Here’s a behind the scenes look from “a Senate insider” at what’s really going on with the Kavanaugh hearing

I normally wouldn’t quote Jack Posobiec but he does work for OANN, a legitimate news company, and he’s apparently got a Senate insider source that sent him this behind-the-scenes look at what’s really going on with Kavanaugh hearing.

According to this insider, Flake threw a wrench into the process by pandering to Senate Democrats last week. But Grassley and Kavanaugh stood up to Democrats and did what they didn’t expect, which is why theatrics ensued over the scheduling of the hearing.

Here’s the note that Posobiec posted on his tweet:

It’s like an uncontained nuclear reaction. Feinstein is doing the extreme thing because she’s up against an even more leftist opponent in the general election and so she’s pandering to ensure her reelection. When the Balsy-Ford letter as leaked, Flake did his usual jerk thing to pander to the liberals for a cheap thrill, since he had nothing to gain or lose because he’s leaving the Senate.

That’s why the theatrics over the scheduling of the hearing began: Nobody expected Grassley to remain firm or Kavanaugh to put himself through such humiliation, which he chose to do as a virtual crucifixion to ensure that he would be confirmed before the November election in case the Republicans lose their majority. There was no alternative to that, so he literally martyred himself.

Grassley isn’t falling for the Democrats games, he’s working with Flake for that one vote he needs. The Left wasn’t prepared for Grassley’s tenacity, which is why it’s had to reach at whatever lame “witnesses who aren’t witnesses” it could find – nobody expected Grassley to hold out.

I really don’t like the ‘crucifixion’ and martyrdom references from this Senate insider. That’s a poor way to make his point and as a Christian, I find it offensive for them to be used in such a way.

That said, I get his point that Grassley Republicans are fighting back against Democrats which threw them for a loop.

Which is also why the hearing won’t actually happen. I guess we’ll find out Thursday.

In any event this does sound plausible to me, but we don’t know who sent this so take it for what it’s worth to you.

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