HERE WE GO: Congressional Black Caucus attacks AOC, Top aid calls her a PUPPET who is “only a women of color when it’s convenient”

Yesterday the Congressional Black Caucus went on the attack, going after AOC and her Justice Democrats group, accusing them of attacking Democratic House members with challenges because they are black.

While this was happening, a separate attack on AOC’s Chief of Staff came from the official House Democrats account on Twitter, which also accused him of racism in response to tweet comparing some House Democrats to segregationists. But more on that in a minute.

We begin with this article from this article in The Hill by Scott Wong, who discusses it on Twitter:

“Russian trolls?” OUCH!

Note this one tweet in particular cites a top Democrat aide who calls AOC a puppet who is “only a women of color when it’s convenient”!

The same House aide then texts this photo of a ‘Goomba puppet’ for AOC!

AOC’s Justice Democrats responded, saying it’s ‘disheartening’ to see Democrats make ‘false claims’ and ‘crack down’ on “young leaders of color”:

Wow. I’d never thought I would see the race card being used like this in an intramural Democrat fight. But it’s awesome!

But wait, there’s more!

Last night the official House Democrats account on Twitter went after AOC’s Chief of Staff for the tweet he made at the end of June comparing some of them to “Southern Democrats”. Particularly one that singled out Congresswoman Sharice Davids:

Holy cow. Notice that whoever tweeted it used AOC’s ‘woman of color’ remark that she used to attack Pelosi. Race card keeps flying!

Yashar Ali, who noticed it last night, says the account is operated by Rep. Jeffries, the Chairman of the House Democrats Caucus:

Ali also notes that Pelosi’s deputy Chief of Staff retweeted it:

Chakrabarti responded on Twitter to the attack:

Ali the notices an interesting ‘response tweet’ from the Comms Director for the House Democrats:

Amazing. The bad blood between AOC and House Democrats is clearly BOILING. Sounds like Pelosi needs to have another ‘unity’ meeting and FAST.

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