HEARTACHE: Cancer patient says new insurance SO EXPENSIVE he’s just going to let “nature take its course”

A cancer patient on Megyn Kelly’s show tonight said that he voted for Obama because he was promised that he would be able to keep his doctor and keep his insurance – insurance that paid for so much of his cancer treatment – and now it’s been canceled. He said his new insurance will cost him $1,500 per month with a $13,000 deductible and he simply refuses to put his family in that kind of debt for his health. When asked what he’s going to do, he said he’s decided to pay the fine and just let nature take it’s course.


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309 thoughts on “HEARTACHE: Cancer patient says new insurance SO EXPENSIVE he’s just going to let “nature take its course”

  1. Government controls the cost of medical treatment through regulations, mandates, and restriction on real free trade. The high costs of medical treatment are simply due to government being involved. The mandate for health insurance is simply there for the purpose of finishing off any US economic prosperity before the bankers crash the system and own us due to their ability to create money and debt from nothing and hold us hostage with it. Our politicians are promised protection while being paid to shut the country down. (mostly through insider trading, which is legal for congress) The American people are enemies of the State, simply for being American citizens who consume the elite’s resources and expect a high level of freedom.

  2. Exactly what Zeke Emmanuel hopes for. The man has no utility to the state and not enough self-respect to argue with a death sentence.

  3. 1.) This guy is in SC, a Red state that isn’t providing the State Exchanges so that he can shop for different, comprehensive coverage, 2.) Faux Noise won’t tell the other side of the story, which is it is the INSURANCE COMPANIES that are cancelling policies that do not meet the minimum requirements and offering replacement policies that are grossly marked up.

    Don’t put the blame on the President when it has been shown time and again that it is the Insurance companies that are trying to get rid of the most needy customers first, by cancelling their existing policies and offering a more highly priced plan (when the consumer can actually shop around and find a lower cost alternative),

    These people need to, as the conservatives love to say, take personal responsibility for themselves and their families and actually shop around for better policies and premiums; NOT just take what their current insurance company offers when the cancel their coverage.

    The reason this is happening is due to the greed of the insurance company!

    1. The reason it is happening is because of the greed of leftists. I blame the president and you and every other stupid democrat on earth,
      IF NOT for this fascist law my daughter would still have a full time job, I would not have to come up with an extra 250.00 per month for my insurance to name just the tip of the ice berg that is headed straight for my entire family,
      We LIVE in a blue state that has the exchanges, moron.
      I will have the BRONZE plan starting Jan., the deductibles and premium will force me to choose between that and food.
      You are a LIAR.

      1. Insurance companies and their lawyers wrote the law, and have been lobbying for it for a couple of decades. Saying that it is Obama’s law is just targeting the paid promoter as the real problem. Government has it’s own interests in the law that are based on it’s desire to subjugate the population. Corporations have a revolving door with government, and the two entities conspire together with both individual and mutual motivations. Giving cover to these corporate entities through reason of capitalist apologetics rooted in conservative principles is to ignore the evil behind the corporate crony relationship with government that is destroying our freedoms and economic prosperity. It seems to me that both sides of the political spectrum are ignoring the core issues on this subject.

        1. Valid points,(?) but don’t leave out Ezekiel Emmanuel who is known as the architect of this monster law. The blame and name is on o bama and rightly so.
          Further, I will continue to blame o bama for everything, including the stuff my cat left in her litter box this morning.

    2. Here is the problem with thinking your insurance policies are going to stay low. The insurance company that you have will have to pay people to go through the paperwork, follow up on claims, pay the hospital and doctor bills that you cannot afford to pay, pay for basic utilities at their offices, pay for medications, and they will do this for everyone until they cannot pay for it anymore. At that point, your insurance premium will go up because everyone that has major problems with their health that need assistance because the medication she takes costs $1000 a week or more (such as my mother) costs money. That $1000 is for one shot not all her other medication which her previous insurance plan covered. You will blame it on greed of insurance companies, but how else do they pay for everything?

    3. The insurance companies are cancelling policies that no longer meet the requirement of the govt not the customer. When dear leader mandated that insurance companies cover more, guess what, they charge more. dear leader knew this also but chose to go ahead and cost these people their policies for their own good. Red States not providing exchanges have nothing to do with this.
      All he has to do is go on the Fed Govt website,healthcare.gov and enroll and get insurance at a greatly reduced price. Oh wait maybe not. But it will be running by the end of the month. Right?
      I will bet money that this guy,when he voted for dear leader never expected this to happen. This is what happens when you trust a socialist,you know a democrat. Socialism has killed tens or hundreds of millions of people one more death on their hands will not matter one bit to them. It’s all for a good cause you know!!!

  4. Oh how I miss the days when we had a President who really cared for the people.Obama is out to destroy America,and is well on his way to do just that..Why we all just sit back and let this happen is beyond my understanding..If we would all stick together and demand change,WE WOULD GET IT..

  5. 1. Take all deductions so nothing is withheld from your paycheck.
    2. Don’t pay the fine. The IRS can only take it out of your refund. They can’t take it if you have no refund coming.
    3. Talk to your doctors and try to make private treatment arrangements with them. Doctors tend to be more compassionate than bureaucrats. See what you can arrange. It’s better than resigning yourself to dying.
    4. You can get big discounts on medical procedures paid for in cash up front (at least I have.)

  6. This is it! The beginning of the pain. These people have been fulfilling their obligations and paying their premiums….unceremoniously dumped, proverbially left out in the cold at a moments notice…..after voting for the liar in chief because he told them not to worry!

    Forget the fact that you are ill or dying…it is a another bump in the road and you are IT!

    Thanking your lucky stars, YOU are safe….not so fast, next comes the employers mandate….Obama conveniently delayed until after the election, now many millions more unceremoniously dumped. This time, it is you and your family.

    Then, the salt in the wound, blue states get a pass, carve out for the unions get a pass, friends of elites get a pass etc.. etc…etc.!

    You, the lowly masses you are automatically enrolled…you are paying for all of this.

    All the while our Medical community is melting away, losing jobs and leaving the practice, rationing services, because it is impossible to make a living.

    We will all be in this boat when it goes down, except of course, the loyal party elites…etc…etc..!

    Oh, did I mention? Britain warned us not to go down their path…we didn’t listen.


  7. This Is Why The People Should Do Something Beyond Suing The Government Because That Is The Product Remain From The Fda Administration, Now Think About This Is The Product, Cancer, Now There’s Been A Huge Amount Of Waste Of Time In The Chemotherapy Development That Has Plenty Of Time Showing Its Victims Its Ineffectiveness And Putting In The First List Of Main Treatments Stepping Over The Many Other Effective Alternatives Already Studied, Inspected And Tested But Always Kept In The Shadows Behind Chemo, Open Your Eyes!!
    The Mainstream Pharmacy And Related Just Not Reserve Not To Tell You The Right Way To Wellness, They Take Advantages Of Having Options To Keep A Mayor Collective Weak Health State Keeping The Secrets To A Privileged Part Of The World Population, We Need To End This, and spread the truth!!!

