Health insurance industry consultant confirms Democrats are lying about why insurance companies are canceling plans

Bob Laszewski, a health insurance industry consultant and president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates Inc., has the ear of health insurance CEOs and is the one who originally reported that the Obama administration is trying to silence these CEOs. He told Megyn Kelly last night that just the other day Obama had all the insurance CEOs at the White House and told them they were partners with the White House, only to call them ‘bad apples’ in his Boston speech which Laszewski says greatly disappointed the CEOs.

But more than that, Laszewski shoots down the excuses made by Democrats on why the insurance companies are canceling plans and says it is due to an Obamacare regulation created by HHS in 2010. He says the excuse that insurance companies are always canceling plans is bullcrap and asks why would insurance companies want to cancel 300k people? It doesn’t make sense, he says.


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62 thoughts on “Health insurance industry consultant confirms Democrats are lying about why insurance companies are canceling plans

  1. Is there ANYONE out there who DIDN’T see blaming the GOP and the insurance companies coming, once this debacle was exposed?

    1. Was it not in the news a little while ago that a provision was dropped that put a cap on what insurance companies could charge (
      So in essence the insurance companies have colluded with the administration. The CEO’s at the top know that thier business model will collapse in 6-9 months, but they are getting everything they can. “legally” before they pull the parachute and leave the industry in ashes. They are the ones who helped craft the law, get it passed and contribute to the obamao campaign. these same ones will be insulated from the impending disaster. I feel sorry for the insurance workers that will lose thier jobs, but not for these colluders.
      And what about when people will have to choose between healthcare payments and a mortgage? It is a reallity many will face, and they will make too much money to qualify for subsidies too! This is going to be disasterous! Then to top it off, Obamao will blame the tea party!
      There is little hope remaining that the republicans will grow any spines other that Lee, Cruz and Paul. A violent revoultion is all but unavoidable now.

  2. It seems that many people believe that obama care was designed to legitimately murder the American people via not getting health care so that the left can fill America with the Third World people ( illegals) as they will gladly be the under class.

    Mao starved and murdered millions of the Chinese people that fell into a certain age group because this group of people knew what life in China was like before the oppressive Mao regime was installed. perhaps obama is following Mao’s example.

  3. I doesn’t have to make sense to the lems, it just has to be in the talking points memo, and chant: “Obomba. Obomba. obomba . . .”

    1. Yes we can. Yes we can.
      Any three-syllable chant should be rhythmically hypnotic enough to consume the will of the weak-minded.

      1. HA! U can say that again, x3, or something. Makes me seriously worry about future of the Country, again. I mean I knew we were in trouble when O was elected first time, even considering the alternative–McCain. But when he was re-elected, well, the alarm bells and whistles were off the hook.

        All one has to do is peruse SchMediaSchMatters, Huffpooh, MommyBones and DhimmisUnderground and KNOW why we’re screwed. I got kicked off all 4 in one afternoon of droogie bashing, for basically saying the same stuff they were, just in reverse.

        The Lems aren’t at all interested in dialog, just squelching any and all opposition. And, for their sins and schtoopidity, I want them to suffer the obvious consequences, but of course that means the rest of us must suffer as well. Does not bode well for our country. Hard reset coming. Hope you’re prepared. Cheers

  4. I heard some numbers from a government agency. Second hand information, so I don’t have details on that. Keep an eye out for…..

    Next year it’s predicted that 93 MILLION people getting insurance through their employers will lose their insurance. Half will be because their plans don’t meet the requirements and the other half because the employers will drop the coverage altogether. Add that to the 10 MILLION expected to lose their coverage this year outside of an employer, and that’s over 100 MILLION people losing their insurance. There are only 150 million polices nationwide, so that’s 2/3 of the policies being dropped.

    People are seeing the prices and the massive increase in deductibles and they are deciding it’s not worth buying. If you have to pay nearly $1,000 a month for premiums with an $8,000 deductible, there’s no sense in even having the coverage. You’re nothing but a money pool to pay for the freeloaders (by no choice of their own) the government forces onto plans being subsidized.

