Here’s a couple of disturbing videos showing what China is doing to the Uighurs

These videos showing what China is doing with the Uighurs aren’t new, but for some reason they are getting a lot of attention right now. At least one of the drone videos is from 2018, posted to the internet in 2019:

The video is drone footage and shows Uighurs blindfolded and bound with their heads shaved, waiting to be herded onto trains and led to wherever these Chinese officials are taking them.

Here’s another video, presumably from a similar time period:

In this video the Uighurs have their heads covered and, once again, are being led by Chinese officials.

A Chinese ambassador was recently asked about the first video by the BBC, and as noted by the NRO, he struggles to explain what is going on:

This is exactly what Ted Cruz and others have been calling to the world’s attention for so long. And this is exactly what Mark Cuban and his NBA overlords turn a blind eye to for money. You know, because it’s just ‘domestic policies’.

If you’re interested, here’s an informative CNN video covering the issue late last year when the top video hit the internet. According to CNN, former detainees and a former employee of these Uighur camps told them that China is rounding up Uighurs and are using torture and indoctrination against them. Critics say China is trying to get rid of Islam within their border:

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