    We have Internet, a powerful tool to use as beings against the tyranny of the selfishness of that poor of soul part of earth’s population

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEB-jl4DDhU#t=11
    This is why Obama has no problem doing this and worse to the country!

    “Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore shall they fall among them that fall: in the time of their visitation they shall be cast down, saith the LORD.” Jeremiah 8:12

  9. Yo, FuBar Ack, you name is on that pile of caca, will go in the history books.
    Now exempt us all from that idiocy.

  10. What did he expect? Obama was, is, and will always be a socialist intent upon transforming America. Why it has taken five years for low information voters to get this is beyond me. In the next year many millions of Americans will learn the plain cold facts for themselves and next November the democratic party will be devastated by the election results. Nobody is going to walk away from this.

  11. I hate to sound heartless, but he got what he voted for. We warned him and people just like him, but they still voted for O. But the sad thing is, WE got what he voted for too…

  12. To be honest, this is the type of patient obamacare is designed to eliminate. I thought it was just the old folks they would deny service to because they are no longer valuable people to society or some such rot; but now I see it includes people with life threatening diseases who are using up all this medical care and costing everyone so much money. This is evil.

    1. ObamaCare is taken right out of Hitler’s “medical plan”. Eliminate the old, the sick, the infirm and the young.

      1. also eliminate Republicans, conservatives, and anybody who opposes him or even says a word against…..like in N. korea, China, Cuba, and in former commie bloc in Europe

  13. Whats the point on living when the cost will destroy your life as well as your families. The issue isn’t health insurance it’s never been…the issue is COST of healthcare..I am all for freedom and capitalism but this isn’t neither…charging 800.00 for 3 pills and charging 95000 for one cancer treatment is Unamerican and disgusting that they would exploit someone’s desire to live and that is what is happening here…Obama care changes NOTHING!

    1. In history when a dictator conquered his people, those that disagreed with him were killed with guns and bullets. Obama will get the same job done with his Quality of Life Councils. If you are Conservative or Tea Party and come before the Councils and think the progressives will show mercy, then you are a naive as the fools who elected him. Obama will remove his opposition any way he can whether it is with the IRS or Death Panels and never miss a beat. Obama is an evil that will touch the hearts of millions of Americans in a very vicious way.

      1. This is why you can’t compromise an inch. The principle on which the ACA is based is unconstitutional, and not legally binding. The process by which it was made into ‘law’ was also illegal (remember ‘deemed’?) This tea is going straight into the harbor.

    2. A large part of the problem is the lack of tort liability limits. When you have lawyers advertising day and night about filing medical malpractice suits for a hang nail, you get higher medical costs. The insurance for physicians, hospitals, drug companies is astronomical and must be passed done the line.

  14. The last I read was the latest chemo treatment costs $95,000.00 and medicare covered the cost, now this was 2 years ago. The system is sooo sick. It is no wonder medicare is broke. I am not saying people on medicare don’t deserve help, I am saying the expense is too great and it doesn’t have to be.
    First of all they produce and study the art of chemo through grants so it costs the makers nothing.
    Insurance companies are a friken joke and the joke is on us.
    I only hope and pray some how we get past the greedy money mongers and can find a better way.
    Come on America…we can out smart the system but we gotta stick together to do it.
    I am sorry this man has to give up..truly I am.
    Peace Walker

    1. medicare would not pay 95k. the hospital bills 95k, medicare pays about 10 percent of hospital bills. i have several hospital bills in my possession showing medicare pays about 10 percent on hospital bills.

  15. Yes, this dear man will be in my prayers, nevertheless, as a friendly reminder, votes come with consequences, sad to say !

    1. I pray for his children because his votes cost them their father and upbringing in a complete family.

  16. I find it very hard to believe that so many Americans were fooled by Obama. What were they thinking ? Did they not do any research on their own ? What were they doing when they were being warned about this mess ? Don’t get me wrong, I do feel bad for this man, but come on. Elections have consequences and now everyone is going to pay.

    1. I agree. The PPACA bill was sitting there the entire time on the internet and it seems as if most people didn’t bother to investigate what the bill actually entailed.

      1. Or even read the cliff notes. Some like me read the bloody thing, more than once, to find out what was in it. Others watched the MSM and listened to Obama lie.

  17. He was duped like many others. I can’t fault him for that, at least too much. I have been contemplating my own end of life possibilities and should I get some dreaded disease I hope I have the courage and fortitude to just tell the authors of Obamacare to shove their coverage where the sun don’t shine and die with some level of dignity. I am not going to grovel and beg for medical care and be viewed as some pariah. Shove me in a cold storage facility and let me die. I love this country, I despise this government.,

    1. So you aren’t doing the end of life planning like you have been ordered to do? Watch for the IRS to send you a letter.

  18. Yeah, that sucks ehhh. Billl should be wondering why the campaign topics brought forth by Dems/Libs such as dogs on cars, the imaginary war on women, and contraception were talked about rather than this. The Dems threw every road block and misdirection into the campaign to stop this catastrophe from being exposed and to help the bigger catastrophe be eleccted. Well Bill, hope and change my man, hope and change, words.

  19. This is what we let a few people in DC do to us…and we sit back and take it. Pathetic. Drive people to choose death over life because one person just made living unaffordable. Why do we allow this to continue?

      1. Can a president be impeached for the same reason he’s being considered to be put on Mt. Rushmore?

      2. Forget the whole ‘impeachment’ idea. It’s a complete waste of time, and a distraction.

        Do you think that getting rid of Obama would fix everything? There’s a whole congress, supreme court, lobbyists and big-money supporters who are complicit in this scheme, as well as everyone who voted for or supported them. BOTH parties. The majority of federal government (who have exempted themselves from the ACA) are in full attack mode against the American population. Obama is merely the tip of the iceberg, a symptom of the corruption endemic in Washington DC. We don’t need an impeachment, we need an 80-mile-wide sinkhole.

  20. Am I the only one who just can’t watch Megyn Kelly? I have not forgotten how she and O’Reilly did nothing but enable Obama for the past four years. They feigned ignorance at what he was doing, as though it was mere incompetence. They attacked people who don’t buy his birthplace as Hawaii. I just can’t forgive it or forget it.

    Perhaps if she and FOX news didn’t just play along, this wouldn’t have happened. She’s as responsible for this as anyone else. It makes me sick.

    And to Congress, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, KELLY AYOTTE WHO THINKS SHE’S SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE, John McCain aka Jihadist supporter, LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE!

    1. Kelly is okay. She isn’t a “voice for conservatism” and she isn’t trying to be. She’s trying to be a journalist/personality on cable and she does that pretty well. She’s also easy on the eyes no matter how much she butchers her hair..

