Has Glenn Beck missed the “come to Jesus moment” in the Republican Party?

Mark Levin first tweeted this article by American Thinker today as what I’m guessing is a prelude to his show tonight. You should read the whole article as it is much longer than what I am quoting:

So I just have to ask: what Republican Party has Beck been watching the past year?

The following lines from his CPAC address — which are the lines the media have been spreading as his theme — are simply baffling:

“I have not heard people in the Republican Party admit yet that they have a problem. I haven’t seen the Come-To-Jesus moment from Republicans yet.”

Huh? Is he serious?

Has he not heard about Marco Rubio? Rubio is now up 12 points on Charlie Crist among GOP voters. That sounds to me like a lot of Florida Republicans admit there’s a problem.

What about Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey? The lesson he is teaching the New Jersey legislature this week about government spending could have come straight off of Beck’s blackboard. He should be proud of this. Why is he ignoring it?

Has he not heard about J.D. challenging John McCain in the Arizona primary? Say what you will about J.D, but the idea that a 30-year incumbent is facing a serious primary challenge indicates that some Republicans are admitting they have a problem.

And let’s not forge the tea parties. There’s a lot of anger there at Republicans, but much of it is from Republicans who have had their “come to Jesus” moment apparently.

I could go on. This is bewildering.

I don’t find it bewildering at all and I think C. Edmund Wright may be missing Beck’s point. While I completely agree that the Republicans are night and day different than the hard leftist statists who want to make America into their socialist wet dream, they still have a record as being big spenders. Take Paul Ryan for example. Here’s a guy who is being touted as the next up and coming true conservative who people want to run for President in 2012/2016. Admittedly I’ve heard him promote some very fiscally conservative ideas but when I look at his voting record, I am dismayed. He voted for the Prescription Drug bill in 2003, TARP, the GM bailout, and capping CEO pay. Are you kidding me? Give me Mike Pence how has a consistent record of voting no to all of the above.

But what I think Wright is missing here is that Beck’s criticism is of the Republican party establishment. He sites in his article all of these people who are either running against the establishment or are not even a politician. If the establishment has had this “come to Jesus moment” that Wright suggests they have, then why did the NRSC push Crist over Rubio even though Crist supported the stimulus package? Why did the Republican establishment, including Newt Gingrich, pick Scozzafava in the NY23 and spend a million dollars on her campaign when she looked exactly like a democrat, and you had Doug Hoffman running as a true fiscal and social conservative? It’s because they are still the big tent, big spending, moderate republican establishment that has helped to get us into this fiscal mess.

They need to repent and they need to do it for the right reasons.

Again, yes the Republicans are very different from the agenda the Obama administration is pushing, but that will only help in the short term. At a time when our debt is about to equal our GDP, we need congressmen who understand that and are willing to take the tough measures on cutting spending and programs, like Chris Christie is doing in New Jersey,  so that we can be a self sustaining republic again. If we don’t find and elect those people who truly understand the gift of America that was given to us by our founding fathers, then there is little hope that will be ever be great again.

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