HERE WE GO: They promised RIOTS over RBG, and NYC follows through as VIOLENCE begins in streets – VIDEO

Yesterday we told you about the reactions on social media, which included a call for riots and to “burn the entire f*****g thing down” over the death of, and potential replacement for, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Well always take the left at the word when they promote violence, because they mean it. And already tonight in New York City, they’re delivering.

This will definitely only be the START, now the left has their latest excuse to indulge their wanton evil and criminal impulses.

This video was shared by an antifa account on Twitter with the message “In NYC: Holding pictures of #RuthBaderGinsburg getting warmed up chanting ‘Rest in Power #RBG! Drive Out The Trump Regime!'” The tweet also called for “everyone in the streets” on Monday night. More on that later.

And the violence that follows didn’t even wait for nightfall.

Listen to this brainwashed and terrified 15-year-old product of American schools and the liberal media. This video was also shared by that same Antifa account on Twitter, this time with the message “15 year old talks about #SCOTUS replacement cementing a fascist future for her: “I am terrified!” Let’s get out and fight for this future. #RGBRIP”

This is how they see the world. The violence getting underway in NYC, and really all the violence and riots so far this summer, are only the beginning. And Democrats are still condoning and encouraging this.

In Philadelphia things are even worse. More on THAT, later, too.

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