      Regarding where Obama was born, what was the point of all that? Got us nowhere and made conservatives look stupid. Obama’s mom was an American. He’s a citizen and eligible to be President.

      1. Made the conservatives look stupid? What was the point? what is the point of still not producing a birth certificate that is similar in form to the other children that were born in that hospital the same day. The only reason to feel YOU look stupid is because you’re willing to accept a bs piece of paper in lieu of the real thing. I don’t accept it, and if the paper was legit, why’d it take him years to present it? Was he just having fun with us? If people are still believing any syllables out of this guys mouth its because of one of three things, white guilt, the dumbing down of America has overcome another or your on a entitlement program and are afraid of losing it. Or hey, heres another option, maybe you know your kids and grandkids are dullards and dunces and wouldn’t stand out as such in the new Socialist state we’re about to drown in

        1. He didn’t produce it earlier because
          1. He knew he didn’t have to. No way there was ever any danger of him being deemed ineligible even if he had produced a Kenyan birth certificate.
          2. He knew people like you would continue to talk about things that don’t matter and make conservatives look like a collective maniacs in the process

        2. Obama is an American and we never needed to see his birth certificate for the same reason that Ted Cruz is an American and we don’t need to see his birth certificate… even though we KNOW Ted Cruz was not born within the US.

          That’s because we know that both their moms were/are American — that makes them Americans.

          I can’t believe I’m having to explain this to someone and defend Obama in the process. There are plenty of reasons to dislike and mistrust Obama, the whole birth certificate issue isn’t one of them.

  21. And here I thought it was Republicans that wanted people just to “Die Quickly”?

    Clearly Mr. Grayson was mistaken?

  22. Wonder if it would help salve a LOT of issues and life-threatening concerns if congress passed a quickie bill stating that if a patient has an acute illness and is currently being treated under a private health insurance plan, they may keep that plan from the commercial insurance provider until 1) they have been cured or in remission for two years, or 2) until two years after their death so the family can retain the policy they want to keep until ‘things settle down.” … Wouldn’t that be a relief for several thousands of folks who just go notice they are kicked off their health plan and are in the middle of an acute illness treatment/benefits???

    1. Yeah and the add ons to that bill would pro’bly be like as follows: enforce million dollar grants to study the different sex lives of otters and school teachers, another billion dollar grant for the remainung 179 citizens of Detroit and a new 4 billion dollar program to make sure all college professors are serving their appropriate ration of communism each semester, enforced by the IRS of course which will neccesitate the hiring of 100,000 more governent workers. get the picture?

    2. Trying to make an unsustainable, punitive law just barely tolerable, instead of revoking it completely, is only normalizing what is, in fact, intolerable.

  23. He drank the coolaid!! Bottom line. Many others drank the coolaid, and they will pay the price as well.

    They will reap what they sow!!

      1. You’re confusing salvation with God’s promise that He will NOT be mocked.
        You can be saved as saved can be, but if you “choose” to engage in dangerous activities, you WILL reap to the bad, conversely if you engage in activities that are good, you will be glad for the reaping.
        But, either way, God will not be mocked.

  24. THAT should be a freaking crime! And a human rights violation! Health Care is a human right, isn’t that what the moron in the White House told us? Well, where is this man’s RIGHT to life? Where is HIS RIGHT TO “AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE”??

    No, but just so long as some non-working government leech can sit at home watching daytime tv and running up minutes on his ObooHoo phone, that’s all that matters to the marxists in the regime.

    1. You’re absolutely right. The left has been saying it for the past five years! FILE A MAJOR LAWSUIT FOR CRIMINAL FRAUD. THAT’S WHAT THIS IS!

      When is the Congress going to admit that they let a Muslim Brotherhood member who’s committing Jihad through our health care system usurp the White House? How about it, John McCain, Mitch McConnell? When will you stop lying and admit what you’ve done?

      1. They are immune from lawsuits folks because of their official positions and because Barry was campaigning. Congress protects themselves and has for decades upon decades upon decades.

  25. time to take obozo and shebitchalot out of DC in Shackles and throw them in a hole in Leavenworth..

    when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the
    same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it
    is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to
    provide new Guards for their future security. —

  26. Palin just has been vindicated, self imposed death panels. The costs will be too high for these people to handle so like this gentlemen, they will chose to “let nature run its course.”

    1. I disagree. This man believed the lies, voted not once but twice for Obama and voluntarily chose not to change health care plans under the ObamaCare he voted for.

      A death panel is when the gov’t declines treatment, like the little girl that needed kidneys.

  27. And to this cancer patient, THERE ARE NATURAL MEANS to beat Cancer. I urge him and I urge EVERYONE to start looking into these, because clearly obamacare is going to strip us of our health care, so it’s back to nature we must go for medicine!

    1. This has been my philosophy my entire life. I am a natural foods person, and I eat well, exercise, etc. I take tons of nutritional supplements which I have to pay for myself because they are not covered by any insurance. I am pretty much forced to pay $104/month for medicare; I chose an Advantage Plan with a drug plan for no extra costs because that is the cheapest way out. I am on no drugs. I am very familiar with alternative healing, but these things cost money, too. I think this man is smart to choose the penalty, but he should now explore the alternatives means of treating himself with what he has to spend.

    2. Yes! I am an alternative wellness consultant, and have ways that have been tested and proven to cure cancer with no ‘help’ from modern medicine, and they are ways that are not cannibis.

      1. You can bet heaven & Earth would be moved if it where her with any destructive disease. She would hang on like a mobster their money.
        Frankly people like this have psychopathic tendencies.
        They exist only in a world for themselves. No humanity left in this White House, where a President Bragg he’s a good Killer. That he is.

  28. This is EXACTLY what the death merchants, aka, democrats wish ALL ill Americans would dutifully do; that is die and stop draining resources from people who will be around to vote to keep them rich and powerful.
    The left are soulless beings who won’t be touched by this man’s tragic story.
    May God have mercy on this man and his family. To be sure Obama and all other democrats will not.

  29. im just crying for this man,

    how come no politician isnt hammering away on this now ?

    why has cruz gone silent the last 2 weeks ?

    1. There were numerous death threats on Cruz. FBI was investigating, Texas is a dangerous place when the Establishment is threatened.

      Mike Lee just surfaced. Cruz may surface again soon.

    2. This isn’t up to Ted Cruz to fight. The man is an admitted Obama voter, voted for the ObamaCare lies. Where are the Democrats that voted for ObamaCare? Where is John Boehner and Eric Cantor, the men that pushed the FULL funding of ObamaCare just a few weeks past?

    3. Don’t bet on the COWARDS in the GOP to help! BLOOD is on their hands! Them and their cute little humor videos about Obama. BUNCH OF PATHETIC LOSERS!

  30. This is so disgusting, if this poor man were an illegal, he would get free health care, no questions asked, etc. America, when are you going to impeach and imprision this dictator?

