Obama’s entrance to Columbia

Wayne Allyn Root was on Hannity’s Radio show today to expound on his theory that Obama was admitted to Columbia as a foreign student:

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43 thoughts on “Hannity interviews Obama classmate Wayne Allyn Root on theory about Obama’s entrance to Columbia

  1. Let us not forget that liberals cited claims that no one in the Alabama National Guard was proof that Bush was AWOL and never reported for duty there.

  2. Isn’t he the same man who wrote a circulating article about why Obama will not win this election? The point that pops up in my memory was the statement that voters aren’t going to wake up on election day and say to themselves, “Barack Obama did such a great job for the last four years, I can’t wait to vote for him again.” – or something to that effect. I sent that post out to my mailing list, but I didn’t save it. Darn it! I’m pretty sure it was written by this man, but I can’t be sure.

    1. Yes, I have that in my e-mail, and he has wrtten several times about being a classmate of Obama’s. I’ve been aware of him for at least two years, and have wondered why he wasn’t speaking up more.

      1. I thought he was the same person. Thanks, Mimi. I hope it makes the rounds and comes my way again.

  3. Thanks RS for posting this interview. People may also find the following interview of interest:

    Breitbart Reporter in Indonesia Has Proof Obama is Indonesian Citizen

    Joe Pagliato Interviews Wayne Allen Root who has raised the issue of Obama’s college records and so forth. Makes a $1 million dollar bet with Joe Pagliarulo that if Romney challenges Obama, Obama will back down.

    During the interview Root says he got a phone call at 4:00 am the other night from an investigative reporter working for Breitbart.com who says that he has absolute proof that:

    – At the time Obama was living in Indonesia you could not go to Indonesian public school as an American citizen,

    – Obama was adopted by Soreto,

    – Obama became an Indonesian citizen.

    Hold on to your hats folks. This has the potential to get very interesting. Now the question is does Romney have the guts to challenge Obama as Root suggests in the interview?

    1. No, Romney does not have the guts to challenge Obama, and just as many times before, nothing will come of this.

      1. If Romney does not have the guts to challenge Obama, how will he have the guts to challenge and defeat America’s enemies?

        Why should Romney be President?

  4. I hope this Guy and his classmates have their taxes in order. Everything in order cause the Chicago heat will be blasting them like a ceramic statue. They need to go ahead and come out just so we know who they are so the authorities don’t need to use dental records to identify them.

  5. no one knew obama and the rhetoric was they hated America and wanted to bring it down w overwhelming debt and unemployment. God help us.

  6. The theory is great, but this guy reminds me of Don Lapre, of “tiny, little classified ads!” fame. Who hung himself in prison after being convicted of fraud. We need to be careful who we embrace. The point is, we don’t know this guy at all, and his self-promotional Vegassy vibe is not exactly giving off the air of credibility.

  7. The info was out there but you were a racist if you questioned the Dope and Deranged. Date; Sept 2, 2008
    Federal law limits the information that Columbia can release about Mr. Obama’s time there. A spokesman for the university, Brian Connolly, confirmed that Mr. Obama spent two years at Columbia College and graduated in 1983 with a major in political science. He did not receive honors, Mr. Connolly said, though specific information on his grades is sealed. A program from the 1983 graduation ceremony lists him as a graduate.

  8. Obama’s bio that was printed by his publisher for 16 years said that he was born in Kenya – so, if he was not, he was perfectly willing to perpetuate that lie to advance his career. He had an advance to write a book on anti-colonialism so being born in Kenya gave him credibility. He didn’t write that book, he didn’t write any book and the publisher demanded the return of his advance, which he had already spent. So, he claims to have written “Dreams From My Father” but there is much speculation that Bill Ayers wrote it for him! He has lied about where he was born for his writing career, of course he would use his youth spent in Indonesia and being adopted by an Indonesian man to his advantage for college acceptance and financial aid. He and Elizabeth Warren have both shown that they have no qualms about lying to advance their own careers and agenda.