  5. This is basic business and basic economics.

    What I don’t get is why the insurance companies would play ball with that corruptocrat in the WH to begin with.

    1. They want to stay in business. All in all, do they have a choice? I’m sure they’re going to try to work with Obama to try to save their industry. Obviously Obama is just bending them over and taking them up the backside. Just a guess.

      1. Maybe…but at the time I seem to remember most insurance companies pushing for it but a few came out against.

        Insurance industry has a powerful lobby so they could of pushed back. They haven’t exactly helped themselves in the PR arena in the run up to obamacare either. Insurance companies tend to look heartless and do little to combat that image. For starters pre-existing condition reform could of originated from the industry not the halls of Congress. They knew it was coming too. VP of an insurance company told me so.

        1. I don’t know. All I know is none of this was being done by the insurance companies until the law was passed.

          Why would insurance companies want to drop pre-existing conditions (if that’s what you’re saying)? That’s a no-brainer cost accelerator.

          1. Insurance companies did drop or not take people with pre-existing condition due to the chronic nature which is a cost outlay not a profit maker.

            For example: If a diabetic wants insurance that is considered pre-existing and a cost outlay because diabetes is a chronic condition that requires chronic treatment. Diabetes also has a whole lot of other medical problems that accompany it like loss of eyesight, limbs, kidney failure among other things. that doesn’t even bring lifestyle into it either. Not all diabetics are good about managing their diabetes.

            1. My sister is awful at managing her diabetes. I’m surprised she’s still alive.

              I knew the insurance companies didn’t want to take on pre-existing conditions, at least not until you pay for like one and a half years of premiums before they start covering it. I thought you might be saying (but wasn’t sure) that the insurance companies are the ones that wanted to make it law to cover pre-existing conditions without prior insurance. That didn’t make sense to me because that allows people to not carry insurance until the day they become seriously injured or ill…..which kills the insurance companies.

              1. No dear that isn’t what I am saying. Let me be clear here I don’t have that much sympathy for insurance companies. The problem is we are forced to defend them in the name of free market just like tobacco companies lest all of our rights be infringed.

                What I am saying is insurance companies were trying to create high risk pools and in some states did. The problem is bureaucracy for starters. Laws vary state to state and not all insurance can be sold state to state then you have the feds making things worse.

                As I stated earlier though insurance in reality is gambling for profit. That is what it always has been since it’s inception. Insurance companies are assuming the risk for you in the advent of catastrophic illness or accident. They cut their risk with premiums and limitations. Pre-existing conditions are beyond risk…the chance is out of it. You know that they are going to be a high cost and no profit venture.

                Honestly this country went wrong when they started expecting their neighbor to pay their bills be it Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance. Look at people and listen closely. People have now conflated that to have health care they must have health insurance. It never enters their head to pay for it themselves. They become paralyzed that they must have insurance to receive care. Over time the thinking of the culture has been gradually transformed and self reliance has been removed. Health care and health insurance became synonymous. Due to that phenomenon the medical market has had a lot of interference from third and fourth parties which have driven up the costs astronomically.

                Take a look at this video and listen carefully to this woman then tell me what she is really saying:

                1. I got you now. I can understand why a lot of the controls are put in to reduce risk. If it was my money in the business I’d want to reduce the chance of someone wiping me out as well. They have to have some kind of method to maintain stability. I’m not necessarily saying a lot of it is fair or warranted, though.

                  The phenomenon of people thinking they have to have insurance to go to the doctor might change. The insurance rates and deductibles are so high you just as well start a “medical insurance” savings account at your bank and keep your hands off of it and only use it for doctor visits. Chances are the account will grow even if you go to the doctor (if you save what your premiums will be now).

                  In your linked video I was expecting to see someone like the “Obama phone” lady wanting everything for free. But what I saw was a lady that said the law has pushed the rates beyond what she can afford and she doesn’t qualify for subsidies. What was the message I should have got? That she thinks she must have insurance to go to the doctor?

