Happy National Empty Chair Day! ***MORE PHOTOS***

If you haven’t heard, today is National Empty Chair Day in honor of Clint Eastwood and our AWOL Campaigner-in-Chief:

What better way to commemorate the Labor Day holiday than to send a message to the AWOL campaign-in-chief — and support Clint Eastwood, to boot!

Twitchy has the story of the latest Eastwood-inspired social media phenomenon. First, #eastwooding.

Now: #EmptyChairDay.

Decorate yours any way you want it: Nobama stickers, Romney/Ryan yard signs, golf clubs, mom jeans, etc. Email/tweet us your best entries.

My decoration’s going to be “We own this country!” sign, in tribute to Eastwood’s best line from his speech.

Have fun! You know they’re going to call it racist, anyway.

Send photos of your chair to me via my email address on my contact page with the subject line “my empty chair” and we’ll post them here throughout the day. Also include your name if you want it on the caption and one entry per person please.

Happy National Empty Chair Day!

UPDATE: Here are your empty chairs!

Marcel D.


Kitty M.

caption id=”” align=”alignnone” width=”620″] AmericanborninCanada.[/caption]

Lee Sweet
Sheri M.
Shannon M.
Allen G.
Dave S.
Brazen Infidel


UPDATE 2: More of your empty chairs!

B Crowley
Paula B
Paula B
Johann S
Boyce B
Don S
John S
Jacui Hill
Tim F
Audrey B
Danielle M
Jake and Sandra
Bill S



And my very own submission to #EmptyChairDay

The Right Scoop

Thanks everyone for your photos today. Unfortunately I can’t take any more as I have actual blogging to do (instead of resizing photos, etc.) but together we’ve made #EmptyChairDay fabulous! So glad you all participated!

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