    1. I watched a video where Bill Ayers the Terrorist professor was telling a crowd that he did in fact write the book, “Dreams From My Father”. I wouldn’t buy the rag, and I can’t understand anyone would except to analyze it. A Senator that voted, or at least voted present for the first Bailout.Then he created all these talking points that we have to pass this or that right away to stem the collapse/crisis. The markets should have been left alone to rebalance. No company is too big to fail.
      Mr Obama outsourced plenty of jobs, That electric luxury sports car company Fiskar , with an office here in the states, but based somewhere in Finland or some other country there. Those go for $100,000 a piece, anyone got that kind of dough? Well Al Gore has shares in that too. That shyster! Fiskar got at least $400,000,000.00. Fishy Fiscar yes?
      The Shale oil pipeline that Canada handed to us on a platter, Obama nixed the deal.Why? It was really a shovel ready job. Now China bought in and we are out in the cold. Speaking about cold, how about the Coal Industry? All the various reglitory agencies are enacting the disastrous collape of our economy. Why are the crooked people that started this crisis not get prosecuted? What about the NBP intimidation case that was tossed away. That punk with the club, was forbidden to be near a polling place until 2012. Coincidence that it’s an election year? I think not. How is it that the Nation of Izlam got requested to patrol Chicago? Please check the news. When will people take legal action? Fast & Furious, Obama enables Executive Privelige. He is covering because He and others in the top of the heap put that operation together. They have been caught time after time breaking every rule in the book and committing high crimes and misdemeanors. There! I said it.

  9. If this guy is on the up and up, where was he 3 1/2 years ago?! The theory doesn’t suprise me, I have suspected that Odumbo was hiding more than bad grades for years. It would also explain why he sealed his bar application, as well. I believe Odumbo paid for college by applying for aid as a foreign student. If that is the case, we do have the Manchurian candidate on our hands and we need to have Soros’ head on a platter! What’s more, Romney needs to take the gloves off and start beating Odumbo at his own game! He needs to get off defense and start pushing Odumbo to answer why his records are sealed and push for Odumbo to open them to the public. He needs to be relentless and keep turning the tables right back on him and his minions with relentless, rapid fire urgency…all the way to November. No mercy and no compromise!

    1. I am not counting on it. Maybe after Hussein loses when he cannot destroy or dispose of those who talk, or their families. Remember though, doing that would also expose many elephants and all of the press including Fox, for not explaining what anyone with Google could have found out about the marxist.

      “Vetting’ after all is a nebulous thing – it basically is the assumption the opposition party and the media would have most certainly told us anything sinister, illegal, subversive or bait for blackmail, about a candidate. Our entire system was covering for this guy.

    2. Why can’t I shake the feeling that even if all of this were proven, the response from the electorate would be a big shrug, followed by “So what?” and then an immediate outcry of “Raaaaacism!”

      Barack Obama is The Messiah to liberals. Their faith far exceeds their reasoning skills.

  10. And ANOTHER anti Obama commercial.

    Open with Carney the Clown calling for Romney’s tax records.

    Cut to a picture of Occidental college transcripts, heavily redacted, with even the name blacked out.

    Cut to Robert Fibbs calling for Romney’s tax records.

    Cut to a door.

    Cut to a picture of Columbia graduates, randomly polled, each stating they’d never heard of Barack Obama, never seen him, and have no idea as to how he could’ve been in class with them, yet remained completely unseen.

    Cut to Obama calling for Romney’s tax records.

    Cut to that door slowly creeking open…

    Cut to Obama’s Harvard admission forms and transcripts. Heavily redacted.

    Cut to collage of employment rates, foreclosure rates, the monthly deficit, personal and corporate bankruptcy statistics, the national debt, the gutting of the military, cancelling projects to give the military the best weapons and equipment, people speaking out about Obama violating the Peoples’ right to religious liberty…

    Cut to the door swinging open and a brief flash of countless skeletons.

    Cut to Romney, sitting at his desk. He looks up and says:

    “Who are you, Obama, really, what are you hiding, and why are you hiding it? Enough distractions. What’s the real story?


      1. “You are really pathetic” and “Get a clue, get on board and help”?

