Hateful Hillary attacks DeSantis and Florida, claims it “isn’t safe for people of color” and “LGBTQ+ people”

Hillary Clinton has joined in the despicable attacks on Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida, labeling it ‘ultra-Maga’ and claiming it isn’t safe for black people, the alphabet mafia and even multi-billion dollar corporations:

This is absolutely abominable and incredibly untrue. In fact she can’t tell you how the state is ‘unsafe’ for any of these groups, because it isn’t.

Just like the NAACP’s ridiculous travel advisory, this is nothing but politics to try and sabotage Governor DeSantis’ big announcement.

I just wonder who put her up to this, who asked her to make this statement. Because she didn’t do it on her own – that I guarantee. I’m guessing it was the DNC behind it. We all know it’s not the first time they’ve worked together to try and torpedo a presidential campaign.

Considering the fact that Trump lives in the state, I wonder if he’ll step up to defend DeSantis from these unfair attacks?

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