                2. She expects her neighbor to cover her expenses because they are high. I would bet the last dime in my pocket she voted for Obama and pushed for this and it bit her in the butt. That part is speculation of course but not the part about her neighbor paying her bills. Watch the video again and pay real close attention because her language is couched. I actually only half caught it when I listened to it the first time. It was one of those things that rubbed me the wrong way but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. My husband was half listening and cooking breakfast and he said “Wait…back that up and play it again”…he caught it.

                  If I were president I would make it my platform to make tax free health care savings accounts that can be carried for life and used for end stage care as well like nursing homes or hospice. I would love to do a health savings account with a catastrophic plan but in California if you don’t use the money within five years it is confiscated. Also you are penalized if you don’t take employer insurance. Really the whole country should be on the whole foods Plan. It is ideal and it is as portable as you can get as well.

                3. She said they are forced to take on all the expenses of insurance by themselves (her and her husband), as if she expected her premiums to be covered through subsidies. Another milk drinker.

                  My plan allows for a medical savings account, but if you don’t use it that year you lose the money. That makes no sense to me, so I won’t do it. I can see setting money aside just in case you need it, but not if you’re going to lose it at the end of the year. Punishment for staying healthy, I guess.

      2. They ought to be able to see that one of the goals of a socialist regime is to end all private business. They are walking the plank and refusing to look down, or ahead very far.

        1. Could be, but from what I understand they are meeting with Obama and are disappointed with how he’s making them the villain. Maybe they didn’t understand the implications of the law because it took so many lawyers just to decode the dam* thing. I remember hearing that businesses didn’t understand the law, so maybe the insurance companies were fooled?

          I am certain that all these changes are coming about because of the law, not because insurance companies want the changes.

          1. You could be right about that. I guess if you’re focussed on business enough, everything that isn’t on next week’s calendar becomes just static.

            I agree that the changes are caused by the law, not by an epidemic of insanity in the insurance companies

    2. Play ball? These companies have been nationalized through this legislation. The administration writes the policies, fixes the doctor compensation, and shuts down any “business” that does not comply.

      The private market is dead.

      1. Pretty much. It is certain the private market is tightly controlled. the insurance companies played ball because they thought they would clean up. I remember a few speaking up and out in the Obamacare debate and Obama administration punished them for it. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you.

  6. The obammy gestapo lies with such ease and without care as to consequences, right before our eyes! I’ve never seen such blatant liars on the national stage. They lie with such ease over everything they caught at…it’s really beyond the pale.
    One would think eventually it would catch up to them, but I think it’s a democrat “shock and awe” tactic. There’s just so many lies over so many different occurrences, that it’s just impossible to keep track.

    1. Shock and awe of lies. That’s a good way to put it. Hitler had his ‘big lie’ but they have their avalanche of lies.

      1. When people tried to compare President Bush to hitler, no one ever made a true connection. Now, that obammy is prez, the comparison is earrily similar.

        1. I see shades of Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and most especially Mao. He has taken what worked for those men and discarded what didn’t. The trial and error of communism.

            1. Let’s see, were those dreams of communism? Dreams of the USA powerless and impoverished? Dreams of all the USA’s wealth redistributed to Third World countries (aka, dictators’s pockets)?

    2. What gets me the shock by the CEO’s that he would play footsie with them one minute and call them bad apples the next.

      That is Chicago politics.

      1. I know what you mean. How so many people can still be fooled by his demeanor and tactics is mind boggling.

  7. They need to push the more expensive plans with everything in it knowing everyone won’t use most of the coverage. Better my arse. Better for them not the working people of America.

  8. Obama made those policy’s illegal!!! Insurance companies should go ahead and insure these people anyway and make Obama make them cancel them! Yes Obama is already canceling them but make him do it so the public has NO DOUBT who is doing the @#&%#[email protected] here!

      1. Insurance companies need to come out and say we want to insure these people…Obama will you let us??

        1. I agree. they also need to point out that the original premise was to insure 45 million people…not swell those numbers.

