Hawley tells Levin he won’t let left get away what they’re REALLY up to: NOT going to back down to liberal MOB!

Mark Levin interviewed Josh Hawley this week and the video is important to watch. The attempted political and social destruction of Hawley has been dropped out of the news cycle but still well underway.

What they are doing to Hawley is only the beginning. Zoom out, look at the big picture. The elites are pulling out all the stops, using the Capitol riot as a pretext to crack down on speech, crush the competition for tech giants, and drive conservative thought from the marketplace of ideas AND the actual marketplace.

Part of the silencing of Hawley is to take his name out of their mouths, which is why the ongoing assault is practically “old news.” But it isn’t old. And Mark Levin talked to him about it.

“You’re being accused of supporting a violent uprising,” said Levin. “And I want to give you a few minute to respond to this without interruption.”

We cannot forget that what Hawley and Cruz did was a perfectly legal and TYPICAL thing, to challenge the electoral results in states. That’s it, and yet it’s being called incitement.

“What the liberals have said is ‘because you did that, you effectively incited violence.’ That’s a lie, they know it’s a lie,” said Hawley.

“They said ‘you wanted to overturn the election.’ That’s a lie, they know that it’s a lie,” he said.

“They said that, you know, ‘it’s equivalent to a violent insurrection, the objection you raised.’ That’s a lie,” he added.

He pointed out that Democrats object every single time a Republican is elected, and Republicans are entitled to do the same, and it was for legitimate reasons.

He said it’s an attempt by the left to lie about motivations, to lie about actions and the election, “in order to grab power.”

“They want to silence dissent, they want to silence me. And I tell ya right now, I am not going to back down before a liberal mob.”

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