  31. Obamacare is clearly killing people and destroying lives yet insane libs like Alan Grayson continue to espouse their lies that “Republicans want you dead.” When are Americans going to wake up?

  32. Obama-voter or not – my heart goes out to this poor man and his family.

    It’s not about finding a different plan or having to go on Medicaid (for which, btw you, the taxpayer, will shell out) – it is about the fact that the POS wittingly put so many people into this position, for his own aggrandisement. He did it and his willing helpers did it, not one tried to stop it.
    There’s this saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ – but they had to ‘fix it’ because: war on women!

    This man won’t be the last to make this decision – but their fates will be kept out of the MSM because that impostor can’t do wrong, and has of course never lied once in his life!

    1. Lines must be drawn because our survival as a nation is at risk; therefore, it certainly does matter if he voted for Obama.

    2. it is broken the US spends more on healthcare with poorer results than than any other industrialized nation except one former satellite of ussr. we have the 17th worst infant mortality in the world on a par with some third world countries.

      1. Then move along to the 16 nations that do better, Of course, you are pathetically wrong, but don’t let the facts stop you from moving your sorry rear end OUT.

      2. You might want to look at the infant mortality causes. Can we all say “illegal drug use” together now?

      3. Ignorance is bliss. Check out the our cancer survival rates compared to the rest of the world. Check out the wait times for simple operations compared to the rest of the world. You get what you pay for.

      4. This country has had, prior to Obamadoesn’tCare, some of the best healthcare available in the world, which is why so many people travel to the United States to get medical care.

        I think the infant mortality rate in this country is likely higher than 17th worst because unborn babies are being slaughtered by the thousands every day.

        Please listen to this, though if you truly care about human life, it is very painful:


      5. Baloney. Infant mortality is skewed higher in the US because we list stillbirths as infant deaths, and other countries don’t. Add to the fact that we offer extraordinary care to premature infants who may not survive, yet would not even see the light of day in your third world countries, and would not be counted as infant death.
        Ask yourself — where would you rather endure a high risk pregnancy?
        I think we know the answer.

  33. I am a cancer patient also. Thank God, I had my radiation, chemo. & surgical treatment two years ago as opposed to now. My insurance carrier has paid close to $1 million so far for my treatment and still counting. I got an overdose of radiation in the affected area and now have issues healing. One thing that stands out here is that if an MRI was billed to your insurance company for $3,000, they did not pay that. Most insurance plans have an agreed payment schedule they reimburse providers for. However, if you don’t have insurance, that’s the amount you are expected to pay.
    No one deserves to die, ever! My sympathies to the gentleman above and may God bless!

  34. there are plans that have 2000 or less deductible on every level they don’t ask about preexisting conditions. the only health related question is do you smoke.

    1. Partly correct. What you are missing is that those plans do not cover certain treatments and tier 3 & 4 drugs… and the ones that do lay down a totally seperate drug deductible that is astronomical. I found this out first hand. Read the fine print and you will be shocked.

    2. You are mis-informed, aka, a low information voter, aka a very stupid person.
      Each state has differing price plans, so if he doesn’t live in a state that has 2000 or less deductible then he can’t have that, genius.
      Go back to your cave and see if you can get some kind of education.

    3. Untrue. Because he is currently in treatment, it is considered a “current” condition not a pre-existing condition. Although he can get coverage as he mentions above, it does not mean that those treatments will be covered. Stop drinking the kool-aid before you or a family member are given a serious diagnosis.

  35. Obamacare reminds me of the famous Peter Arnett quote of American military about the town of Ben Tre.

    “It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.”

    It was the mantra of the War. To save the People, We Killed the People.

    Obamacare is precisely the same insanity.

    And the final result will soon be apparent. Sick will die, Well will get sick. Healthcare will be destroyed. Medical profession will be crippled. Americans will suffer.

    Government has become evil, a Tyranny. Obamacare is a pestilence.

    Ben Tre, Vietnam is here. 1968 is now.

    1. have any of the commenters on this page been to the healthcare site? sure,there were some glitches at first mostly due to overwhelming numbers of people trying to get insurance that they couldn’t afford any other way. it is working now my daughter signed up, she works full time and her employer offers insurance but it would have cost 1/2 yes that is true 1/2 of her pay every pay check she signed up for a plan in the silver level and her premium will be in the 60 dollar range monthly. so he tried 3 times to get on the site? what a whiner. this is just more fear mongering if it weren’t for the sequester and lack of computer support at the ss and irs on the original rollout date things would have gone smoother. all the computers need to work together so incomes and citizenship can be confirmed. if you are convinced that affordable care act is doomed to fail the quickest way to prove that is get behind it and and let it hang itself. what the repubs are afraid of is that it won’t fail
      if my life depended on treatment I would keep trying to get on the site until I got through it doesn’t even start until the first of the year. he can enroll up until march 15th this year. but then he couldn’t whine and cry and be a m a pathetic media sensation instead of manning up and signing up for healthcare like everyone else who never had healthcare or who was dropped because their insurance was more expensive than the plans on the exchange.

          1. Wisconsin, along with the other 49 states (despite your boy’s insistence on 57 states) had high risk insurance pools for people with pre-existing conditions. They are gone now and people are dying because of your destructive vote.

            There will come a time, very soon perhaps, when a treatment request for your daughter will be denied. Remember, you were warned about government control.

      1. Cindy
        Your daughter has insurance. But where will the doctors and hospitals, pharma and devices come from?

        It’s like Employment and a growing economy and robust real estate market. Obama and the Liberals have destroyed it all. They give us monthly statistics. No real results. That is called BS. Isn’t it?

        Glad some folks are thinking they are better off today. But this con game is old con pulled by grifters like Obama, Reid and Pelosi for decades and decades all over the world. Socialism by Chavez, Mao, Castro, et al is a con game. It doesn’t work, because it can’t work.

        Wealth like value, like productivity takes work, creation, effort. It does not come out of government by fiat. BS comes out of government.

        Didn’t your parents teach you that nothing is free, and anything good comes from effort?

        Obama is a community con man. You are delusional if you think you will be better off because of this racketeering con game.

      2. Right, the poor guy is just a whiner and a loser, He should just take the “pill” like a good little obammy soldier like the comrade has said in the past.
        Get a heart first, then maybe an actual brain will follow.
        The “repubs” as opposed to the demoncrats KNOW it was designed to fail, that’s why not one republican voted for this monstrosity.
        It’s already affecting millions of lives. People are LOSING their health care, LOSING jobs, LOSING hours, LOSING their financial security, and to you that just makes millions of Americans whiners.
        My health care was dropped, NOT because it was more expensive, you moron, it is NOW MORE EXPENSIVE in order to comply with the mandates.
        What a pathetic loser you are, truly.