        Really? That just makes me want to cuss you out, quite frankly.

    1. Excellent again, Virus. You should be writing WMR’s ads. I see scriptwriting in your present or your future. Thanks.

    2. Yeah, don’t forget that commie liberal New York Times with its article about Obama being the first black president of the Harvard Law Review! And even if he was, he didn’t write anything!!!! Well, no matter that the Editor does not usually write for the review, but STILL!!!!! We run rings around commie liberal lslamosocialist marxism.

  11. If the information on Hussein’s identity were fully known, a violent, civil war would break out and the republic would be lost.

    Don’t Tread On Me

    1. Take heart BS, many a place in this big ole country will be safe. Head west or south. Our republic will be fine, my Remington rifle and good aim thinks so.

      1. It’s not like the old Civil War with clear battle lines, this one is much more personal. Atlanta, Houston, Santa Fe, etc. These are all pretty liberal towns, knee deep in “red” territory. This ideological battle is quite different, I’m afraid.

        Oh, you bet I’m armed.


    2. I disagree about a civil war. I believe that the people responsible for the misrepresentation should go to maximum security prison. All these people that said and agreed that no vetting would take place for this Manchurian Candidate. This has been the biggest robbery in World history.Six trillion plus the stimulus package he added to Bush’s 2009 budget, and it is still growing at a prodigious rate daily. The Farm Bill, is mostly food stamp and other debits. Where does this money come from? The Fed. I am heartened to see that the House voted to audit the Fed, that is a shadow governmental entity, they are beholden to none and report to no one. That would be eye opening. Are we going to get to audit? Not with Dirty Harry as Senate Speaker. If a person can’t see the blatant lies spoken by the Dem leadership and minions with their own ears and eyes, then I have misgivings for our future.

      1. Probably a good idea for someone in his position because when I listen to it, it sounds coo-coo; but these days, some conspiracy theories aren’t as crazy as they used to sound.

        1. I actually don’t think its coo-coo or cuckoo or whatever. The point is a simple one really. Why the sealing of the college records? If that question is just too tough for Libs then it just is…..

          1. That makes sense. What I mean is that five years ago, we probably wouldn’t have taken the guy as seriously. These days, such things don’t sound fantastic anymore because of all the dumb stuff this administration has subjected us all to.

  12. This is rather scandelous. The left might want to compare it to the crap Harry Reid tried to pull (thus discrediting Reid altogether) but it’s apples and oranges. Root was a first hand witness and has already done the research – couple that with what FNC discovered in 2008 when out of 400 students interviewed, no one remembered Barry.

    I hope that the American public starts pressuring the Liar-and-Chief to disclose his college transcripts. The bad grades would be bad… The financial assistance of nefarious people outside the country would be worse… if Obama enrolled as a foreign-born student… well, that would rock the world.

    Considering Barry spent 4 million to cover this up… there’s good reason to question all of this. There sure are a lot of things floating around about Obama not being a U.S. Citizen. How stunning if all of that were true? I wonder what that would do to all his laws and his lawlessness?

    Oh and (gulp) Joe Biden would be in charge (shiver).

    1. This follows up Bill Whittle’s piece a couple of weeks ago quite nicely. How has this guy slid thru life as easy as he has? It’s no accident and its surely not from his talents. He has none.

      He just might be the devil…

      1. 🙂

        Seriously, Barry should not be where he is today… I think he was indeed programmed and engineered to destroy this country. Cash was exchanged, people were blackmailed, dark promises made… he had a lot of help and he’s completely unqualified to lead this nation. He has damaged America worse than any terrorist could ever have hoped.

      1. This was reported by more than one source… Hannity? Rush? Drudge? Glenn? I forget where I’ve heard that figure. But the fact is that he has sealed many things… and that isn’t cheap. Sorry I don’t have my exact references ready. It steals some of my thunder…

  13. This story is getting traction. It has less stigma than birth certificate questions because it is based on two simple facts:
    1. The college records are sealed
    2. The motive is unexplained
    It is only logical and non-conspiratorial to ask the simple one-word question, “Why?”

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