Elisabeth Hasselbeck DETONATES Weaselly Josh Earnest Over Paris Attacks And He Throws A Hissy About It

President Obama and his assorted mouthpieces try to avoid Fox News because they are afraid of taking tough questions from the press. In fact, the President is famously chicken-hearted about any media scrutiny, despite his recent embarrassing and weak attempts at trash-talking the Republicans about their problems with the CNBC debate. So it was a surprise to see Josh Earnest on Fox this morning.

Less surprising? He folded like a cheap suit at a tough question from Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Why did the President say ‘setback’ about a terror attack? This is an absolutely legitimate question and one that any other administration would expect and be prepared to answer. But from Earnest’s canned response, which he delivered twice, it’s obvious the only thing they are prepared for are the perfunctory “let’s get this out of the way for the rubes” type questions that they get on other networks. Here’s how it went in his head.

“Why did the President say ‘setback’?”

“Well we should really focus on something else.”

“You’re right Josh. How insightful and noble.”

“Thanks I know. Si se puede.”

Instead, Hasselbeck demanded a real answer, one Earnest never gave. It would have been so easy to say “No, ‘setback’ isn’t the right word, and I don’t think that’s the message the President intends.” How hard is that?

But no, instead we get an Earnest snit fit

Hasselbeck is totally right of course. Obama’s words do matter and he blew it. And Josh Earnest blew it in answering why Obama blew it. And that is exactly what happens when you let someone who isn’t a part of the media’s left-wing machine have a shot at them.

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