      3. The only way your daughter got a silver level plan for 60 a month is with huge subsidies by the tax payers who don’t qualify for those subsidies. Nice daughter you have raised to suckle on the teat of big government.

      4. Parasite.

        And no the Republicans are afraid there will be more and more people getting hurt as evidenced currently.

        And if all of those entitlements you idiotic progressives foisted on us for decades were so wonderful and such a great success why do we need Obamacare?

        1. Good, no, GREAT question, Laurel. I’m convinced that would go sailing over cindy’s puny head, but for other liberals it just might rattle their cage enough to at least send them to their beds in the fetal position!

          1. It will. Her hair is parted down the middle.

            I would like that question answered though. Even there were any reporters left with brains they would ask that.

            1. LOL!
              I’ve copied your question to ask others as the post arises, may I use it?
              I’d love for a “reporter” to ask it, but I will not hold my breath waiting

              1. Yes you can use it!

                The state of California alone has 186 entitlement programs. Why do we need Obamacare? If a liberal tells you because people weren’t being insured then they just admitted those programs that spent trillions were an abject failure. In light of that… Why should we give the government more responsibility then?

                Here is a cold hard reality that is slowly unfolding with Obamacare. People don’t have insurance because they don’t want it. And why should they? We have entitlements.* They already have the safety net insurance provides.

                *Once again proof positive of the enormous damage entitlements have done to society. People now think it is okay to become a human parasite. To them it is not only okay but they have deemed it ‘moral’. I also think Democrats want to create entitlements and pat themselves on the back for being generous with other people’s money but behind closed doors really resent people for using those entitlements. Go back and listen to Obamacare speeches. You hear that resentment. Reality is they resent those uninsured people.

                1. Thanks, Laurel.
                  Another great post, btw!
                  America is on the fast track to destruction. People like you and I see the train is longer then the track.

                2. It is way longer than the track! I have made it a mission to start waking people up to the immorality of entitlements. I have as yet to see where Christ told us to outsource our humanity to the government as well.

                3. Good mission, Laurel. I’ll try and step up along side of you to help, however, your grasp of the issues far surpasses mine!
                  One of my pet peeves is when I hear anyone, but in particular, politicians, try and guilt us into paying more taxes. They often misquote Scripture by saying when we help the “least”.
                  They leave out the part where Jesus describes who the least are that he is speaking of:
                  “the least of these, MY BRETHERN”.
                  Of course Scripture tells us who He has given power to become the sons and daughters of God. Not all are, no matter who says it.

                4. Absolutely true. And it seems to me your grasp of the issues is excellent but more importantly your grasp of the bible is even better.

    2. Seems you forgot to mention Bin Tre was overrun by the Viet Cong and given their history, the villagers had better odds surviving a bomb attack. Just as Muslims are killing innocent Christians around the globe, the Viet Cong killed ANYONE they thought were collaborating with Americans or ANYONE not actively fighting Americans. Like Muslims, the Viet Cong are vicious animals who have no respect for human life. BTW – it was not uncommon for the military to call in air strikes or artillery strikes on their own positions when they were overrun by the enemy and it was called a “broken arrow.” The Viet Cong rarely took prisoners and your odds of surviving a bomb attack were better.

      Obamacare is a disaster and it will probably destroy our economy and people will die. I believe this is by design!

      1. Vietnam was overrun by Vietnamese. Unlike some folks who want to live in fantasy land, I look at the facts. It was a land war in Asia that was impossible to win by the West. France lost, the U.S. lost and in 1979 the Chinese were driven out of Nam. Get the flow?

        Sadly, it has taken a long time for Vietnam to turn to Capitalism. Eventually, over decades more, they will be forced by capitalism to free up their society, the way the Chinese are being coerced by success, not bombs.

        Our secret weapon is individual enterprise, capitalism, pursuit of our private economics and Liberty based on property and rule of law.

        That is American exceptionalism. The building block of Liberty is the individual.

        We lost our way in Nam. It was a disaster because we violated our basic principles listening to LBJ, JFK and the best and brightest. Sort of like the present case of listening to the Fraud and thinking his Obamacare is healthcare.

        1. I was pointing out the FACTS but I certainly wasn’t endorsing Johnson’s war. Yes the Vietnamese COMMUNIST technically won the war but the Vietnamese people were the ultimate losers.

          I am also certain more and more of my fellow Americans are rejecting capitalism and embracing collectivism. Many of my so-called conservative fiends express doubts about Capitalism or a fee market economy. The left successfully sabotaged Capitalism in America through decades of government regulations and control of education. Obamacare is just the latest example of their treachery. I seriously doubt America ranks in the top ten free market economies in the world.

          WHEN the left succeeds in giving illegals amnesty and the vote, you can kiss what’s left of American exceptionalism, liberty, freedom, and Capitalism good bye. The only way this nation will survive is to elect a Milton Friedman for president and I’m not holding my breath.

          1. We all need to think one term for all, recall and impeach. Stop looking for the ONE Leader, the Perfect Candidate with the Correct Conservative message. Just think Temporary. Keep the line moving, like John Wayne shooting at the feet of miscreants. Keep them dancing! Vote them all out. One and out. They bring nothing, do nothing and sell us out.

  36. Why did he believe the perpetual liar in the first place and vote for him? Do some homework folks! God dam America!

  37. When you voted for Nobama, you decided THEN to ‘let nature take it’s course’. We warned you guys and you chose to believe the lie (liar). You don’t release a starving wolf in a room full of crippled lemmings and not expect some of them to get bit or eaten.
    I will pray for this idiot… but he chose poorly. Furthermore, others will also suffer a similar fate because some people in America placed their faith in a lying monster.

    1. I am with you 100%, but I also feel the GOP is an appendage of this monster. Am I also to blame because of voting for Mitch & Co. knowing in my gut they would sell our souls too? This is such a screwed situation.

      Addendum: Now we need to do everything in our power to right the course of our ship… it’s a crusade my friend.

      1. I think you make an excellent point there my friend. I pulled the lever for McLame and hated it. I pulled the lever for Mitt and hated it. And I refuse to do it again for those monsters (the GOPe). They didn’t help Cuccinelli. They didn’t support Allen West. And they absolutely hate the Tea Party and conservatives. The GOPe IS America’s number 1 enemy. So yes, I accept that I am personally partially to blame. I also pulled the lever for our Georgia RINOs in the Senate who are in lock-step with McConnell and Boehner and Cantor, etc. I was a good little Republican and voted right down party lines… out of ignorance. But no more. I’m Independent. I’m conservative. I’m Christian. And I’m awake and educating myself.
        The dumbmasses voted for Nobama because they believed his lies. I voted for his opponents because I thought the GOPe was honorable and working for America. We were both wrong. The difference is that you and I and most of those who visit TRS, are now trying to right the wrongs and stop all of this evil. The dumbmasses are still asleep and complacent – far too many of them. So yes, partial blame… guilty. But we can rectify that and fight the good fight. And we will!

