Hashtag: Backfire! Hillary touts new title, IN LIEU OF one she spent her LIFE pursuing, and Hill-ARITY ensues

This is hilarious. As you know, Hillary Clinton swept angrily past booing crowds with a child servant in tow as she accepted her new lip-service role with Queens University yesterday. But what you many not know is that in her attempt to brag about it she opened herself up to even further mockery.

Basically there’s no end to hilarity with Hillary on the scene.

In this example she said to just call her Madam Chancellor. And that opened the door on burn season, as Twitchy noted.

Those are funny, but the really REALLY hysterical part is what prompted the burns and started the trending topic. The lefties. Having sads.

Ha ha haaaaaaa.

Anyway, this one was my favorite:


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