HAPPENING NOW: Rioters in Rochester are ATTACKING restaurants, diners, HOMES

In Rochester, protesters/rioters/criminals are destroying whatever message the world was supposed to get about the death of Daniel Prude or whoever it is, as they have begun committing acts of outright domestic terror.

That is no exaggeration or hyperbole. That’s what BLM is doing all over America, and it’s what is happening RIGHT NOW in upstate New York.

[UPDATE] They’re also apparently climbing on people’s houses! See below. [UPDATE]


Make no mistake, the “peaceful” march the media will show is not what they came for. Here is what they came for:

In every city, the same story. They pretend to have a peaceful march so they can riot and loot and commit murder on the street on camera in front of witnesses and expect to get away with it. That’s what these riots are. It’s the mob turned loose.

If we were supposed to learn something about police brutality or race you can forget it, because the only thing we’ve learned is that you’re willing to attack innocent people in restaurants and steal whatever you want whenever you want and blame it on “anger.”

This isn’t going to start a war. If this video shows what it looks like — the rioters climbing onto the homes of innocent people, then this IS war. If someone gets shot by a homeowner … Let’s just say that defense of your family and property is a God-given right.

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