        1. The process is going to suck, but no fight worth fighting is easy. I just hope that the suffering and casualty numbers as it applies to the ill are kept to a minimum. Right now I am thoroughly disgusted, pissed, yet driven to get it right. Giving up is not an option, which I am afraid some people might do.

          Also, my original sentiment expressed was not meant for you personally but more so on a broad level, hence I included my voting in the equation too. What is a person to do when faced with picking the lesser of two evils? Not voting at all seems like giving away an election to the worst case scenario. That quandary could be a discussion thread all unto itself.

          1. I am for the first time in my life going to votecott. I will be sending a message if they put up another Progressive. I will not participate in my own demise.

          2. No worries… I didn’t take it personally. I did however, personalize it so that no one would feel like I was pointing fingers or anything. I did the same thing that many patriots did… 🙂

    2. Funny when I watched this segment last night Sentinel I thought the same thing and came here and posted it. I thought for sure I was going to take flak but I will not lie to save myself from taking heat.

      I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

  38. These bastard GOP Establishment would not stand w/Ted Cruz when it mattered. Now this man will need a PRAYER to survive.

    1. Of course the apology to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, from the GOP and from all the establishment toadies and media propagandists, will be embedded in the Healthcare-dot-gov website once your sign-up is complete.

  39. The first duty of the president is to protect the citizens. This President is HARMING the citizens and should therefore be impeached.

    1. Up to this point, I have said no. Even stacking the charges, one by one, starting with defying the court order that said it was illegal to shut down drilling in the gulf.

      But if this guy dies, I’d go the other way. It’s at least assisted suicide, and borders on murder. Then again, they didn’t impeach Clinton for using chemical weapons against his own citizens at Waco.

      1. Really? The Fast and Furious and Benghazi murders were insufficient for impeachment?

        The gov’t is not assisting this guy’s suicide. The man intentionally voted for Obama and is suffering the consequences of that vote. He is intentionally uninsured now, he has options and is refusing to take them. I in no way support ObamaCare but this man is 100% for his own actions.

  40. Remember the campaign ad by Obama claiming that Romney killed a mans wife by causing her to lose her insurance when he closed down a business?
    How many people will die needlessly because of Obamacare?
    Is it fair to use the same standard for Democrats that support Obamacare?

    And GOP, how about getting on the side of the American people!!!

  41. Just more blood on the liar-in-chief’s hands. He’ll be swimming in it by the time this is done.

  42. This is exactly what Ezekial Emmanual along with the Margaret Sanger eugenicists want. And if people won’t decide to do this, they will.

    God Bless you Sir.

    1. It’s funny you should say that. A guy I work with, a lawyer and history buff, tried to tell there used to be a eugenic movement. I laughed at him and said there still is. Bill Gates, the British Royals, look at the quote in Levin’s book from a US Parks Dept guy who wants a virus to come and wipe everyone out.

      Thomas Malthus did not “invent” Malthusianism. He merely stated what many people think.

      Yes, look at how much they just “cut cost” with this guy. It’s too bad he doesn’t take some of them with him.

  43. What it all comes down to in the very end is that most every single Democrat is selfish and into their own needs. I doubt very much this man entered the voting booth with the “Country” as a whole in mind, but instead entered with the notion that the “Country and it’s President” could get him cheaper “Health Coverage” with everyone else flipping the dime. Again, we are now entering the generational phase of “It’s All About Me” instead of “It’s All About The Country”.

  44. No matter the circumstances and irregardless of who he voted for, I can’t help but sarcastically think that those who have pushed this monstrosity onto us look at this situation and say, “We can’t let a little emotion and your health get in the way of our idealogy.”
    I am simply amazed that there are those who would defend such things for the sake of their politics.

  45. This is one of the death panels Sarah Palin warned America about and this guy voted for these. How’s that hope and change working out for you?

    1. You can go back to day one – what the “critics” and “right wing” were saying has come true, one thing after another.
      That’s because were “extremists” and “racists.”

    2. This has nothing to do with a death panel. He voted for lies and chose not to change plans. His choices.

  46. My heart sank when I learned Obama was reelected. I felt that even though I am healthy at 63, his winning a second term was announcing my death penalty at some point down the road.

    This poor guy is living my fear, I join with others in prayer for him and his family as they face the road ahead.

  47. Fly to NYC & go 2 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Urgicare and ask 4 treatment. When they refuse call Megyn Kelly and ask her to send remote truck for interview. They & Obama will fold!

    1. Refuse to leave the hospital. Tell them the President says you have a right to health care. Call him and ask him.

  48. He is an Obama Voter. I really do feel badly for him. I really do feel badly for those that are being hurt. I will be praying for them. I can’t send them anything to help them. My family needs me first. Jesus will lay it all on my heart on where I am to be and who I will help. But I am going to pray for them.

    I am going to continue to pray that more people WAKE UP and Listen. My Gosh how my Lord and Savior is crying. He has all HIS people that were yelling that this will happen. They did not listen. But why should they listen to us. They don’t even Listen to HIM> They Boo him, they mock him, they vote for everything that goes against his Word. But I will pray for them.

    Uplifting this man and his family to the Lord. May his heart be right with Jesus, and may they find away. Where are all the Liberals that love Obama so much, and put him above and make him god to help this man and his family. My heart is so sad that this is happening.

  49. Death Panel – Sorry Sarah, you weren’t 100 percent accurate – most of the kills won’t need any stinkin’ Death Panel! – Then again, he voted for the communist-Islamist, after the first 4 years of Obama, he votes for him again.

  50. He said he’s being cancelled because of a pre-existing condition? That’s illegal.

    He said he’s not been able to shop #ObamaCare plans?

    Why is a reporter pestering a dying man instead of getting a lawyer to fight the pre-existing condition cancellation, and assigning a Fox intern to get on the ObamaCare exchange and see what’s available for this guy?

    The story doesn’t add up, except that Megyn Kelly is exploiting a troubled, sick and dying man, for sensationalism only.

    1. He didn’t say he was being cancelled for an existing condition. Listen again.
      Obamacare made his old policy illegal.

      1. “beyond catastrophic previous conditions.”

        #ObamaCare makes such cancellations, or denial of coverage, illegal. There’s more to this story Megyn Kelly is not telling.

    2. The insurance plan itself was cancelled for what Obamacare calls “substandard”. It doesn’t cover abortion, birth control, all the things Obamacare thinks should be covered, so the plan itself is illegal now. That’s what they call “substandard”.

      If he were to try to get new insurance other than under Obamacare, he would not be accepted because now he DOES have a pre-existing condition.

      1. No company is required to cancel a plan. The insurance company could simply add those coverages — clearly, they won’t lose money on any of them — and everything would be fine.

        Why didn’t they?

        This case suggests strongly we should have gone with HillaryCare in 1995 — a single payer system would just roll this guy’s coverage over, and Fox wouldn’t have three minutes of exploitation.

