[AUDIO] Harry Reid: John McCain controls about 10 people and that’s all I needed to get things done in Senate.

Harry Reid praised John McCain for breaking away from the ‘Tea Party’ and said if it weren’t for him they wouldn’t have gotten anything done in the Senate, including immigration reform:

See I don’t need a lot of Republicans to help me. And that’s why I so admire John McCain. John McCain and I came to the House together 31 years ago. We came to the Senate together at the same time. He and I have fought over the years but we’re also very very good, good friends. And he broke away from the pack.

He said, in effect, we have to get some things done. So he doesn’t control the Republican caucus but he controls probably 10 people there. That’s all I needed.

And we were able to get a lot of things done. We nominated scores, we confirmed scores of nominees. And because of him we were able to get immigration reform done. We’ve been able to do some things.

But it’s because of John McCain breaking away from this ideological anarchy-driven Tea Party that has so much control over Republicans in Congress.

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74 thoughts on “[AUDIO] Harry Reid: John McCain controls about 10 people and that’s all I needed to get things done in Senate.

  1. mikehallca Pancake3 
    I like the information that you posted.  However, the Truth is hard to take.  Thanks.

  2. Tamikosmom 
    Gutierrez – and his ilk – who further the agenda of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS – should be EXPELLED.
    Elected members are supposed to be representing the American people!
    Since Raul Grijalva of Arizona had Illegal Aliens working his campaign, Grijalva depended on the Ilegal alien votes – through Election Fraud – just like Gutierrez.

  3. Pancake3  
     Good points. But Obama doesn’t want immigration reform now. He wants the election issue that Republican stood in the way of immigration reform. He doesn’t want to pass single payer now. He wants to destroy the insurance industry first and then claim the only alternative is for the federal government to step in as the only and last resort to fund healthcare. Then he wants to replace our representative form of government with central power in all aspects of our lives resting with the Federal government making all the “right” decision for us from the White House.

  4. This is the kiss of death for McCain and Reid knows it. This comment
    by Reid marginalizes McCain even further than McCain’s own actions.
    McCain is a RINO of the first order, too far to the left to be of use to
    his party and now Reid has brought him into the left, there to be
    sidelined. Reid is a despicable little puke, but he is a cagey
    politician. One more thing. Someone should try to get Reid to say “Hello Mickey”. Think about it.

  5. VivianBurns  by the time we clean up the republican party the Democrats would have gone full on communist and the Mexicans will be the majority  constituency.

  6. The Sentinel  Abby7  AHA! I now think I know the answer we’re looking for…they ARE hypnotized and given too much of that nasty green stuff that seems to corrupt everyone that goes to D.C. We should outlaw the green stuff since it does so much damage. LOL

  7. Harry Reid is a union thug, who happens to be Mormon.  I am a Mormon, who happens to be a constitutional conservative and who may have to leave the country (that I love).  Because of Democratic Marxists and union thugs, like Harry Reid!

  8. Abby7 The Sentinel  
    I hate conspiracy theories… I like facts and the truth.
    However (wink), you gotta wonder what it is that changes decent people when they get to Washington D.C. – either they were lying while campaigning or there’s something nefarious happening to them once they get there. Maybe their families are threatened, blackmailed, maybe they are indeed hypnotized, etc.?
    Check out the movie, “The Firm” – it has Tom Cruise in it (I think he’s an excellent actor but a bit of a loon off camera). This movie hypothetically supports my non-conspiracy theory. 🙂

  9. You speak as someone who has no understanding of all that is involved in starting a new political party.  We have a better chance of hijacking the elites and taking back control of the party than going independent (and if you know just how crooked these guys are, then you know that is saying a LOT – but at least it’s a more viable option)
    By the time a new party became viable (it would take a minimum of several presidential election cycles), the Democrats will have already created their immigrant-led stranglehold over the political process. 
    Unseating the Democrats means that we are all going to have to stop the divisions and pull together to get these traitors out of office – frankly, after 2008 & 2012, I am growing increasingly skeptical that our side is capable of uniting to accomplish anything.

  10. McCain was a flunkie in college and he is still a flunkie.  He is so into himself he doesn’t realize just how much he is dispised.  He is a nobody and this is his way of trying to be important–going along with the democrats.  How pathetic.

