Hanoi John Kerry – Still Unfit For Command

In 1971, John F. Kerry testified on the Hill about what he said were atrocities committed in Vietnam by our Armed Forces. Turns out that every single Winter Soldier was a bold-faced liar. John Kerry was their spokesman and the leader of the Vietnam Veterans against the war. He was the premier Code Pinko of his day.

Before the war was even over John F Kerry traveled to North Vietnam to cavort with our enemies while we were still engaged in combat operations. In any other war, he would have been convicted for aiding and abetting our enemies in time of war, and taken out and shot or hung for high treason.

Instead, the people of MA saw fit to elect Ritchie Rich as one of their Senators.

Since VN, John Kerry has shown himself to be just another leftist empty suit. Bad for America; and an ally of all our enemies.

In her 2004 article, Roberta Leguizamon writes about a documentary called “Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal” which documents

“how a young John Kerry jumpstarted his political career by denouncing American soldiers — and how the Vietnamese used his actions to torture, demoralize and threaten American Prisoners of War. In production before the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth splashed onto the scene, the documentary’s producers say “Stolen Honor” juxtaposes Kerry’s work with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War with the words of veterans who were still in Vietnam when Kerry was leading the antiwar movement. “

Here’s a taste:

“Retired Captain James H. Warner — a Marine who was held in North Vietnam for five years, five months — is a recipient of the Legion of Merit, two Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, 11 Air Medals and the Navy Commendation Medal.[1] Warner gives some of the most powerful testimony of how John Kerry’s words were used against POWs in “Stolen Honor:

In the Spring of 1971, I was taken with 35 others to a camp outside of Hanoi. All of us were put in solitary confinement, and we were told this was a camp for punishment guys who were misbehaving. From the moment we were on the ground we were constantly fed propaganda, and the propaganda from home was always about the antiwar movement. After we had talked for quite some time, the interrogator showed me a transcript of testimony that my mother had given at something called the Winter Soldier hearings. I had no idea what these were. I read her testimony and it wasn’t damning, but then I saw some of the other stuff that had gone on at this Winter Soldier hearing, I wondered how did somebody get my mother persuaded to appear at something like this.

Shortly thereafter he showed me some statements from John Kerry. He said that John Kerry had helped organize the Winter Soldier hearings because he was so motivated because he had been an American officer, served in the U.S. Navy. And then he started reading some of the statements that John Kerry had made. I’m sorry I can’t quote them, but essentially he accused all of us in Vietnam of being criminals, that everything we had done was criminal. The North Vietnamese had told us from the time that we got their hands on us that we were criminals, that we were not covered by the Geneva Convention, so It was okay for them to do whatever they wanted to do to us. And they told us that they were going to put us on trial and some of us would be executed”.”

“Retired Colonel Leo K. Thorsness — a Vietnam Air Force veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor, Silver Star, six Distinguished Flying Crosses, 10 Air Medals, two Purple Hearts and the Good Conduct Medal — spent five years and 19 days as a POW. In “Stolen Honor” he reports:

A measure of patriotism is his loyalty to those still in uniform. That’s totally contrary to what he did. That makes him totally unpatriotic or loyal. He was over there fighting, he came home and there were still people he knew over there fighting, and he starts talking about war crimes and the atrocities we’re committing. He’s putting them in dire jeopardy. Every military combat guy I’ve talked to from Vietnam said their greatest fear was not being killed; it was becoming a POW. As you know, there were people captured in South Vietnam who were literally skinned alive…And Kerry’s giving the captors ammunition to treat people like that if they’re captured. And these are people he knew. Where in the world is his loyalty to the people in the military?”

“Retired Lt. Ralph E. Gaither, U.S. Air Force veteran and author of With God in a POW Camp, spent more than seven years as a POW. He reports in the documentary that Kerry’s antiwar action proved deadly to his colleagues:

We didn’t realize how powerful the movement was until toward the end of the war. I dedicated the book I wrote to John Frederick – he died 6 months before we came home. John would probably have been alive had the antiwar movement not been doing what they were doing. The Vietnamese grew great relish in the movement in support for their cause. I’m convinced that they held on to the war until after Nixon was reelected. They felt Nixon would not be re-elected, that the antiwar movement would be strong enough to get him out of office.”

She goes on to say that “in his 1971 book, The New Soldier, which sports a parody of the famous Iwo Jima flag raising, in which a group of scruffy soldiers are planting a flag upside down on the cover, Kerry said, “We will not quickly join those who march on Veterans’ Day waving small flags, calling to memory those thousands who died for the ‘greater glory of the United States.’ We will not readily join the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.”

Do we really want this traitorous scum as our next Secretary Of State? I say hell no.

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