        Refusal for pre-existing conditions is now illegal. If that’s what his company told him, they violated the law, and lied. What else are they lying about?

    3. Did you even listen to the interview? He said he tried shopping on the website 3 times and couldn’t get it to work. He also said that he found out through his insurance provider that to keep his plan(or something close to it) that he liked so much, it’ll cost him $1500 a month with a $13,500 deductible. He’s not being denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition. He’s just being forced to decide between paying for insurance and bankrupting his family in the process or paying the fine and having something leftover to put food on the table for his kids.

      The guy decided to go with Option B. Which means he’ll likely be dead soon and his family will wind up suffering both emotionally and financially. That’s the legacy of Obamacare. It’ll destroy the lives of the very people the Dems claimed this law was designed to help(along with everyone else’s lives).

          1. 2 Americans died with Fast and Furious. If the House had impeached for those murders the Benghazi 4 would still be alive.

            1. Bad on me for leaving out the two Americans who were murdered by obammy, holder and the rest of the democrats and democrat voters, due to Fast and Furious. 🙁
              My apologies to be sure!

              1. Nothing bad friend. Your post was the Benghazi murders, I added the Fast and Furious ones and laid the blame at the GOP’s feet for failing to impeach.

            2. 153 diplomats and people assigned to U.S. diplomatic missions died during the Bush administration. There’s a backlog of investigations at the moment.

              1. Yawn with your blame Bush.

                75% of the military deaths in the Afghanistan war (Obama’s war) are under O’s Rules of Engagement.

      1. I heard that. I listened to the whole interview. I went on the website and found it working well enough to suggest there is reasonably-priced coverage.

        I couldn’t find a plan with more than $5,000 deductible to cover everything he needs.

        From my work in case management and health care providing, to me this man appears in great need of expert advice — from non-partisan, non-party people. Who told him he can’t get more? The letter he got (if it complied with the law) had a phone number of the insurance company. Who is he working with? We don’t know. The insurance company? Will that company offer alternatives to other companies? They’re not required to do that — and most of the letters I’ve already seen do not.

        Damn that insurance company. Their case managers didn’t intervene to stop that letter to this man? Shame on them.

        The case managers didn’t offer to intervene and sit on the phone with HHS to get all the options laid out? Double shame on them.

        Fox News makes money off of this guy, and doesn’t offer to help? The Yellow Journalists are turning over in their graves.

        Fox has done everything it can to make sure #ObamaCare doesn’t work, and that many people like this man are deprived of care.

        Now they want to blame someone else? Lucifer laughs, hungrily.

      1. You’re fighting hammer and tong to take away cancer insurance and cystic fibrosis treatements, and flu shots from millions, and you have the gall to claim others are lower, because they wonder if this guy’s been given the aid he deserves?

        There is a special place in hell reserved for those who exploit the sick and dying, and below that, a place for those who defend that exploitation falsely.

      2. Megyn Kelly is a democrat cretin? Thanks. Didn’t know.

        Her story runs afoul of several of the canons of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists. Maybe she’s not a member of that group.

        1. You are just hilarious, You want someone who “runs afoul” tune into MSNBC. You can get your fill of the swill they consider journalism.
          We all know it’s tough on you leftists when the truth is blaring across the entire universe, making fools out of each of you, get over it. It was only a matter of time.

    1. The death penalty is a pretty harsh punishment for stupidity – this guy, and his family, doesn’t deserve this.

      1. Every year the Darwin award is handed out posthumously to idiots that killed themselves doing stupid things, he gets to accept his firsthand. Yes it is harsh but folks like him ruined all of our healthcare so forgive me if I don’t strike up the violin!

      2. This guy might not deserve it, but actions and elections have consequences which they voted for, now take your medicine.

    1. No. As POTUS he has immunity. The fact that he made many of the “promises” during campaign speeches also provides him immunity.

      1. It is a shame that the one elected leader of this nation can LIE and do it so blatantly, and do it without worry of repercussions, knowing the media will not hold him accountable of anything he does.

  51. This isn’t going to be the first person Obama kills because they can no longer afford to pay for the medical care they need to survive.

  52. Barack Hussein Obama has done much more to hurt the average American then any foreign ter or ist ever has….think about it

  53. This guy is not going to go without health care. We are still paying for Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP, among a lot of other programs. those have not been taken off the books by any means.

    Do I pity him…sure but I must admit not by a lot. Millions of Americans are losing their insurance, have lost their jobs, retirement incomes, savings, etc due to votes like his while Obama and his cronies are prospering quite nicely..

  54. Obama could care less. If he or his family gets sick they are covered & probably 100% with no co-pay. The rest of us smucks gotta pay the piper. How much shit does the American people need shoved down their throats before they’d had enough? Apparently nobody has the answer because things only continue to get worse.

    1. And no waiting. Straight over to Walter Reed by government convoy, and right to the front of the line.

  55. Very sad

    How can Obama sleep at night realizing all the damage he’s doing to this Country

    He’s definitely evil and apologies never cut it with me!

  56. So, instead of $180 per month, or $2,160.00 a year, he now has to pay $1,500.00 per month.. ( $18, 000.00 per year+ $13,500.00 deductible = $31,500.00 ) net affordability… -$29.340.00!!! ( More than an annual income for a lot of Citizens….)
    And he says he will just have to die first.

    Great job, Obama.

  57. This is so sad and I pray there is another way for him. I really think we’re going to see wrongful death lawsuits against the govt if people die because of Obamacare.

    1. The whole country ought to file a lawsuit together against this govt with Barry -you can keep your insurance- name on top. We will see more and more of our precious people choosing to give up the fight.

    2. I agree with what you are saying 100%, but it is definitely not a situation of “if” people will die.

    3. There is no standing to sue. In this man’s particular case, he chose to discontinue paying for health insurance for whatever reason, he made that choice.

  58. I hope Obama is happy now! He caused the death of four Americans in Benghazi and who knows how many because of Obamacare?

        1. No remember they are suing so no one has to show ID to vote because that’s racist. Having Indians prove race that’s fine. My question is how much is enough My Great Grandmother was Full Lanape they are not federally recognized. I would be 12.5% the question is was she “Indian enough”? Since that has to be determined and so if not 12.5% of junk crappy substandard Indian would not be enough either right? Considering Lanape was first tribe to sign up to help Washington & Colonist you’d think they’d get a little recognition.

        1. Nope remember even though the tribe she claimed to be from said they checked & she was not Indian. Liberals said well if she feels like she is Indian she is. So her “Indian feeling” trumps actual Indian heritage

    1. he is….this is payback for mean ole America and all that they have done to the brown man here and abroad…(in his fu c ked up mind)

  59. Socialists never learn. This is the problem Democrats face. They expect the middle class to pay double and triple premiums to cover for those getting subsidies. They will be the mules carrying the load. As I said before, and I’m sure you all agree, the middle class isn’t going to do that. There’s no reason to buy insurance at $1000 a month with $7,500 deductibles. In this guy’s case it’s a lot more than that. If a guy with cancer won’t pay the premiums to possibly save his life, the average healthy person won’t pay it, either. They’ll just pay the fine and save the money. Democrat voters are idiots to push this when their Democrat leaders are intentionally destroying the system. The sheep are easily fooled.