  11. Tamikosmom We need to get rid of both parties and make all congressman independent so they can do as their constituents want, not what their party wants or is paid for.

  12. The Sentinel  Yes, I’/m very disappointed in those Republicans that voted Yes. I liked 6 of them and thought they would go far in the party,but I guess they all drank the contaminated water or were they secretly given some kind of mind control drug or hypnotized?

  13. Tamikosmom Well, I’m happy…my Republican Senator voted NO, but the Demorat voted YES. Hopefully, those in my state that voted for that Demorat will wise up in 2014. I’ll make sure I remind them of that. 🙂

  14. I think after 31 years, it’s time for BOTH of them to go. All Reid does is block every bill that’s passed in the House and I think McCain is turning against his party because he didn’t win the presidency last time so this is his way to get back at them. McCain doesn’t care what his constituents want; he’s out for himself lately. So sad.

  15. The following are either Democrat plants or Republican sell outs.  Either way the implication is that the democratic system in America has been manipulated by the left when elected Republican representatives can articulate all the word that Conservatives want to hear while failing to walk the talk when it counts.  
    Senate roll vote for immigration bilk
    Published June 27, 2013
    Republicans Yes – Alexander, Tenn.; Ayotte, N.H.; Chiesa, N.J.; Collins, Maine; Corker, Tenn.; Flake, Ariz.; Graham, S.C.; Hatch, Utah; Heller, Nev.; Hoeven, N.D.; Kirk, Ill.; McCain, Ariz.; Murkowski, Alaska; Rubio, Fla.

  16. Tamikosmom 2015 everything implodes.  Be on guard and prepare. Nothing wrong with being a “prepper” as they say.

  17. “He said, in effect, we have to get some things done. So he doesn’t control the Republican caucus but he controls probably 10 people there. That’s all I needed.”
    “And we were able to get a lot of things done. We nominated scores, we confirmed scores of nominees. And because of him we were able to get immigration reform done. We’ve been able to do some things.”
    Harry Reid

    The illusion of an opposition in America is just that … an illusion.  Unless these ten RINOS/Democrats are recalled and replaced with ten vettede candidates … the Republic is lost.  The Islamic appeaser/Marxist in the White House has won!!
    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”
    Vladimir llyich Lenin

  18. Who cares what Slimey Harry does in the Senate?  The likelihood of immigration and single payer passing the House as currently comprised is nil.

  19. Well to me this is further proof that the Tea Party and Libertarians need to break away from the establishment Republican party. It is just too corrupt and infected with marxist liberalism.

  20. Would that I too was “controlled” by John McCain. Aaahahahaha.
    How inept a pile of gelatin must one be to be controlled by John McCain? 
    And why? Oh yeah, inept piles of gelatin.

  21. Yesterday Dirty Harry Reid also compared the tea party to the 20th century anarchist movement during WW I. He also said Republican opposition to President Barack Obama is the result of racism. The man is a senile leftist and his commentary demonstrates his laughably ignorance. If Republicans are such racists, why did so many of them vote for Obama twice?
    I hope McCain likes Reid’s endorsement which paints him as a water-boy for the Majority Leader and Obama.

  22. All this evil jerk is doing is further dividing Republicans. This is an evil attempt to widen the gap.
    And McLame is a moron for being played so well.

  23. Sounds like there are 11 republicans that need to be replaced with the top one being John McCain.  Never thought I would see the day where I would say that, but after watching him on and others on C-Span this past year, that is my conclusion.  Some of our ‘career’ politicians need to go.

  24. I hereby refuse to listen to or watch or in any other way do anything which may attempt to legitimize dingy harry!

  25. McCain = RINO … needs to be replaced with a genuine conservative … like Goldwater.
    Boehner  = ‘nuther RINO …. needs to join AA … Am I the only one who thought he was totally soused at the Republican Convention? Too many Washington parties …
    Reid = Corrupt … 
    So … given the above, what can we expect.

  26. Silly little big man, you, McCain and Obama, as a  trio remind me of the Lollipop Guild munchkins who lives in the land Oz

  27. How do you “control” someone…and if you are seen as being controlled, would you not revolt?….Jeff Flake…..Shame on you……

  28. Rush predicted weeks ago that Boehnhead would sell his soul and make a deal with the left! Ohio wake up and get rid of this dirt bag traitor!