          But insurance company hands aren’t clean by any stretch. Most thought they would clean up with Obamacare. Even Kaiser who was instrumental in writing, lobbying, and pushing this plan, as well as getting Obama elected both times, is losing out. they thought they would be immune since their plans are a blanket offering.

          1. Insurance companies are also being told not to say anything. They are afraid to defend themselves. They know that O’s endgame is to force insurance companies out of business and have the govt. take over. The government has practically taken over the banks and insurance companies as it is by tying them up with thousands of regulations.

  9. Who is in charge of reading this aca bill? Why has nobody found anything good in it? The president says its good…the president says its good….the president says its GOOD ALREADY! who is in charge of leaking the good stuff? Whats Going on here? THE PRESIDENT SAYS ITS GOOD!

  10. To the democrat I mean socialist party insurance oil companies, banks etc. are public utilites they dont view them as private that is why they want to tax and regulate them and blame them since they are private in this country.

  11. Very interesting! You have a President talking on both sides of the mouth, a website that has allegedly signed up 6 people after spending billions to create it, millions of hard-working Americans losing health insurance, insurance companies losing millions of premium dollars with the prospect of more job loss, and now, a healthcare industry sitting in ruins! Yeah, that’s the spirit!

    Plus, what do you do if you currently have no health insurance, can’t get any insurance cause you can’t afford it and you suddenly become ill? Just sign up for Medicaid the old fashion way? I feel for the people who find themselves in this position. This is just so wrong!

    What a huge disaster! Way to go Democrats (and Rinos)!

    1. When will people in this country realize that you can’t allow a government to legislate your life, just when it was realized back in the 1920’s when prohibition (18th Amendment) was installed and then repealed because you simple can’t legislate morality!

  12. When will the people of America wake up and realize that the impostor sitting in OUR White House will stop at nothing, disobey any law, use any lie, abandon anyone or anything, attack any ally or embrace any enemy in his quest to totally destroy this country?

    1. I’ll say it again, quit filing tax returns. Keep all of your money by using 10 deduction on your W-4. Starve the beast. Tell them to stick it.

    2. ~~ Their belief is….ANYTHING is justified if it furthers “the cause” !!!
      Its part of their DNA, part of their manifesto, part of their sick thinking !!!

  13. I never understand this. It’s why I don’t watch. This format is for the birds and Beck’s ratings on FOX proved it.

    Is there some reason why Kelly, allegedly a lawyer, cannot simply make the statement and move on?
    The (now nationalized) insurance companies are not cancelling the policies. Obamacare made the policies illegal. It’s the “law of the land.” You may not keep your policy. PERIOD!
    Instead, she wastes segments trying to get a Democrat to admit the truth, gets others to speak the truth, and then calls it a “controversy.”

    1. yes, that’s because every insurance policy has to meet the administrations “Minimum requirements”. Most individuals (those without employer provided insurance) insure themselves for major medical with a deductible they can afford in the event of a illness or disaster. I’m speaking from experience. These policies no longer meet the “minimum requirements” and are the majority of the policies being cancelled.

      Had Americans done their homework before obamacare was forced down our throats, they would have realized that the POTUS’ goal of all Americans having insurance like those in the government would be a pipe dream. The so called “Cadillac” policies that government employees have range in price from $12,000 to $27,000 annually, tax payers pay these bills. There is no way obamacare can be sustained if that is the end goal.

    2. Still a sniveling sycophant! The reason you’ll never understand is because you apparently can’t handle the TRUTH! I’m guessing you can’t read the writing on the wall either! Obama’s going down until he’s out!

  14. I wonder if Obama could use his millions of fake Twitter supporters to enroll in Obamacare to boost his credibility?

  15. Now this makes more sense than any politician or Obama “mouth piece” has mention since this crap tax code revision started.. It was a campaign goal, and it wasn’t practical at the time.. This is what happens when voters don’t vote for “Content of character”…

  16. You will spend YOUR money the way Barack Hussein Obama Mandates and Dictates it to be. You will Never have more than he has, nor his thugs.

  17. Logics of common sense is Not anywhere to be found in the
    of the Saul Alinski Obama Boys + Girls in D.C.

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