    1. You are right, Kong. But I think one of the objectives has always been to reduce the social security and medicare unfunded liabilities. Plus the fine increases for every year someone doesn’t pay for the insurance. At some point I suspect the fine will equal the premiums, but I haven’t seen any projections.

  60. He voted for obama and obama has guaranteed his death. Should anyone feel sorry for a person like this? This type of individual, the low information voters and the wealthy liberals put obama in the White House twice and enabled him to wage war upon the American people. I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for any of them, only anger.

    1. When politicians promise affordable heathcare for everybody and then something like this happens. It’s hard not to feel bad for someone who was hoodwinked like that.

    2. With all due respect, if you had a disease that was killing you at a rapid pace, you would probably put your faith and hope in many places you never thought you would before. Political views and banter need to also be balanced with sympathy and respect; your anger just allowed you to fail that balancing act. Sorry, that is just the way I feel about your comment.

    3. When my late father was dying of mesothelioma, he was chasing any hope and potential opportunity he could find. Not always a rational thought out process. Its an emotional response and reaction. Just a desperate hope against the reality of the situation. One should be sympathetic to that, not condemning one for not making the most rational thought out choice while they’re dying in uncontrollable pain.

    4. While I don’t agree with his vote, I am sympathetic to his health problem and his financial problems.

  61. Often times when something like this happens, generous Conservatives step forward to help a person in need. We’ll see how many rich liberals give a darn about this guy. It wouldn’t surprise me if help came from a caring Conservative, regardless of this guy’s horrific mistake of ever believing a word Obama utters.

    1. That would be nice, but there is no way that the compassionate people of the US can muster the funds to pick up the slack for all the people that will be harmed by this misbegottten adventure into our life and death decisions. The 88% who were happy with the insurance they once bought and paid for cannot be accommodated by the private sector when they can’t afford the new highly taxed “insurance”. I feel sickened by this man’s plight and pray there are still some state options available to him. The drugs to alleviate the pain are a huge expense – even if he chooses to let nature take it’s course.
      I hope the people that passed this atrocity get their just reward in this life as well.

    1. Republicans tried passing a bill to prevent people from losing their insurance and EVERY Democrat voted against it. They WANT people to lose their insurance. Of course they don’t care, and it’s time for America to get the steam running out of their ears and boot these traitors out of office.

    1. Good catch!

      If there ever was a true statement – that was!

      I hope someone picks that up and uses it incessantly!

    1. Why Comrade? – Is anything wrong?

      Oops – Let me slip back into that parallel universe!

  62. If this doesnt break your heart, I dont know what will, I know he says he voted for Obama but for me to see another human being go through this kind of pain just breaks my heart. I will pray for him tonight. The hell that has been unleashed on the american people is historic.

    1. What about the pain he, and others who voted for Hussein, HAVE INFLICTED UPON THOSE OF US WHO FORESAW THIS CRAP? Why should any of us feel sorry for the people who have claimed time and again: Elections have consequences. I am sorry, you attack my life and livelihood, I have no pity for you. And why is he on Fox, shouldn’t he be on MSLSD, CNN and others who support his convictions? Let’s see how much pity they have for him now.

        1. No. I don’t. I know an enemy when I see one.

          We raised an autistic child, at a huge cost (half a mil?) all in, med insurance did not cover a penny of it. Never once did we cry, went on TV, etc. Last thing I want to see is some memtal patient who voted for an obvious FRAUD to come on Fox, not even a liberal news station, and tell me how HIS CHOICE led to his downfall. I have no pity for any drug addict, either. CHOICES. ITS ALL CHOICES. FOR ALL OF US.

          We could have followed an expert’s suggestion to commit our chil to an institution and “just have another one”, as he put it to us. We CHOSE to fight and what’s right for the child. She is fully functional for the most part now.

          Like I said. CHOICES.

          1. If you view that man as your enemy, then you need to have your head examined. I wonder what your thoughts are on the topic of genocide as it relates to those you disagree with.

            1. Just how is he NOT an enemy? Did you hear him say he supports Cruz’s filibuster? Did he say that yes, Cruz/Lee and conservatives were on point all along? Is he really sorry about his CHOICE of voting for Hussein and no one in his family will ever vote for a liberal again? What is it he said that so endears him to you? Just how do you correlate his CHOICE in life to genocide? Beyond idiotic, IMO.

              BTW, I am a Jew whose family lost members in Baby Yar. Don’t ever talk to me about genocide.

              CHOICES. Our entire lives are nothing but CHOICES. He made a VERY BAD ONE. And not just for himself, which I wouldn’t care about, but FOR THE REST OF US. If that does not make him an enemy, I have no idea what does.

              1. Although I am inclined to agree with you, in every growing movement there comes a time when our old critics may indeed become our new allies. We cannot foster resentment against them.

              2. Plutarh, I know all about raising a child diagnosed with autism, but that is not the point.
                Jesus went amongst non believers and made them believers, and if we are going get our country back we had better cast our net to those who were too blind to see.

    2. what about this? http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/conscience-realist/2013/jun/21/how-will-obamacare-affect-american-indians/ Under ACA IHS says it will ask non federally recognized tribes prove they are Indian enuf to keep/get HC from IHS. IHS is “free” to Indians why because they gave up land & treaty was food, clothing shelter medical for land. Now Obama is breaking that promise as well. But remember only small % of people are Indians only 2% and those that lose their HC well they will be the crappy junk substandard Indians

  63. Would this count as an Obama-Care success story? Our benevolent government is doing this to people like this man. More to the point, Premier O and the Demokrats are doing it. If someone actually dies because of Obama-Care, does that make Premier O and the Demokrats murderers?

  64. You were pimped pal and now you are paying for it. I feel sorry for you-Obama does not…you mean absolutely nothing to him

    1. I know he was an idiot for voting for Obama, but he is still a human being that deserves some pity.

      1. The heartless bastard in so says he deserves it but the goodness says well pity him for his situation.

        On a positive note, Obama can claim yet another American life.

        Obama should change that logo to that of the Grim Reaper as it suits them all.

        1. well Obama did say just the other that he ” is good at killing people”….guess that is one thing he didn’t lie about

              1. What’s with the attitude jacka**? I’m a conservative. My donkey icon says Democrats are a**es. Wise ass prick.

              2. Like your avatar. George Sanders was underrated. Loved him as the original Simon Templar (the Saint) and the Falcon. I liked the good guys he played over his bad guys.

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