    1. Sorry, my vote is Boehner as biggest turd, but McCain and his girlfriend Lindsey are number two!

  29. Re: Sarah Palin’s mistake
    Before she helped McCain get reelected, she met with him.   After their meeting, he changed to a “Just build the dam fence!” kind of person. He changed his tune and I believe this had to do with their meeting. Sarah is guilty of trusting that his ‘change’ would be permanent. I doubt she will ever trust him again.
    Also, Sarah may have trusted him a little too quickly because she felt she owed him one.  If we feel bad that she trusted and helped him, concerning his recent behavior, she must feel even worse.

      1. K-Bob Bill589    Anyone who loves this country should hope the the piece of crap turn on conservatism/constitution — McCain is put out very soon.

    1. Bill589 Judging from her comments she still seems to feel she owes him something, when she doesn’t owe him a thing and never did.

      1. strangernfiction Bill589 I don’t know of recent SP comments supporting him.  I’ve felt that when she speaks against the establishment elite that includes him.  I do agree that she owes him nothing – but maybe contempt.

      2. strangernfiction Bill589  
        “Recent comments” from her include tales about being kept from speaking out by the McCain campaign.
        So, no.

  30. Both of these old goats need to be put out to pasture…They’re old, senile and dried up…..Their brain is very tired..

  31. OK I just posted on the other dingy story, my words there will also apply here for both dingy and mclame. Time for both to be put out to pasture. They can spread as much manure they want in their own damn fields, and leave Washington to people who actually love this country.

  32. Steam is now coming out of my ears over this one!
    And I love me some Palin, however, McCain would not have won another term if she had not endorsed him; perhaps she has learned the lesson of unintended consequences.  Loyalty to country should top loyalty to the person who brought you on the ticket as VP candidate.

  33. “I so admire John McCain. John McCain and I came to the House together 31 years ago.”
    And it’s high time you both retired too. 😉 😉

  34. Those 10 people, and McCain, need to be GONE.  Primaried and voted out = GONE.  
    These are times we need fighters who will stand up and stand for the people, not RINOs who bow to the Democrat throne.

  35. If the people of McCains district in Arizona ever come to their senses,then they will break John away from the senate for good.

  36. We finally get an admission from Dingy, that it’s about control and what he wants. Nothing to do about America and its long term survival.

  37. mcLame reminds me of Vidkun Quisling.
    They even have the same hairdo!
    If you’re listening mr. mcLame, I meant that with all due respect sir! Give my regards to ms. janet!

  38. If Reid is for something it is one step to socialism, (the presidents way), and just to show that McCain is in their camp, Reid just through him halfway under the bus… just to make sure he either runs as a democrat or is voted out… which he should be!  He is a turn-coat on conservative — constitutional principals, and a turn-coat on his constituency, and has made declaration against conservative — constitutional values! I really think there will be more like him as the Republican Party completes the transformation into a Progressive Party… so don’t  just go vote Republican, check out your candidate, because”Republican” no longer mean they are conservative, and the leadership will tell you that.

  39. McCain broke away from the Tea Party?  McCain was never a member of the Tea Party ……. he was/is too RINO to be a member of the Tea Party.  Again, I could not listen to this person.  I really get tired of all the lies he and hussein tell.

  40. “very very good, good”? Cheese criminy, you are getting old, harry.
    We now have the official word: mcain is another democrat. It’s good to know who the enemies are. It’s very very good, good.

  41. John McCain “controls” 10 Republicans  (lets get their names) and he is controlled by Harry Reid.
    Wonder if McCain’s constituents realize they are really Democrats?

  42. Yeah, well we already knew that. And that’s why I hope we make movement on defunding Obamacare because that will be movement in the direction for John McCain to be a democrat. Moreover, we all know who the 10 republican are and several of them are up for reelection.

    1. K-Bob yeahUp!
      The coup occurred in 2008. It was iffy before then, but pretty much it’s a done deal now.
      The gop (HA!!) exists to support the ruling class. They are happy with the crumbs.
      At this juncture, I think I hate them more than the commies who are just doing what commies do.

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