‘He died on the cross for me, so that’s the least I could do for Him’ – CNN questions Christian florists

CNN went on a witch-hunt to find more Christian florists who might refuse service to gays, and they found a veritable army of flower-chucking bible-thumpers!!

Watch below:

Onward Christian florists, marching as to war!!!

Notice that they entitle it “claiming freedom, shunning gay people,” because that’s a totally objective way to formulate the issue, right? Also if they actually wanted a theologically accurate representation of the position they would have gone to a pastor or minister with that view, but they’d rather let the lay person fend for themselves.

Never before has there been a greater threat to gaydom than that of Christians refusing to decorate their weddings with lilies and roses! It’s PRACTICALLY GENOCIDE! Call the United Nations!! They need to send a stern letter to these evil Christians!

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