He finally did it!! Bill Maher finally pissed off every single living person!!

Well he finally did it. Bill Maher figured out how to piss off every single living person and secure his place as the most hated commentary spewer with a television show.

How did he do it? Very simple: He made fun of Stan Lee’s legacy.

From the Hill:

In a blog post to his website Saturday, the late night host wrote, “America is in mourning. Deep, deep mourning for a man who inspired millions to, I don’t know, watch a movie, I guess.”

Lee, a cultural icon responsible for many of Marvel’s most popular superheroes in comic books and movies, died Monday at the age of 95.

Maher continued, saying he has nothing “against comic books,” but that when he was growing up “comics were for kids, and when you grew up you moved on to big-boy books without the pictures.”

“But then twenty years or so ago, something happened – adults decided they didn’t have to give up kid stuff,” he said. “And so they pretended comic books were actually sophisticated literature.”

Then the late night host brought politics into the mix, mentioning President Donald Trump.

“I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to suggest that Donald Trump could only get elected in a country that thinks comic books are important,” he wrote.

What’s ironic is that Maher actually had a cameo in one of the movies he’s mocking Lee for inspiring!!!

But in this he has finally pissed off everyone on the left and everyone on the right, all at the same time.

Neil Gaiman, one of the most brilliant writers of the genre, had a good comment about it:

Popehat had a good summary of what he’s about:

Yeah, pretty much. Sometimes he’s right on the mark and actually saying things that need to be said, but mostly, he’s just a misanthrope and a jerk. It takes a very small mind to think something is useless because they can’t appreciate what others see in it. Maher proves he’s up to the task of being the king of the small-minded.

But in defense of Stan Lee, he had one of the most incredible legacies I can think of – he brought absolute joy and inspiration to millions, probably billions, based on the power of his imagination. How many people can come close to saying that? Very few in my estimation. People who aren’t purposely trying to be jerks, like Bill Maher, can recognize that even if they dislike comic books, even if they dislike all the Marvel movies. Then again, maybe it takes a real jerk like Maher to force us to zero in on why people like Stan Lee are such heroes, even superheroes.

Here’s a great tribute to the man:

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