Harry Reid (HARRY. FLIPPIN. REID!) cautions AGAINST packing Supreme Court (Much to Jim Acosta’s frowny-face-ing)

CNN, naturally, thinks packing the Supreme Court is just awesome. They are not merely liberal leftwing progressive communist activists at the network, and super woke, but they are militant and despise balance, both in their programming and their government.

Which is why it’s funny that dirtbag Jim Acosta brought on former* elected dirtbag Harry Reid, obviously hoping to get Reid to trash the current Supreme Court and say how dreamy it would be for Biden to pack it with libs.

But only that’s not what Reid said. “I think it would inappropriate at this time,” said Reid, to Acosta’s frowning and crestfallen face.

“I think some people might be surprised to hear you say that,” says Jimmy, unable to contain his disappointment, “because you were definitely a fighter when you were in the Senate.”

Immediately implies that Reid is showing weakness and that he’s just unwilling to “fight”, not that it’s a valid view.

At CNN you’re either with the left or you’re against them. Them being CNN.

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