Helen Thomas: The Jews should get the hell out of Palestine

You may have seen this before – it’s already very popular. Helen Thomas is approached by someone with a video camera and ask her for her thoughts on the Jews:

Wow, I always knew she was a lefty but I didn’t know she was an anti-Semite of the worst kind. So much hate that you can see it in her face. Hah!

So I wonder if Jesse Jackson will rush to meet with Helen Thomas on behalf of the Jews after the press crucifies her for these comments. Remember how Jackson was the arbiter of forgiveness for Mel Gibson back in 2006 after he was lambasted for his drunken anti-Semitic rant? Yeah, I’m sure the same thing will happen here. Oh wait. I remember. His great sin was hypocrisy. Since Helen meant what she said, I’m sure she’ll be left alone by the MSM.

Isn’t America great?!?!

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